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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 5

Episode 5's plot revolves around a characteristic of Japanese Universities that might be confusing to Westerners. Namely, that your attendance to classes is a whole lot more important than what you actually do in them. Many lectures put so much weight on attendance that they don't even bother with a final exam.

Since attendance is usually taken by passing an attendance sheet through the class, daihen (代返), or filling in someone else's attendance information so that they can skip without negative consequences, is a reasonably common activity.

Meanwhile, it seems Otaki is a fan of sumo wrestling. Who would have guessed?

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who lost her way in the city, and then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: Maruyama Tsubasa, Kanon's trainer at work, worked to peek over the walls in her heart. Letting down her guard, Kanon sang her the prayer song, and described her lost faith in humanity.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Taihei fought a difficult battle with the Ipadada's summoned demon.

TITLE: Episode 5, "Torturous Favor"

MARUYAMA: Morning!

KANON: Good morning.

MARUYAMA: How do you feel?

KANON: Um... I...

MARUYAMA: Do you have a hangover?

KANON: Um... a little... um... I'm sorry, I'm sure I acted terribly last night, I'm so sorry...

MARUYAMA: Not at all.

MARUYAMA: You held your liquor like a true Yamagatan. Though you certainly had a lot to say.

KANON: ... what did I say?

KANON: My song! My gramma's song!

MARUYAMA: I understand, don't worry.

KANON: I told her everything...

MARUYAMA: Which flavor do you like?


MARUYAMA: For your miso soup.

MARUYAMA: You're as innocent as a shoujo manga heroine, Misaki.


MARUYAMA: Sincere, overly trusting, never experienced betrayal...

PHONE MESSAGE: Fukatsu Kaname

KANON: Hello?

KANAME: Hi, this is Fukatsu Kaname. Do you remember me?

KANON: Yeah, I think so...

KANAME: What are you up to, Misaki?

KANAME: Listen, Misaki... you're in trouble. Big trouble!

KANON: For what?

KANAME: I'll explain later. Just come to campus today.

KANON: Um...

KANAME: Just do it, okay? I'll meet you there.

KANON: Wait...

MARUYAMA: What's wrong?

KANON: Oh... nothing.

HASHITAKA: I can't believe it... two attacks in a row...

OTAKI: I'm sorry we couldn't help... the neighborhood association meeting ran long.

TOMOSUKE: Yeah... we were really off our guard without Hashi there. Taihei took care of the other one, but...

TOMOSUKE: Right, Sawamori? We could've used Hashi there.

HASHIMOTO: Stop calling me Hashi.

OTAKI: Hey, Sawamori. Go set out the scrolls.

SAWAMORI: ... the scrolls?

OTAKI: If you haven't seen these before, you better take a look. Honestly, Ipadada attacks two days in a row...

OTAKI: As far as we can tell, this one is stronger than anything we've recorded.

HASHITAKA: We'll go out on patrol right after breakfast.

JYUZO: Hey, Bujinsama. This Ipadada we're facin', he's lookin' like a pretty tough guy. We're lookin' at the worst case scenario, here! So how's about you just wake up already? C'mon!

JYUZO: Oh! Hey, Tamakko!

JYUZO: Tamakko!

JYUZO: I see, you're worried too, aren't you?

JYUZO: Ah, but that girl who left home... seems she's come to hate the song! We don't even know we can get her to sing it again! Everything's resting in Taihei's hands!

TAIHEI: Hey, morning in there! I hope it's not too early for ya!

TAIHEI: Hey, morning in there! You up yet!?

TAIHEI: My name's Taihei! As in 'peace and qui--'!

TAIHEI: ... sorry.

TAIHEI: Anyway... I guess... she didn't make it back last night.

TAIHEI: Where could that girl... have gotten off to?


TAIHEI: Hey, Kanon!

TAIHEI: Wait up!

TAIHEI: You must've had a long night! Where were you?

KANON: Listen, I don't know who you are, but just stop following me.

TAIHEI: My name's Taihei. It means 'peace and quiet.'

TAIHEI: Now, talk to me. Why'd you run away from me last time?


TAIHEI: Hey, wait up!

TAIHEI: I said wait up!

KANON: Stay away from me! I'll call the police!

TAIHEI: There's no need for that! I just want to...


TAIHEI: I get it. We'll try something else.

[Scribbles in the margin]
this class is too haaaard
rather be writing songs with you

[Japanese history notes]
Regional Studies ~ Capital - Tokyo

1868 (Meiji 1) Emperor - moves to Tokyo
--> Emperor leaves Kyoto
for Tokyo
1872 (Meiji 5) Beginning of local imperial tours
Public decency regulations passed

1973 (Meiji 6) Draft instituted

PROFESSOR: Moving on to the next article...

PROFESSOR: ... that even the most poor and downtrodden individuals were deserving of sympathy. Such concerns led to...

TAIHEI: I'm back...

OTAKI: Welcome back.

TAIHEI: What's with that girl... why do I always gotta take such a beating...

OTAKI: Still no progress, eh?

TAIHEI: Yeah...

TAIHEI: I couldn't even give her the tickets.

OTAKI: You're getting caught off your guard against a new opponent. Happened to Kotokaze all the time.

OTAKI: You just need to figure out the best angle to make your next charge.

[Ikechiyo's Song]
Swayin', swayin', just me and you
Two young lovers on a rendezvous
Where shall we go? Who can say?
Just sail up on the wind and fly away

TAIHEI: Wow... that was amazing! I'm impressed.

OTAKI: Truly, music is wonderful... it's a way for people to bare their souls.

TOMOSUKE: That was great!

