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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 13

And lo, we reach the series halfway point! I hope no one went too crazy at the cliffhanger in the last episode (I know I sure did).

This episode features a pretty bitchin' exorcism scene. Both the sake that Sawamori drinks and the Sakaki branch he waves are traditional instruments of Shinto exorcism, as is the Sanskrit that the other Onbake chant during the ritual. (That's right, Buddhist chants are a traditional part of Shinto exorcisms. Religion in Japan is really complicated.)

I struggled a bit with the middle of the chant, given that I have to translate it from Japanese readings of Sanskrit into Sanskrit words, and I am not fluent in Sanskrit. What I do know is, basically any exorcism chant you see in Japanese media is going to be of the Aum ~ Svaha variety (which comes out sounding like On ~ Sowaka in the Japanese reading). My understanding is that this is somewhat akin to saying "Dear God ~ Amen" in a Christian prayer. Any Buddhists watching Daimajin out there, feel free to elaborate or correct me.

In other news, this episode proves me wrong about my theory that Taihei is the oldest of the hero Onbake. Apparently he's only been incarnated for 320 years (since 1690). So either there's a delay between when an Onbake is revered and when they incarnate, or Taihei has a really loose definition of what constitutes the Warring States Period.

That, or the Chigusa Juro Tokisa that incarnated him is a slightly different guy from the one in the Daimajin movies. For now, all is mystery.

Anyway, enjoy the script! I might be taking a little break from this while I work on something else, but I hope everyone has enjoyed the first half of Daimajin Kanon!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who struggled with her faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone hurts you
With heartless words
Makes you wanna give up
There's no more kindness
Someone will use that to trap you
You must find yourself and fight them
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
A song that reflects you
Don't hide your kindness
Let us hear it!
Sing your heart out
Don't worry, Just shout
Pushing the sadness from your heart
Takes true strength
Forces harmonize
Stand by your side
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: The revelation of the Onbakes' true nature gave Kanon pause. But realizing it was their gentle sincerity that had pulled her out of depression, she gratefully opened her heart again.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, after a long battle, Sawamori and the others subdued the Ipadada.

TITLE: Episode 13: Misplaced Resentment

TAIHEI: I'm a helmet onbake!


JYUZO: I'm a... what again?

TAIHEI: You're a stone lantern!

JYUZO: Yeah, a stone lantern!

WAKAMATSU: I'm a college student.

KANON: So am I.

TAIHEI: I incarnated as an Onbake thanks to the kindness of a samurai named Chigusa Juro Tokisa.

KANON: Really?

TAIHEI: Yeah... so I'm about... 320 years old about now!

KANON: What!?

TAIHEI: But yanno, Ikechiyo used to be a goldfish, and she's waaaaay older than--

TAIHEI: What was that?

TAIHEI: Hey... what's goin' on?

TOMOSUKE: The Ipadada..


TOMOSUKE: We caught it.


IKECHIYO: Try to lie still.

HASHITAKA: Pardon me, Jyuzo...

HASHITAKA: Here, take this!

TAIHEI: I'm sorry, but something urgent just came up. We're gonna have to close shop here.


TAIHEI: Kanon! Sorry to miss you.

KANON: Not at all... see you later.

WOMAN: Kento...

WOMAN: Kento!

WOMAN: Kento! Kento! Kento! Kento! Kento!

MAN: I was so desperate to earn my mother's love.

KOTARO: Is that you?

MAN: I realized she was going to kill my soul... and so... before that could happen, I had to kill her instead...

MAN: From now on, I'm going to keep killing, using as many hands as I can.

CHANT: Aum Hrih Gah-vajra Hum Khen Svaha

SAWAMORI: Once he's inside me... take me out as quickly as possible.

TAIHEI: Roger that.

SAWAMORI: Let's do this.

CHANT: Aum Hrih Gah-vajra Hum Khen Svaha

HASHITAKA: The Ipadada!

TAIHEI: Ikechiyo!


TAIHEI: Sawamori!

TAIHEI: Sawamori!

SAWAMORI: He got away from me...

TOBEI: Be on your guard!

TAIHEI: Roger that.

WAITRESS: Thank you, your food will be right out.

WAKAMATSU: Thank you for coming out with me.

KANON: It's nothing. I guess being an Onbake is really hard work.

WAKAMATSU: Onbake are born out of gratitude towards humanity. I guess they're happy to express that gratitude.

KANON: I see. But... it's all very strange. Onbake will risk their life for humans, and yet we can treat our fellow humans so badly.

WAKAMATSU: I wonder why that is. I think humans treat each other badly because...

IKECHIYO: Fate can take truly interesting turns.

TAIHEI: Behavior like his would draw an Ipadada in a heartbeat.

IKECHIYO: Anyway, let's let him rest.

TAIHEI: The host seems fine.

SAWAMORI: That's good.

HASHITAKA: The Ipadada will never return to that host, will it?

SAWAMORI: He's probably already found a new one.

SAWAMORI: I couldn't cleanse the darkness in that Ipadada's soul, not even if I had two hundred years!

TOBEI: But never have I heard of a decasoul Ipadada breaching a sacred barrier. He must be halfway to a hectosoul by now.

JYUZO: Then it seems... we'll be needing Bujin's power very soon...

TAIHEI: Bujin's power? You mean... the great Bujin?

JYUZO: Correct.

TOMOSUKE: But I thought Bujin was dead!

JYUZO: No... he lives!

