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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 4

I fell a bit behind these due to some other projects I've been working on, but the series is becoming totally awesome 'round about episode 6, so I'll definitely be getting back into it (and other song translations, of course!), as time allows.

I realized I missed a little bit of jargon back in episode 3, when Tomosuke makes reference to the "tamashiki;" basically, the invertebrate, white-haired spirit-creatures that the Ipadada summons to fight in each episode.

Unlike the Ipadada or the Onbake* or just about anything else of importance in the story, the tamashiki actually have a kanji name; hence, I decided to treat them as a common noun, and translate the word into English. The kanji it's spelled with are the kanji for "soul" and the kanji for "ceremony/work". The implication is that they're basically enslaved souls. Given their usual creepy-crawly nature, I thought "soul drone" had a nice ring to it.

Of course, leaving the word as "tamashiki", or choosing a similar English translation, would be equally valid decisions.

(*Technically, the word "Onbake" has a kanji-based origin too -- on/gratitude + bakeru/transform -- but it's spelled in katakana in all the official materials so I think it's fair to treat it as a proper noun and leave it in Japanese.)

Anyway, ep script below the cut! Enjoy!

EDIT: 5/28/10: Fixed the Ikechiyo/Taihei/Tomosuke exchange at 05:22 about protecting the city. I was lucky enough to find a blog that transcribed the exchange, and realized that I had gotten it a little off!

EDIT: 1/2/11: Changed the episode title, upon realizing that I am an idiot.

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who lost her way in the city, and then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: Misaki Kanon came to Tokyo to become a singer. But ever since her beloved song was stolen, she has put up a wall between herself and the outside world.

NARRATOR: Witnessing an elderly woman fall in the restaurant where she works, for some reason, brings tears to her eyes...

KANON: I'm so sorry...

TITLE: Excess Drink

FIRST GIRL: You know Otsuya, from our class?


FIRST GIRL: So he asked me out...

SECOND GIRL: Really? You're pulling my leg!


SECOND GIRL: You should totally go.

FIRST GIRL: Which one do you want?

SECOND GIRL: That one.


SECOND GIRL: It's so good!

TAIHEI: Of course.

IKECHIYO: Well, he hasn't eaten anything since last night.

TAIHEI: Okay. How's about we pull back for now to fuel up, and continue our stakeout later?

MARUYAMA: Is Misaki in here?

FUDOU: I haven't seen her.


FUDOU: Is something wrong?


MARUYAMA: Quite a first day she's having...

TAIHEI: Ah, now that's the way to travel!

IKECHIYO: That's the way, eh?

IKECHIYO: Tokyo certainly does have nice things.

TAIHEI: Huh? Yamagata's still better!

IKECHIYO: I believe you.

TAIHEI: Darn right!

TAIHEI: Hang on a minute, that's not yours.

MAN: What's it to you?

TAIHEI: Not much. See?


IKECHIYO: What a city!

TAIHEI: Seriously...

KANON: I'm sorry.

MARUYAMA: Honestly, it's only your first day.

KANON: Yes ma'am.

BOSS: Hey. How's our girl?

MARUYAMA: Sir! She's doing just fine. Right?

BOSS: Just as I hoped. Hey, don't forget, the party's tonight!

KANON: Um...

MARUYAMA: Listen, you can't just abandon your post like that. Don't do it again, alright?

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: Anyway, I'd like to talk to you. Won't you come to the party tonight?


KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: I really have to ask her about her breakdown.

SAWAMORI: Anyway, it's good you got it back to the owner.

TAIHEI: Yeah, that's the important thing.

IKECHIYO: Yeah, but that kind of thing happens all the time in Tokyo. It's what makes it so hard for the area's Onbake to keep people safe.


TOMOSUKE: Yeah, that's why Otaki and the others just went off to that neighborhood watch meeting about finding ways to stop crime.

TAIHEI: Sheesh... you'd think such a buncha smart people could figure out somethin' to do about it.

SAWAMORI: This is Tokyo. Things aren't as simple as they are out in the country.

TAIHEI: Huh? What's that? And just what's that supposed to m--


SAWAMORI: Look... I wasn't looking down on the country or anything with that.

TAIHEI: Feh, whatever!

SAWAMORI: Look, it's like they say. You have to leave the past behind you if you want to move forward.

TOMOSUKE: Hey, Taihei... can we work on our secret mission now?

TAIHEI: Sure... I was just about to head out.

SAWAMORI: They say that if you want to apologize to a woman, you should bring her a gift.

TAIHEI: Hmm...

TAIHEI: ... what?! How do you know about my secret mission, Sawamori?


TOMOSUKE: Sorry! Sorry!

TAIHEI: You idiot! You IDIOT!

IKECHIYO: But it's true... women do love gifts.

TOMOSUKE: Here! Take this and forgive me!

TAIHEI: That's it!

TOMOSUKE: That stinks!

IKECHIYO: What now?

TAIHEI: Kanon loves singing.

IKICHIYO: But she doesn't like your singing.

TAIHEI: Look at this! I bet it'll remind her of her grandmother.

IKECHIYO: Wait a minute...

BOSS: Let's have a word from Misaki!

KANON: I'm Misaki Kanon... I hope we can enjoy working together.

