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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 3

I eventually realized that each episode title for this show is always two kanji, which can be pronounced "ka" and "on," and therefore sound like "Kanon" when read together. So technically, the title of each episode is "Kanon," even though that word has a different meaning every time.

I consider this pun to be absolutely untranslatable, so I just translate the meaning of each kanji as two separate words. If you're wondering what's up with the odd titles like "His Sound" and "Drunken Past," now you know the reason.

Episode 3 script lies beneath the cut!

Edit 5/25/10: Added a bit of jargon to Tomosuke's line around 0:10:00, tweaked the last line of the prayer song.

Edit 1/2/11: Changed the Next Episode title, upon realizing that I am an idiot.

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who lost her way in the city, and then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: Misaki Kanon, who came to Tokyo to become a singer, has been sought out by the mysterious stranger Taihei.

NARRATOR: But the Prayer Song that binds them together has become a source of heartbreak.

NARRATOR: The Prayer Song is also a song of destiny, connected to the legendary warrior Bujin.

Episode 3: Small Warmth

MARUYAMA: She's from Yamagata?

MANAGER: Looks like.

MARUYAMA: She left the "Sports" column blank...

MARUYAMA: And wrote "I don't know" under "Hobbies."

MARUYAMA: She actually wrote "I don't know"!

MANAGER: You see what I'm saying?

MARUYAMA: Yeah, what a strange application!

MANAGER: But she says she's got waitressing experience.

MARUYAMA: Right. In that case, she should be fine.

MANAGER: And if not, you can show her the ropes.

MARUYAMA: Aye-aye, sir.


MARUYAMA: Excuse me.

KANON: Good morning.

MARUYAMA: Good morning.

MARUYAMA: I'm Maruyama, the head waiter. I'll be handling your training. It's good to meet you.

KANON: I'm Misaki. Nice to meet you...

MARUYAMA: Okay. Here, sit.

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: I hear you're from Yamagata.

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: The Nan'yo area?

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: My sister's husband is from Yamagata. He's from Takahata.

KANON: Oh, I see.

MARUYAMA: Sometimes he makes chrystanthemum pickles.

KANON: That's nice...

MARUYAMA: It's really tasty, I eat it all the time now.

KANON: Oh...

MARUYAMA: You're nervous, aren't you?

KANON: Oh... no...

MARUYAMA: Don't be nervous, okay?

KANON: Sorry...

MARUYAMA: Did you read the manual?

KANON: Most of it.

MARUYAMA: Good. Please change into your uniform.

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: She's an aloof one, isn't she?

BOY: Jan-ken-po, jan-ken-po...

JYUZO: Ahh, hello?

TAIHEI: Hello, is this Jyuzo? It's Taihei.


TAIHEI: Sorry this is late, but I finished the mission.

JYUZO: Finished the mission?! The hell you talkin' about?

TAIHEI: You know... finding the girl who sings the Prayer Song.

JYUZO: You found her?

TAIHEI: Couple days ago.


TAIHEI: Whaddya mean, 'wow'?

JYUZO: You sure about this?

TAIHEI: Absolutely! 100%!

JYUZO: How'd you find her?

TAIHEI: Totally by chance.

JYUZO: By chance?!

TAIHEI: It's her! I sang her the Prayer Song and she got all serious at me.

JYUZO: 'Got all serious'? ... so you sang it for her?

TAIHEI: Well, I hummed it. But then I made one little joke and she started crying!

JYUZO: What?!

JYUZO: Listen up, Taihei! The mission you're on is an extremely delicate matter.

TAIHEI: Howso?

JYUZO: You must not upset that girl!

TAIHEI: Right... got it.

JYUZO: So, you must find out why she cried... without upsetting her further!

TAIHEI: Does this have something to do with hunting that Ipadada?


TAIHEI: Got it.

OTAKI: Taihei!


OTAKI: Would you help Tomosuke make a call later?

TAIHEI: Oh... yeah. I'm just gonna take a walk.

BOY: So did Taihei find the girl?

JYUZO: He reckons it's the girl we're after.

BOY: Oh, well, that's good!

JYUZO: But he says she hates the song.

BOY: Why'd she do that? It's a good song!

JYUZO: Indeed, what could put a girl in such a state?

JYUZO: Perhaps that's just the way of the world...


MARUYAMA: This is Misaki Kanon. She'll be working the shift with you two starting today.

AME: I'm Ame! Nice to meet you!

HATOKA: I'm Hatoka! Nice to meet you!

KANON: It's nice to meet you...

AME: Hey, is this your first time as a waitress?

KANON: No, I used to be one...

MARUYAMA: You worked at a cafe, didn't you?

HATOKA: Oh wow! I worked at a cafe once, too! This job is way easier!

AME: Once you get used to it, anyway!

HATOKA: They're so strict!

BOTH: Yeah!

AME: Anyway, how's your uniform?

HATOKA: Yeah, it looks so cute on you!

AME: I was so embarrased the first time I wore mine!

HATOKA: I know, I couldn't stand it!

MARUYAMA: Not even with girls her own age...