TAIHEI: Well, what the hell! You told me that was just an old rock!

JYUZO: Calm down! There's a reason Bujin is in that form. There's a reason I let you think he was dead, too.

HASHITAKA: Bujin is sort of like our ancestor, isn't he?

TAIHEI: Yeah, I heard he's the first Onbake like us there ever was.

JYUZO: Long ago, he performed many great feats to repay his debt to humans, just as we did.

TAIHEI: They say he was so big that the people thought of him as a god. But even though he was huge, inside he was the same as a human-sized Onbake. He laughed and cried, and even sang...

SAWAMORI: I heard that Bujin... fought with hectosoul Ipadada.

JYUZO: These Ipadada nowadays... the Onbake can catch them and exorcise them while they're still just decasouls. But in the age before you all came around... Ipadada could grow to astounding heights! And Bujin would use his power to send them to the next world! He saw it as his duty to the humans who gave him life.

SAWAMORI: I heard that Bujin died in battle with the last hectosoul Ipadada.

JYUZO: We lied when we told you that Bujin died and turned to stone.


JYUZO: Whenever a great hectosoul Ipadada appears... a human Songstress sings the Prayer Song to summon Bujin and defeat it. There were many Songstresses in Japan at that time. Bujin would travel far to the east and west to answer their call...

JYUZO: Humans who held a deep grudge became Ipadada, and when they grew large enough, Bujin would vanquish them one after another to save the people. But cleansing their vile essence with his body and his soul... scarred him deeply...

JYUZO: The last conflict was around 500 years ago. Great Ipadada appeared simultaneously, both in the north and the south. Bujin defeated the Ipadada of the south, and with no time to heal his wounds, immediately proceeded toward the north.

JYUZO: But the people of the northern village... were angry that he arrived so late. They took their anger out on him in hateful cries!

WOMAN: Go home!

WOMAN: How dare you!

PEOPLE: Go home! Go home!

JYUZO: Bujin defeated the Ipadada nevertheless...

JYUZO: But his deeply scarred spirit... was finally broken.

TAIHEI: Then that's why he turned to stone...

HASHITAKA: Poor Bujin...

TAIHEI: Then why did you tell us Bujin was dead?

JYUZO: I didn't want to worry you. We Onbake are born from our gratitude toward humans, and we live to repay their kindness. But Bujin, who also lived by that ideal, sacrificed himself for humans, only to be betrayed by them. Because of that, his body and his heart... became cold, and hard like rock.

JYUZO: But if we could return warmth to his heart... he would surely awaken!

TOMOSUKE: Then we need...

HASHITAKA: ... a Songstress?!

TAIHEI: Kanon!

JYUZO: In the days since Bujin turned to stone, that girl's family has been the only one to pass down the Songstress legacy, the Prayer Song!

JYUZO: If the girl can learn how to sing that song, the only song that can reach Bujin, with her full heart...

WAKAMATSU: I just know that when I met Fukumatsu, things got a lot easier for me. Whenever I'm sad or depressed, I can talk to him, and he always cheers me up. That's what got me back on my feet.

KANON: I understand how you feel.

WAKAMATSU: Humans can treat each other badly sometimes. But the fact that Onbake can be born... is proof that kindness exists in the world, too.

TAIHEI: Are you okay leaving on such short notice?

SAWAMORI: I always have a few things prepared in case I need to go on a trip. It's none of your concern.

TAIHEI: Why you always gotta talk like that? We're just worried about you.

JYUZO: It's because he's shy!


SAWAMORI: Enough! Save your worries for that girl.

TAIHEI: Ah. Roger that.

TOMOSUKE: I'm sorry I can't come with you.

SAWAMORI: Just stay here and recuperate.

TOMOSUKE: Roger that.

HASHITAKA: We're ready to go! Tamekichi says he's bringing a map and supplies.

SAWAMORI: Okay then. Sir... at your leisure.

TOBEI: So noted.

JYUZO: Hey, Taihei. We've been pretty laid back about this up 'til now. But the time for that has past.

JYUZO: I think that you understand the grave importance of your mission, now.

TAIHEI: Yeah, I guess...

JYUZO: Then you know that in order to revive Bujin, you have to build up that girl's spirits!

TAIHEI: What are you talkin' about. I keep tellin' you. Kanon's had lots of bad experiences in this town.

JYUZO: Listen. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. If she can build off her pain and become a better person for it, her song will resonate with Bujin even more!

TAIHEI: How's a selfish attitude like that supposed to make Kanon feel better?!

JYUZO: Selfish!?

TAIHEI: Yeah, selfish!

JYUZO: It's not!

TAIHEI: It's selfish!

KANON: Good evening!

TAIHEI: Oh, Kanon!

KANON: Oh... are you still closed?

TAIHEI: Oh no, not really!

JYUZO: Oh, um... Kanon? Kanon, dear? Come here.

JYUZO: It was very nice making your acquaintence.

TAIHEI: Uh, it's nothing!

[Ending Theme]
Hey, why don't you show your real feelings?
Outside the window, the rain is falling
The town seems like it's carved from ice
So cold you'd freeze just from touching it
Closing your eyes, you pray for some kindness
Are you waiting for blue skies like the ones in your dream?
Tomorrow, that's what you'll see

NARRATION: Saki has an unusual proposal for Kanon. Our heroes meet up with Yumonji, Tamekichi, and Doukan. And Ikechiyo tends to Kotaro...

NARRATION: Next time: Obscured Sound

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