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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 11

As you watch this episode, you might find yourself wondering, "Why on earth are Taihei and Moriya dressed up as a tiger and a squirrel?" As always, it's because of a ridiculous pun. Usually I try to find some way of working explanations for things like that into the script, and I did try really, really hard to find a way to make this one work. Unfortunately, it just didn't happen.

So what's the pun? Well, risu is the Japanese word for "squirrel", and tora is the Japanese word for "tiger." The word risutora is also a corruption of the English word "restructuring", which was of course the pretense for Moriya's layoff. So when Taihei holds up a banner that reads risutora wa nanda?! it simultaneously means both "What's up with layoffs?!" and "What's up with the squirrel and the tiger?!"

On to a more incredibly freaking obscure sort of pun, there's a bit of an in-joke in the scene early on when Kanon's naming train stations. It seems Otaki's actress, Shibata Rie, played a character named Sangenjaya Sayuri in the 1989 magical girl tokusatsu series Chuukana Pai-Pai, which was directed by Daimajin Kanon head director Sakamoto Taro. Sangenjaya is also the name of a train station in the Setagaya region of Tokyo, and the camera swaps to Otaki just as Kanon names that station.

I highly recommend checking out Pai-Pai's first episode to catch Otaki's actress being totally insane in a power suit and (different) crazy hair.

(Full Ep. 11 script behind the cut, of course!)

1/5/2011 Edit: Changed the name of the next-ep title. Which wasn't even consistent with the way I translated the title in the first place. Ugh, careless mistakes.

1/18/2011 Edit: Caught a small error in Jyuzo's line around 09:30. Shortened Moriya's line at 02:50, 'cause it was stupid long.

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who struggled with her faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: A man named Moriya lost his job to a personal vendetta, which shattered his trust of others. Taihei, who encourages the trust between people, found a kindred spirit in this man. But Kanon refused to get involved...

NARRATOR: ... Until Ikechiyo's words shed new light onto Kanon's dilemma.

TITLE: Chapter 11, "Regretted Warmth"

TAIHEI: Hey everyone! Listen up!

SIGN: What's up with layoffs?!

TAIHEI: We're gonna sing a song for you! Gather 'round!

MORIYA: Wait, stop, I'll get nervous with too many people! This is enough.

TAIHEI: Hey! Thanks for comin' to watch! Okay! My personal opinion is that people need to trust each other. But it seems a lot of people have stopped doing that lately! Right, Mori?

MORIYA: Yeah. I've experienced it! I lost faith in people after I was laid off based of a personal grudge!

TAIHEI: But that's a sad thought! Hey! Ain't that sad?! But that's why we wrote this song!

MORIYA: Yeah, I hope you'll agree with what it's about. So, we'll start at the second verse!

[The Layoff Song]
Life is full of hard knocks!
Isn't it exhausting?
Before you even know it
You're all alone in the world
What's that about?
Look, there's people all around you!
No matter who you're with
You hide how you really feel
What's that about?
Sometimes it's okay to just...

ALL: Cheers!

TAIHEI: Beer tastes SO GOOD after a job well done!

MORIYA: And even better during the day, right?

TAIHEI: Oh, you got it! You're a smart guy when you try to be!

MORIYA: Thank you!

BOTH: Cheers!

KANON: That was a great performance, you guys! From Meidai-mae, you did Shimo-kitazawa and Sangenjaya, too!

OTAKI: You sang at all those stations? It sounds like a success!

MORIYA: It was Taihei's performance that did it! They just gathered around him!

IKECHIYO: Well, blind enthusiasm can be very compelling.

TAIHEI: Aw, you're makin' me blush!

IKECHIYO: That wasn't a compliment.

MORIYA: But people really were drawn in by his enthusiasm. I've been a little disappointed about not finding work, but he's certainly restored my spirits.

KANON: I'm glad things are working out.


KANON: Mr. Moriya seems to be having a great time.

TAIHEI: He sure is. The world would be better off if everyone could trust each other, right?

KANON: I agree.

TAIHEI: I want to make that song a big hit, and spread that feeling all over the world.

KANON: I know you will!

KANON: With that, I decided to give them a little help. I thought I could spread the song to a few more people.