IKECHIYO: Listen...

IKECHIYO: I've been thinking it over.

TAIHEI: What're you on about?

IKECHIYO: Maybe the reason that girl's pouting...

IKECHIYO: ... is because you can't carry a tune.


IKECHIYO: Was that too harsh?

IKECHIYO: Come on, let's go. Buchinko probably misses us.

BOARD: Chofu City Notices
POSTER: Oba Hitomi On Stage! "Memory Hill"

MORISAWA: This is just my intuition, but I think this Ipadada may be tougher than we thought.

TOMOSUKE: What makes you say that?

MORISAWA: The way it handled that Soul.

TOMOSUKE: Yeah... it did seem pretty strong for a first-time use.

MORISAWA: Only a spirit with a really deep-seated grudge could create something like that.

TOMOSUKE: Well, no one said this would be easy.

HASHITAKA: But a frog, of all things!

TOMOSUKE: Well, there's plenty of frogs in that neighborhood. He would've had his pick, for soul drones.

MORISAWA: At any rate, his grudge will lead him to consume even more from here on out...

MORISAWA: More ways of fighting... and more human souls.

IKECHIYO: I knew she wouldn't be here.

IKECHIYO: Hey, Bujinko.

TAIHEI: So, Bujinko the spy, what do you have to report about our little girl?

TAIHEI: What? Well, you think a lot of yourself, don't you!

TAIHEI: Your role in the mission isn't over by a long shot! Come on...

TAIHEI: ... sorry to disturb you...

MARUYAMA: You can eat with everyone else, you know.

KANON: That's okay... I like it here.

MARUYAMA: You're doing an excellent job. I can tell you have experience.

KANON: You don't have to say that.

MARUYAMA: Listen, I'd like to have a welcome party for you tonight.

MARUYAMA: Do you think you'll be free?

KANON: I guess so...

MARUYAMA: Listen, Misaki...


MARUYAMA: Do you get anxious around people?

KANON: Yes ma'am...

MARUYAMA: I see... I can't claim to know why, but you need to try to be a team player.

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: Think about it, okay?

I&T: Kanon?

TAIHEI: Did you hear that? Her name's Kanon!

IKECHIYO: It's a pretty name.

TAIHEI: That's important info, why'd you hold out on us?

IKECHIYO: Didn't you say you had met this Kanon girl before?

TAIHEI: Yeah. When she was just this big...

TAIHEI: I was up north, doing some sightseeing...

MAN: Must've broken off up there...

TAIHEI: What's all this?

MAN: We'll just have to wait.

WOMAN: You're just going to wait? But...

TAIHEI: Wow, that's not good.


TAIHEI: That was close, huh?

IKECHIYO: I see. So you could say this Kanon owes you her life.

TAIHEI: For Onbake like us, a good deed is its own reward.

TAIHEI: ... but her grandmother still wanted to thank me, and invited me to her home.

GRANDMOTHER: I don't know if this will suit your tastes, but give it a try.

TAIHEI: Thank you!

TAIHEI: This is great!

GRANDMOTHER: Now, Kanon, you learn from this nice man. You must always help a person in trouble.

KANON: Okay! I promise to be a nice girl too!

GRANDMOTHER: Excuse me. My granddaughter has something she'd like to give you.

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

No one wants to be all alone
But each has only one voice
So let's join all our voices together...

TAIHEI: The old lady said the song was a precious family heirloom, sung to honor someone who has done you a great service.

TAIHEI: I know she loved her grandmother's song...

IKECHIYO: What could have changed her?

KOTARO: ... and that's how it goes.

IKKI: That's it?

SHINYA: I like.

IKKI: Me too.

KOTARO: What about you, Saki?

SAKI: I feel like I've heard it before.

SAKI: It's a nice song and all, but...

SAKI: Compared to the material we've been working with, it lacks... impact, I'd say.

KOTARO: I get it!

KOTARO: I think that's enough for today.

IKKI: Kotaro, didn't you spend all night on this?

KOTARO: Forget it, just go!

KOTARO: Go, get out of here.

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

No one wants to be all alone
But each has only one voice
So let's join all our voices together
And bring a smile to everyone

If we all join hands together--

IKECHIYO: What a nice song.

TAIHEI: Ain't it?

COOK: Here.

KANON: Yes sir.

MAN: Hey lady, hurry it up.

WOMAN: I'm sorry, please go ahead.

MAN: 'scuse me.

KANON: Are you alright?

WOMAN: I'm so sorry...

KANON: No, I'm sorry...

MARUYAMA: Are you alright, ma'am?

WOMAN: Thank you...

MARUYAMA: Misaki, please clean up here.

MARUYAMA: Please, sit here...

MARUYAMA: It doesn't look like she was injured.

MARUYAMA: You really saved the day, Misaki.


KANON: I'm so sorry...

MARUYAMA: What is she crying for?

[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: A drunken Kanon heads home from her party. Taihei faces enemies from all directions. Just then, Kotaro is...

NARRATION: Next episode: "Excess Drink"

Episode 4: Excess Drink

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