IKECHIYO: Indeed. Music is the best way to communicate one's feelings.

TAIHEI: ... that's it!

Flamenco Club

Corridor of Dreams

Keiyo Music Club
Bands and groups welcome!
((The band 0°C started in our club!!))
Taking members now!

KANAME: Misaki!

KANAME: Thanks for meeting with me! It's been too long!

KANON: Yeah.

KANAME: How are you?

KANON: I'm okay...

KANAME: How are things with your band?


KANAME: I heard you had a concert. I've been looking forward to it... you're usually so reserved, I wondered what kind of vocals you'd perform.

KANAME: What's wrong?

KANON: Oh, nothing. So what's the trouble?

Study of Classical Literature I
(Professor Sagawa's Seminar)

College of Japanese Literature, 2nd Year

You have seven consecutive absences! Explain yourself!

KANAME: You'll be in trouble if you fail this class. You won't be able to take it again until senior year. You might not even graduate.

KANON: What should I do?

KANAME: He might let you by if you go and apologize.

SIGN: Professor Sagawa

KANON: Thank you... goodbye.

KANAME: How'd it go?

KANON: I think I managed to convince him.

KANAME: Oh, thank goodness.

KANON: Thanks for telling me, Fukatsu.

KANAME: Okay, here, take this.

KANAME: I need you to fill in for me third and fourth period. I'm barely passing as it is.

KANON: What?

KANAME: I helped you, so you owe me one.

KANAME: Everything you need is in the file.

KANON: You tricked me!

KANAME: Pardon?

KANON: Attending your class for you... it's dishonest. I can't go along with it. Sorry, but...

KANAME: You're right. It is a terrible thing to do.

KANAME: It's just... there's... somewhere I really need to be, today.

KANON: Where?

KANAME: My grandmother's really sick...

KANON: Really?

KANAME: Yeah, so... I'm counting on you. Bye!

KANON: Wait--

PROFESSOR: ... stated that standards should be applied to individuals, rather than sweeping regulations and sanctions. This is the form of labeling advocated for by Kirke, though he found the labels to be...

KANON: Yes, I can make it today, but... something came up at school...

MARUYAMA: Got it. But Hatoka has off today, so we could really use your help.

KANON: Don't worry, I'll be there as soon as I can.

MARUYAMA: Sorry for the trouble.

KANON: Yes ma'am. I'm sorry.

KOTARO: Wassup!

IKKI: Hey!

SAKI: Don't act so casual. Where have you been?

KOTARO: Sorry 'bout that. I was just down at the record company and Mr. Fujita gave me THIS!

KOTARO: This stuff's 200,000 yen a bottle!

SHINYA: That's high!

KOTARO: We're gonna have a party tonight!

KOTARO: What's wrong, Saki?

SAKI: It's too early to celebrate. We'll drink it once we've got our second hit.

KOTARO: Why're you such a party pooper...

SAKI: Sorry. I just don't want to be a one-hit wonder.

PROFESSOR: ... lost one of Britains most prominent writers. Successor to Dickens...

GIRL: Isn't that Misaki?

GIRL: ... we probably should.

GIRL: Hey, Misaki.

GIRL: You're not really in this class, are you?

GIRL: Did Fukatsu ask you to do this for her?

KANON: How did you know?

GIRL: I knew it!

GIRL: You need to watch out for her.

KANON: What?

GIRL: You seem like a good person, Misaki. Don't be taken in.

GIRL: Did she tell you her father was sick or something?

KANON: Yeah... her grandmother.

GIRL: It's a big fat lie. We saw her driving off with her boyfriend earlier.

KANON: What?

GIRL: There are some really bad rumors about her. You can't believe a word she says.

KANON: ... I see...

GIRL: The truth is, she did the same thing to us once.

GIRL: We didn't want to see it happen to you.

KANON: Thank you...

TOMOSUKE: This is the place, let's go!

TAIHEI: Okay, that girl's gonna hear all my feelings!

TOMOSUKE: Are you confident in your singing?

TAIHEI: Confident enough!

[Ikechiyo's song]
Swayin', swayin', just me and you
Two young lovers on a rendezvous
Where shall we go? Who can say?
Just sail up on the wind, and fly away

TAIHEI: Thanks!

TAIHEI: Okay, then, what should we sing next?

TAIHEI: Anyone got any requests?

TAIHEI: Anyone?

GIRL: I have one!


GIRL: How about 0°C's 'To the Top!'

TAIHEI: To the Top?

TAIHEI: Never heard of it.

GIRL: You never heard it? Here.

[To the Top]
The sound of the rain
Makes the town cry...

GIRL: Ring a bell?


TAIHEI: This sounds like... hey!

TAIHEI: Wait up!

TAIHEI: Ow! Wait!

STUDENTS: Are you okay, Taihei? Taihei!

TAIHEI: Hey! Come back here!

CYCLIST: Watch where you're going!

KANON: Good morning!


KANON: I'm sorry I'm late.

MARUYAMA: What happened? You're bleeding!

KANON: Ah... I'm okay.

ABE: Oh, you're here. But we didn't need you after all.

ABE: That's Nakagawa. She used to work with us but got moved to B shift.

MARUYAMA: I'm sorry, we've been so swamped I forgot to call you. Nakagawa offered to temporarily take over from the night shift.

KANON: Oh, I... see. I'm sorry, I was thoughtless.

MARUYAMA: No... it's my fault.

[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: Kanon decides to abandon her faith in people, and Hashitaka becomes prey for demons. Just then, a fiery confrontation...

NARRATION: Next time: Added Warmth

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