[The Layoff Song]
You see, it's just so simple!
Just have a little faith!
And then, you know
You'll be happier!

KANON: After that, Taihei and Mr. Moriya spent a little time every day singing at train stations all over town. And the people kept gathering around!

NEWS: ... are saying that a famous American actor is behind the spread of the popular video.

KANON: And one morning, something happened.

OTAKI: Yes? Oh, good morning! Taihei! Taihei!


OTAKI: It's Kanon!

TAIHEI: Kanon?

TAIHEI: What's it all about?

TAIHEI: Hello?

KANON: Taihei! Turn on the TV! Hurry!

TAIHEI: The TV? Hang on a minute...

Rapidly gaining popularity!
"The guitar-playing Squirrel and banner-raising Tiger"

[The Layoffs Song]
Before you even know it
You're all alone in the world
What's that about?
There's people all around you!
No matter who you're with
You hide how you really feel
What's that about?
Sometimes it's okay to just let out a yell!
You see, it's really simple!
If you have a little faith!
You see, it's just so simple!
Just have a little faith!
And then, you know
You'll be happier!

TAIHEI: Hey, it's me and Mori! What's goin' on?

OTAKI: Oh my god.

KANON: Your video reached #1 on the daily hits chart! It means people all around the world are listening to your song!

TAIHEI: All around the world?!

KANON: It turns out this famous American actor likes funny headwear, and he found your video. He blogged about it, and it really took off!

TAIHEI: I didn't understand a word you just said... but so, does this mean we're famous all over the world?!


TAIHEI: Awesome! Let's go see Mori and let him know!

KANON: What? Right now?

The "Layoffs" duo
Is a famous celebrity behind their rising popularity!?

NEWSCASTER: Many listeners have reported that the song makes them feel unusually cheerful. People on the street seem to flock to the duo, and the site's hits are increasing rapidly...

SHOUTA: Do you think Taihei's using that song to cheer the girl up?

JYUZO: No idea. I couldn't even begin to say!

SHOUTA: But that's how Bujin got to like singing, isn't it?

JYUZO: What? Is that so?

SHOUTA: Yeah! I wish I could've seen him sing!

JYUZO: He used to sing all the time, in the old days...

JYUZO: Hey, Bujin! How about working your magic right here?

BUJIN: Got it!

JYUZO: Oh, that's perfect! The humans will be so pleased!

JYUZO: He had a voice that stirred the soul. I wonder if he'll ever return to the way he was...

SIGN: Department Head Office

PROFESSOR: It's me. Moriya? I'll take care of it.

MORIYA: Hello? What do you want from me now?!

TAIHEI: Hey! Hey, listen. Is Mr. Moriya here?

TAIHEI: This is definitely the place...

TAIHEI: Oh, excuse me! Um, I tried calling, but... is Mr. Moriya in?

TAIHEI: Well, I'm sorry I missed him! I just wanted to give him this record of our performance...

CD: Taihei & Moriya - Live Video

KANON: Excuse me... are you moving?

MINORI: Yes... we sort of... have to.

MINORI: But I have to say, thank you for spending time with him.

MINORI: He's had so much trouble finding a new job. I've had this awful feeling he might try to take his own life...

KANON: Ow...

MINORI: I'm so sorry!

KANON: Not at all.

MINORI: But that day when he came home, he seemed so happy. It was a weight off my mind.

KANON: I see.

MINORI: It's looking more and more like he won't find work... he's not built for hard labor... but I'm glad he's found a reason to keep going.

TAIHEI: Don't worry, ma'am. Me and Mori are gonna use this song to make everyone happy. And then you guys will reap all the benefits of that happiness.

MINORI: I do hope so...

TAIHEI: You will! Anyway, give this to Mori. Tell him to meet us by the Kaminari Gate in Asakusa at 4:00.

IPADADA: Now... let's go into the city again... and acquire new power...

TAIHEI: This is bad... he should be here by now.

KANON: I'll give him a call.


VOICE: You have reached the voicemail of...

KANON: He's not picking up.

TAIHEI: What? Let's check out his neighborhood.

NEWS BANNER: 16 Dogs Slain in Chofu Area.

