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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 6

Not a lot to say about episode 6, except it's awesome and I hope you enjoy it.

Nice to see them acknowledge the softer side of Tokyo, once in a while.

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who lost her way in the city, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: Kanon, who had lost interest in college, received an invitation from a classmate named Fukatsu Kaname. But the girl's eventual betrayal became a new blow to her recovering spirits.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Taihei continued to pursue Kanon, attempting to use the power of song to convey his feelings to her.

MARUYAMA: Here you go.

WAITER: Thank you.

KANON: Excuse me.

KANON: I'll... see you tomorrow.

MARUYAMA: I'm sorry for the trouble.

KANON: Not at all. See you later.


TITLE: Episode 6, "Added Warmth"

IKECHIYO: What, all those people came out for your little recital?

TOMOSUKE: Yeah! It was crazy! The crowd went insane!

TAIHEI: It's because they all crowded around... I started gettin' cocky... they kept askin' for encores and I couldn't turn them down...

OTAKI: Sounds like you got your priorities a little mixed up.

TAIHEI: The second she saw me, she ran right off...

IKECHIYO: Sounds like she really hates you...

TAIHEI: What did I do wrong? I just don't get it...

TOMOSUKE: Where's Hashi and the others?

OTAKI: They've been on patrol since early this morning... Hashitaka in particular wants to make up for last night.

KAZAHANA: Hashitaka! I found the Ipadada... on the roof of that building over there!


TOMOSUKE: Are you okay, Hashi!?

HASHITAKA: I'm fine... thank you...

HASHITAKA: Thank you, Sawamori...

SAWAMORI: I just did what I had to do.

TOMOSUKE: I'm here too, y'know...

YOUNG KANON: Grandma...

GRANDMOTHER: What a good girl you are... you've kept watch over me for so long...

YOUNG KANON: Of course...

KANON: Grandma... I'm sorry... I'm falling apart.

OTAKI: How long you gonna sit around pouting! You can't do anything just sitting there.

TAIHEI: You're right. Time to go another round!

TAIHEI: Hashitaka... are you hurt?

HASHITAKA: Just a scratch...

KANON: Listen, Dory... I'm going to try a different way of doing things. Every time I get mixed up with someone else, I get hurt. So... I'm going to stop getting involved.

JYUZO: Give up? What's that mean?

TAIHEI: It's just... Hashitaka got injured fighting today. I feel like I'm the only one not contributing.

JYUZO: So, you want to join in the fight against the Ipadada?


JYUZO: Did you figure out why the girl was crying?

TAIHEI: No... but right now, it just seems like...

JYUZO: You great pig-headed fool!

JYUZO: Listen! The secret mission I gave you... is every bit as important as what Sawamori and the others are doing!


JYUZO: So you must give your undivided attention to the matter of the reason behind her crying... YOU GOT THAT??

TAIHEI: Got it, boss.

TAIHEI: Hey, Bujinko.


TAIHEI: She said that?

KANON: See you later.

KANON: Sorry. I'll buy you some food on the way home.

TAIHEI: There she goes.

TAIHEI: Are you okay?

WOMAN: Oh, I'm sorry... thank you!

TAIHEI: What the heck is wrong with you!!

TAIHEI: That pregnant woman needed your help... you just ignored her.

TAIHEI: Are you proud of that? Can you live with that!?

TAIHEI: I thought you were a kind girl...

TAIHEI: Are you listening!?

KANON: Why do you care!?


KANON: You don't know anything about me!

TAIHEI: I did, once. Listen... I came here to...

KANON: I just want you to leave me alone!

KANON: If you don't, I really will call the police this time.

TAIHEI: So call them, you dirty rat!!


TAIHEI: Ah! Darn it! I messed up so bad!

TAIHEI: Are you proud of that? Can you live with that!?

PROFESSOR: ...'Tsubaki' means a type of tree, but the character takes on a new meaning...

TAIHEI: I gotta be more careful next time...

WOMAN: I'm so sorry! Thank you so much for your help! I just bumped one and they all fell over!

GIRLS: It's nothing, don't worry about it!

TAIHEI: You figure she'll come here to buy turtle food, right?

WOMAN: Do you want to get for lunch?

WOMAN: Sure.

GIRLS: Oh, it's so good! I eat here every day!

TAIHEI: Ah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just have to...



TAIHEI: Maybe she's just different now... she's not the same Kanon anymore.

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

No one wants to be all alone...

BOYS: The hell do you think you're doing. What is this?

BOYS: Hey, hey, wait up!

MAN: I d-didn't do...

BOYS: Sure you did! You were lookin' down at us.

TAIHEI: Hey, cut it out.

BOYS: Who the hell are you?

BOYS: You wanna go at it?

TAIHEI: Nah. I'm an Onbake, born to show gratitude to humanity.

BOYS: Don't act like you're better than me!

TAIHEI: Hey wait, I'm not down yet!

TAIHEI: Wow! That sure hurts!

BOY: This guy's crazy...

BOY: What the hell is he!?

TAIHEI: Y'all done now?

TAIHEI: What a nice breeze...

KANON: Are you... alright?


TAIHEI: But why?

TAIHEI: But I'm so glad... I've been waiting to talk to you again. Almost ten years...

TAIHEI: You were such a cute little girl. You've gotten pretty big, though.

KANON: So we have met, after all?

TAIHEI: Yeah. When you were just a little thing.

KANON: Ah... is that why you knew my song?

TAIHEI: Yeah. It's a great song. I love it.

KANON: Then... why did you say that about it?

KANON: Why did you say that anyone could sing it?

KANON: That's why I...

TAIHEI: I get it. That band stole your song.

TAIHEI: No wonder you started crying...

KANON: I'm sorry.

KANON: ... I didn't even try to understand...

TAIHEI: Nah... I'm just glad we finally got to talk.

KANON: But...

TAIHEI: Hey, listen... you wanna grab some ramen with me?


[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: Taihei rushes to recover Kanon's song, and Saki learns the truth. Then, Shota...!

NARRATION: Next time: "Hidden Song"

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