Monday, April 19, 2010

Translation: Ringo (Yoshida Takuro)

My unabashed love of The Alfee eventually led me to discover another classic Japanese folk singer named Yoshida Takuro. Yoshida's career goes all the way back to the '60s. He's written some of the most iconic Japanese folk songs of all time, and is known as the Japanese Bob Dylan. They're the kind of songs where, when you search for them on YouTube, you'll find fifty million amateur covers of them before you have any hope of finding the original.

(In a bizarre coincidence, I recently discovered that Yoshida Takuro is the namesake for New JACK Takuro, the singer of Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Wheels within wheels, I tell ya.)

Today's translation is for Yoshida's song Ringo, which is not referencing the Beatles' drummer, but is actually the Japanese word for Apple. There are a lot of versions of this song, but my favorite is the one he did for his "Oldies" album, a 2002 revisit of some of his most classic songs. Check out that version here, appearing with a slide show of New York.

Check out the translation below!

Song Title: Ringo (Apple)
Artist: Yoshida Takuro
Album: Oldies

hitotsu no ringo wo kimi ga futatsu ni kiru
boku no hou ga sukoshi ookiku kitte aru
soshite futari de nakayoku kajiru
konna koto ha nakatta sukoshi mae made ha
usuyogoreta kissaten no bane no kowareta isu de
nagai hanashi ni aidzuchiutte
soshite itsumo migi to hidari ni wakarete

You cut one apple into two pieces
(My half was slightly larger than yours)
And we ate it together as old friends
Before all this, not long ago,
We'd sit in an old coffee shop, on broken springs
Trading long stories in conversation
And then always split off to the left and the right

kono ringo ha kinou futari de katta mono
boku no hou ga okane wo dashite
otsuri ha kimi ga moratte
konna koto ha nakatta sukoshi mae made ha
KOOHIIKAPPU ha itsudatte futatsu hakobaretekite
mukou to kochira ni, UEITORESU ha
sarigenaku KAPPU wo wakete

We bought these apples together, yesterday
(And I'm the one who paid for them,
but you took all the change)
Before all this, not long ago
The waitress would walk, from here to there
Always with two coffee cups on the tray
And casually split them between us

futatsume no ringo no kawa wo kimi ga muku
boku no hou ga umaku mukeru no ha kimi ha yoku shitteru kedo
ringo wo tsuyoku kajiru, amai shiru ga kuchibiru wo nurasu
hidari no hoho wo kimi ha bukun to fukuramasete
yokubatte hoobaru to
horahora hanasenaku nacchimau darou

You peeled the skin off the second apple
(Even though you know I'm better at peeling)
You bit sharply into it, the juice wetting your lips
And the piece was so large it puffed out your left cheek
Hey now, don't eat it so quickly
You can't talk with your mouth full

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