NEWSCASTER: Since dawn today, police in the Chofu area have confirmed the abduction and slaying of sixteen dogs. The incidents are spreading fear among the people of the town.

NEWSCASTER: The police have begun a search for any suspicious individuals who may be connected to these incidents.

NEWSCASTER: So far, the victims are limited to dogs, but the possibility of escalation...

TOMOSUKE: This is weird. I feel like the host's scent is getting weaker.


HASHITAKA: He must be evolving faster than we thought.

SAWAMORI: It worries me that he can collect this many soul drones in a day.

KAZAHANA: Sawamori... Sawamori!

SAWAMORI: Kazahana...

KAZAHANA: This way!

TAIHEI: There is he! Mori! Hey!

TAIHEI: What's wrong? What are you doing here?

TAIHEI: Oh! You're nervous because there's so many people in Asakusa! Don't worry, I'll be there with ya!

TAIHEI: What's the matter?

MORIYA: I'm sorry... but I won't sing anymore. I can't.

TAIHEI: What? Why can't you sing?

MORIYA: I can't tell you.

TAIHEI: What? That's a weird thing to say. Hey, isn't that the same thing the department head said to you?

MORIYA: Actually, I got a call from that department head.

TAIHEI: Hey, what did he want? Can you tell me?

MORIYA: He asked me to come back to work.

TAIHEI: He's got some nerve, doin' that now!

MORIYA: It seems there's been quite a panic since I appeared on TV. They're worried that the publicity will 'give the wrong impression'

TAIHEI: The wrong impression of what?

MORIYA: Of the university.

MORIYA: They don't want to be characterized as an institution that unfairly lays off its employees.

TAIHEI: Well yeah, but that's what happened.

MORIYA: Still, universities these days will do anything to uphold their reputation.

TAIHEI: Mori... come on. Stop kidding around. You told him off, right?

MORIYA: I took the job.

MORIYA: On the condition that I would never sing that song again.

TAIHEI: But... why? What the heck were you thinkin'?!

KANON: Taihei!

TAIHEI: I trusted you!

MORIYA: It's not like that...

TAIHEI: Then why!? Why won't you sing!? You said you wanted to spread trust to the people of the world! Was that all a lie!?


TAIHEI: Then sing! Sing and sing, and keep singing! Happiness that's found by makin' other people happy! That's real happiness, right?!

MORIYA: Who needs 'real happiness'? Right now, I'm more worried about keeping a roof over my family's head.

TAIHEI: What happened to the Mori that wrote that song?!

MORIYA: That was just a song. It has nothing to do with reality.

TAIHEI: That song was made out of your words! You said it was like your soul!

MORIYA: I'm not so naive to think something will come along if I just keep singing that song. I've had my fill of dreams! Thank you. But it's time to wake up and face reality.


MORIYA: That song won't feed my wife and children.

KANON: Ikechiyo?

IKECHIYO: Can I come in? Taihei was so depressed when he came back. I'm worried about you.

KANON: I thought Taihei of all people could make it work. That's why I went along with it. But...

IKECHIYO: I understand.

IKECHIYO: Kanon...

KANON: I'm sorry...

IKECHIYO: But why are you crying?

KANON: I don't know... it's probably because... I want to do something... and I don't know what... and it's just... it's just...

IKECHIYO: I'm glad to hear that. Until now, you've only been crying because you were sad.

IKECHIYO: I think you've become stronger, Kanon.

KANON: But I... I still can't see the road ahead.

IKECHIYO: It's okay. All that matters is that you're moving forward. Why don't we go to see Taihei?

KANON: Taihei...

[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: Kanon is given pause by the revelation of the Onbake. Jyuzo comes to Tokyo, and the Ipadada attacks! And who is this new young man?!

NARRATION: Next time: Grateful Change


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  2. Hi Robet,

    The scripts here are just for you to read along as you watch. Someone would need to go through and add timestamps for every single line in order to let it play properly as a srt.

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  4. I'm sorry, but I'm only a translator, not a subber. I'm not familiar with the process used by sub groups to create SRT files. You may have luck using the Aegisub program. However, I'm not familiar with it myself.

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