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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 8

The blog got neglected while the "Pro" part of my life had to take over for a while. But after a two-month hiatus, there's some new Kanon!

Here's another episode that's full of music, from the Onbake song to the lyrics we see in Kanon's notebook. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what the Onbake song was about -- the lyrics themselves aren't important, per se, but the song will be significant later, in a way that makes giving it a translation necessary.

It seems that the "Onja Onja" chant is a corruption of "Oni ja Oni ja", or "There's the oni!" It's a phrase famously shouted at Oni-Chasing Festivals, post-New Year celebrations which have existed since the Heian era. The servants would dress up like oni (Japanese demons), and get chased around by their lords, to symbolize the driving away of sickness and ill fortune.

(I translated "oni" as "goblin" for purposes of the song, because I think it's more appropriate to the light-hearted air of a festival song, and also because it scans well.)

Translation sits below the cut. Enjoy!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who lost her way in the city, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: The Prayer Song was precious to Kanon. In order that she might sing it again with her full heart, Taihei confronted Saki of 0°C.

NARRATOR: But Kanon knew that the reason she could not sing the Prayer Song lay within her own heart.

TITLE: Chapter 8, "Whirling Sound"

TAIHEI: Find peace in the next world.

KOTARO: Huh? I don't remember... eh, whatever.

TAIHEI: Where'd that Ipadada get off to?

TOMOSUKE: Taihei! Kazahana told us...

SAWAMORI: Where's the host?

TAIHEI: Got away. But I bet we can still catch it. Let's keep looking.

TOMOSUKE: But did you settle things with 0°C?

SAWAMORI: Leave this to us. Let's go.

TAIHEI: Please do!

KANON: I don't think she knew anything about this...

KOTARO: Hey! What are you up to, lately? Got a boyfriend? What's wrong with you?

KANON: Leave me alone.

KOTARO: Straightforward as always.

KOTARO: Saki again...

KOTARO: Hey. Yeah...

KOTARO: What's going on?

SAKI: We need to talk.

KOTARO: About what?

SAKI: It's about our song, 'To the Top'...

SAKI: The word is, you didn't write it.

SAKI: Is it true?

KOTARO: She's been talking to you, I guess?

SAKI: Misaki, you mean?


SAKI: It wasn't her. But that's not important. Are you admitting that you stole that song?

SAKI: Ikki, Shinya... did you know? I can't believe this... listen, we can't keep singing it.

SHINYA: You've got to be kidding. Our fans would never forgive us!

IKKI: Shinya's right. We have to think about the fans. They want to hear our song.

SAKI: But it's not our song! It's someone else's that we stole and rewrote. It's not ours at all.

SHINYA: Grow up already.

SAKI: I won't sing it.

IKKI: It's too late for that. We can't cancel our concert.

SAKI: I don't intend to cancel. I'm going to get on stage. And then I'm going to tell the fans... that 'To the Top' is plagiarism.

SAKI: But I absolutely refuse to sing it.

KOTARO: Do whatever you want. But you don't have long to think about it.

SHINYA: Don't do anything stupid.

KOTARO: Hey, give me a ride? Ikki's car is loaded down with stage gear.

SAKI: I don't know how I feel about that right now.

IKKI: Didn't work?

SHINYA: Come on, let's go.

SAWAMORI: Did you find it?

TOMOSUKE: No. Not a trace.

SAWAMORI: He must have left the area.

SAWAMORI: Hmm... what is it?

TOMOSUKE: I think I caught the scent of the host...


TOMOSUKE: ... no, it's gone. Maybe I just imagined it.

TAIHEI: Kanon... did the girl from 0°C come to see you?

KANON: She did.

TAIHEI: Did she apologize?

TAIHEI: That's great!

TAIHEI: So you'll be able to sing your heart out from now on, huh?


TAIHEI: The Prayer Song.

TAIHEI: I noticed you were feeling pretty down about that song... I thought maybe it was because those guys kept singing it.

TAIHEI: That's it, right?

KANON: Oh... I'm sorry. I still don't think I can sing it properly. It's not just because of their song.

TAIHEI: Then... why?

ANNOUNCER: Tickets will go on sale shortly! The line ends here! Tickets go on sale in about fifteen minutes!


FUJITA: Hey, did you guys see that line? They're here to see you guys! So let's give 'em the best damn show they've ever seen!

SAKI: Excuse me, Mr. Fujita. There's something I have to say.

FUJITA: Sure, anything. Hey, but hold that thought! Check out the latest Weekly Music! Look at that! Can you believe it?

IKKI: No way! #9? Seriously?

FUJITA: But beware the price of fame. Criminal behavior. Scandals. You guys are famous now. So with that said... let's rock their faces off!

SHINYA: We're going drinking to celebrate, right?

FUJITA: We'll talk about that later! Put on a good show tonight, and we'll see...

KANON: It's true that it was painful to lose my song to them. It still hurts every time I hear it. That's how I honestly feel.

TAIHEI: Seems only natural.

KANON: I feel the same way any time I to sing the Prayer Song.

TAIHEI: And that's why you can't put your heart into it anymore?

KANON: That's what I thought. Maybe I tried to convince myself that was the reason. It was easier for me, if I had something to blame it on.

KANON: You met that vocalist from 0°C, didn't you? I don't think she knew about my song... I don't think she knew it was stolen.

TAIHEI: That doesn't mean should be okay with it.

KANON: I don't intend to. I've just been thinking... maybe she's as lost as I am. Maybe she doesn't know what to believe anymore, either. I've felt adrift for so long. The reason I can't put my heart into the song anymore... is because of me.