BOSS: Welcome to the team, Misaki! Cheers!

ALL: Cheers!

MARUYAMA: Maybe I shouldn't have forced her to come.

TAIHEI: No good. I'll come back later.

AME: Misaki! Can I have your number? I want to call you.

HATOKA: Me too...

MARUYAMA: Okay, that's enough. We're doing our performance review now.

HATOKA: What?! In the middle of a party? Is it really that bad?

MARUYAMA: Oh, it's not.

HATOKA: Misaki... if she gives you any trouble, send us out an SOS, okay?!

MARUYAMA: Listen, about earlier today...

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: First of all, where did you go?

KANON: The back of the store.

MARUYAMA: What? But I checked there...

KANON: I was... hiding...

MARUYAMA: What? You're joking, what's wrong with you?

KANON: I'm sorry!

MARUYAMA: I don't mean to pry into your private life, Misaki... I guess I'm worried about you, as a friend.

KANON: I'm sorry.

MARUYAMA: Stop apologizing already. I just want to know... what were you crying about?

MARUYAMA: Ah... sorry. Here... cheers!

MARUYAMA: I guess this is as far as we get today.

TAIHEI: She's out late.

VOICE: Hey! Get the hell outta here!

TAIHEI: Life in Tokyo does seem pretty hard...

TAIHEI: I sure hope this works...

MARUYAMA: Thank you!

MARUYAMA: I'm taking Misaki home.

AME: Will you be okay?

MARUYAMA: We'll be fine. Let's go.

MARUYAMA: Good night!

ALL: Good night! Good work!

KAZAHANA: They got away!

KAZAHANA: What do I do...

KAZAHANA: Taihei! Taihei!

TAIHEI: Hey, what's up?

KAZAHANA: One of the soul drones got away!

TAIHEI: Got it! Don't worry! I'll take care of it!

TAIHEI: You stay here and keep watch!

MARUYAMA: This girl sure has a lot of baggage...

MARUYAMA: But she doesn't seem like a bad person.

KAZAHANA: The drone is this way!

TAIHEI: Got it!

TAIHEI: Darn you!

KAZAHANA: Good luck, Taihei!

MARUYAMA: Misaki, this way.

MARUYAMA: Misaki...

KANON: Yes ma'am?

MARUYAMA: How about a drink at my place?

KANON: Yes ma'am.

TAIHEI: Okay...

TAIHEI: What?!

TAIHEI: Ow! Owowow! My butt!

TAIHEI: ... huh?

TAIHEI: Uh... find peace in the next life!

MARUYAMA: Listen...

KANON: Yes ma'am?

MARUYAMA: About earlier today...

MARUYAMA: We don't have to talk about it.

KANON: No, it's okay...

KANON: I... when I was little... my mother died... so my grandmother raised me.

KANON: So... I guess you could say... I was raised on my grandmother's teachings.

KANON: When I was little... she taught me a song.

MARUYAMA: What kind of song?

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

No one wants to be all alone
But each has only one voice
So let's join all our voices together
And bring a smile to everyone

If we all join hands together,
How much warmer will we feel?

MARUYAMA: It's a nice song. But I seems kind of familiar...

KANON: After I came to Tokyo, I started dating someone...

KANON: And he... let me into his band.

KANON: I loved singing, so... it felt like my dream had come true.

KANON: So... to thank him, I sang him my grandmother's song...

KANON: But then I found out... he was cheating on me.

MARUYAMA: That's awful.

KANON: But then... the biggest shock of all... was that after we broke up... he started using my grandmother's song as his own.

MARUYAMA: So it's like he stole the most important thing in your life.

KANON: But... it's not just him... it's this city. It's like no one cares about anyone here...

KANON: And I started to think that... it's like everything I grew up believing... that you should trust other people... be considerate of other people... that it was all just a fairy tale...

KANON: So now it's like... I don't even know how to live anymore.

KANON: And when I saw the old woman today...

WOMAN: I'm sorry...

KANON: She didn't even do anything wrong... and I couldn't help her!

TAIHEI: I'm back!

IKECHIYO: Welcome back!

TOMOSUKE: Taihei, what is that smell!

TAIHEI: Hey, I always smell like this!

TAIHEI: No seriously, I fell into a drainage ditch!

[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: A mysterious invitation from a classmate, and Taihei's search for Kanon brings him to the university. Meanwhile, the neighbor, and Tamakko...

NARRATION: Next time: Torturous Favor


  1. Thanks a whole lot for posting and continuing DaiMajin Kanon translations *bows deeply* I had trouble with some of the missing lines I can't figure out when I translated this episode and it's a good thing I checked your blog if there are any updates. I looked into the lines I missed and checked your translations and you are indeed right 8D

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu *bows deeply*

  2. Hi Ais,

    Sorry I missed your comment to my earlier post; I wasn't checking my backlogs. Of course you are welcome to use my scripts for anything you want as long as due credit is given. As you've probably noticed, I edit my scripts from time to time as I discover important mistakes in the translations I've done, so I would like people to be able to find the blog for that reason.

    Best of luck,

  3. Again, thank you for your translations *bows very deeply*

    Would it be alright to ask if you can point out the blog you mentioned that transcribes the scripts by chance?

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