TAIHEI: Because of you?

[Prayer Song]
If we all join hands together,
How much warmer will we feel?



YOUNG KANON: Can we sing it one more time?

GRANDMA: You want to keep singing it forever?

YOUNG KANON: Just one more time and then I'm done. I just love it so much.

GRANDMA: I'm glad you do.

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

OLD MAN: Thank you.

YOUNG KANON: Thank you!

YOUNG KANON: Gramma, lookit!

GRANDMA: Oh, what a nice present!


GRANDMA: That old man was so grateful you helped him.

YOUNG KANON: I'm so happy I could help him!

GRANDMA: What a sweet girl you are, Kanon.

GRANDMA: I want you to keep that feeling always. You have a heart that feels joy when it brings happiness to others. As long as you stay that way, the Prayer Song will remain inside you.

KANON: I feel like I've drifted so far from what my grandmother taught me. And that includes the Prayer Song, too.

TAIHEI: But why? How could something like that happen to you?

KANON: Because I can't... trust people anymore, I think.

KANON: It's not that I don't want to trust them. It's just...

KANON: Did you drop your contact...?

GIRL: Stay back! Are you gonna pay for it if you break it!?

KANON: My grandmother passed the Prayer Song on to me. She also taught me that people should trust one another, and help one another.

KANON: But... I don't think I can do those things anymore.

TAIHEI: Don't say that.

KANON: So even if I sing it now, it won't be the real Prayer Song.

KANON: Ow! Why did you do that?

TAIHEI: I don't know! I just wanted you to stop looking so darn depressed.

TAIHEI: Come on, Kanon, let's go to Dai-chan.

KANON: Dai-chan?

TAIHEI: Times like this, you gotta fill up your stomach before you can think!

KANON: But...

TAIHEI: Come on! Let's get you an extra-large ramen! My treat!

KANON: Why extra-large?!

TAIHEI: Don't talk, just go!

SAKI: Listen, everyone.

SAKI: Thank you all for coming to our concert. Listen, there's something I need to say. Our song, To the Top...

FANS: Saki! What is it? What's wrong, Saki? Saki!

SAKI: To the Top is...

KOTARO: Our song, To the Top... is #9 in the Weekly Music rankings!

KOTARO: Now here's what you've been waiting for, the voice of the angel! Let's get started!

FANS: Saki, sing! Sing for us, Saki!

FANS: Saki! Saki! Saki! Saki!

[To the Top]
The sound of the rain
Makes the town cry...

IKKI: You were on fire tonight!

SHINYA: No way.

IKKI: You were awesome!

FUJIYA: Great work, everyone!

IKKI: Hey, this guy was on fire tonight!

FUJIYA: Good, good!

KOTARO: Great job tonight. They really loved your song.

SAKI: My song?

FUJITA: Great work tonight!

KOTARO: Thanks.

FUJITA: Hey, Saki! You were amazing tonight! By the way, what did you want to talk to me about?

SAKI: Nothing. Sorry. It's nothing.

FUJITA: Oh. Well, great work! Anyway, who's up for a drink?

[Onbake Song]
Raise up your voices and dance up in the starry skies!
Sing a song to make the goblins run!
Chase 'em all through the night!
Sing a song to make the goblins run!
Make tomorrow still be bright!
Run, goblins!

KANON: What a fun song!

TAIHEI: I'm glad it cheered you up.

TOMOSUKE: We'll sing it as many times as you want until you can sing the real Prayer Song again!

TAIHEI: Idiot! Don't spoil the mood!

TAIHEI: Anyway, that's how it goes.

KANON: Thanks so much, all of you.

KANON: And Taihei... thanks for all you've done for me.

TAIHEI: Aw, nah... I didn't do much...

OTAKI: Look how shy he gets!

IKECHIYO: Disgraceful, at your age.

TAIHEI: It's nothing to do with age!

TAIHEI: As Onbake, it's our job to make you--

TAIHEI: Uh, anyway... you'll be fine. As long as you love that song, you'll be able to sing it again some day. When that day comes... I hope you'll sing it for me.

OTAKI: Taihei, don't force the girl.

KANON: No... I would like to be able to sing it again some day, myself.

TAIHEI: Then, let's take it from the top!

[Onbake Song]
Sing a song to make the goblins run!
Chase 'em all through the night!
Sing a song to make the goblins run!
Make tomorrow still be bright!
Run, goblins!

SAKI: I'm back...

SISTER: Welcome home! How was the concert?

SAKI: They loved us.

SISTER: Soon, everyone's going to be on your side! Listen, I showed this video to a friend of mine who says she doesn't usually like your style of music... she said I have the coolest sister!

SAKI: It's not my song.


SISTER: You sing it, so it's your song.

SAKI: I guess so.

[To the Top]
... I know I'm going to get it!
My heart's going straight to the top!

[Kanon's Lyrics]
When I remember the day I spent with you
The warmth wells up inside me
It went by in a blur of joyful feeling
And I know that tomorrow will be beautiful, too
I want this feeling to go on forever
Even if we're thrown apart, I'll never forget
And while I'm not sure if it will last
I hope all my days will be this wonderful
To spend my days warm by your side

KANON: I used to write lyrics all the time, to communicate what I was feeling...

KANON: But lately... I don't even know what my feelings are.

KANON: How can my songs reflect me... when I can't even face myself?

[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: On the day of a summer festival, the Onbake appear in Kanon's room. We learn the truth of their pasts! And Kanon wears a yukata!

NARRATION: Next Time: Summer Sound.

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