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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 15

It's still November!! Second post!!

In this episode, we meet a certain new character (long overdue, given how long he's appeared in the OP) played by Watanabe Ikkei, a ridiculously esteemed drama actor whose work I have never previously seen. We also hear Kanon's adorable native-Yamagatan accent for the first time.

(Unlike Taihei's actor, Kanon's is not native to Yamagata, so hers sounds a little more forced to my ears. But then, I'm no expert on Yamagatan accent.)

One translator's note here: the message on the "Phrase-a-day" calendar is (as far as I can tell) an invented proverb that literally translates as "Thinking about doing is the same as not doing." But that makes for such an awkwardly-expressed sentiment in English, I wanted to make it something a bit more readable.

Also, a little in-joke about the "Blu-Ray" commercial when Kanon turns on the TV: This is apparently taken right from the commercials for the Daimajin Kanon Blu-Ray set.

Lastly, I have to say that I love the lyrics Kanon wrote (and the way Saki sings them). There's such a sweet, subtle metaphor running through the song that doesn't seem apparent at first, but which reflects both Kanon's spirit, and the through-arc of the show, brilliantly.

Anyway, on to the script!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who struggled with her faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone tells you
Lies like they're true
Someone betrays you
To hide their weakness
In the never-ending flow of tears
A reason for living will show itself
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
A song that reflects you
As far as your voice can carry...
Let it ring!
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
It will surely reach
The hearts of all, some day...
Forces harmonize
You will find the prize
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: As Kanon gradually grew closer to facing the Prayer Song, Saki also searched for a song she could believe in, and begged Kanon to join forces with her. Kanon was hesitant about her sudden proposal.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Sawamori and Hashitaka pursued the Ipadada, joined forces with Yumonji, Tamekichi and Doukan, and found new resolve.

TITLE: Beautiful Sound

[Saki Song]
Morning, noon, and rainy nights
Even when they're out of sight
The stars are always up there
Lighting the way for you!
Don't worry, that's the way it should be
They're right beside you, praying
Like all the stars in the sky, too many to count
Whispering comfort in your ear

KANON: She's amazing...

You don't know it when someone touches your life
But they do it every day
So don't you hang your head in shame
Keep running with all your might

KANON: What...

SAKI: I hope I didn't overdo it...

SAKI: How was it?

KANON: It was... amazing.

SAKI: Really? I'm so glad...

SAKI: Then, would you work with me?

[To the Top]
The sound of the...
Makes the town...

KANON: I can't...


KANON: I can't do it... I just can't. There's just no way.

SAKI: Why not?

KANON: I can't really explain it... I just can't. I'm sorry. So...

SAKI: Are you just going to run away!?

SAKI: You came to Tokyo because you love music, right? Why are you running from it?

SAKI: I'll be waiting for you in the club room tomorrow.

TAIHEI: What the heck is that!? She sung a song she stole from you... an' now she wants you to join up with her!?

IKECHIYO: Taihei...

TAIHEI: Yes ma'am.

IKECHIYO: The important thing is how Kanon feels about it. So... how was it?

KANON: I don't know.

KANON: Saki's song... brought tears to my eyes...

TAIHEI: It must have been hard, the way she rubbed it in your face.

KANON: I don't think that's why...

TAIHEI: Oh... then the lyrics you wrote were just that powerful, huh?

KANON: I think... that's even further from the truth.

IKECHIYO: Then, I wonder why?

KANON: I wish I knew.


KANON: You didn't tell me you were comin'.

FATHER: Looks like you got a pretty normal life here.

KANON: 'course I do!

FATHER: Anyway, I'll be takin' the bed tonight.

KANON: Just a minute, there!

FATHER: I'll be stayin' awhile.

KANON: That ain't up to you! Quit jokin' around!

FATHER: Huh? But I been payin' rent on this place the whole time...

KANON: That ain't true, I asked my brother to pay the rent here...

FATHER: An' your brother asked me to take it over for him.

FATHER: The recession hit him hard, y'know.

KANON: You serious?

FATHER: Anyway, I'm stayin' here a while an' that's that.

FATHER: Kanon, I heard you quit that band of yours.

KANON: What?

FATHER: I hear a lotta things.

KANON: That brother of mine is such a blabbermouth...

FATHER: Thought you'd be so into your music you wouldn't even have a job. You gave up quick after that boyfriend dumped you.

KANON: He didn't dump me, I broke up with him!

FATHER: Either way! After all that stuff you said to me, you still gave up on your music!

KANON: No!? How come you say no to everythin' I want!?

FATHER: 'cause you got your head in the clouds.

KANON: What's wrong with wantin' to go to Tokyo to sing!?

FATHER: If you were just talkin' about goin' out for karaoke it'd be nothin'. But you want somethin' more.

KANON: Yeah! I wanna make people happy! I wanna bring joy to the world with my music!

FATHER: That gramma of yours is fillin' your head with dreamy nonsense again.

KANON: Quit makin' fun of what gramma says!

FATHER: I ain't makin' fun.

KANON: What's wrong with believin' in people an' tryin' to make them happy!?

FATHER: People can't be trusted. If a baby like you went off to Tokyo, it'd crush you under its boot in a minute.

KANON: That ain't gonna happen! I'm never gonna be crushed!

KANON: Yeah, well I was just thinkin' of doin' somethin' new!

FATHER: Let's see now...

FATHER: Here we go... where's that phrase...

KANON: What's that?

FATHER: It's a phrase-a-day calendar.

FATHER: 'You can't move a mountain by thinking at it.'

JYUZO: Taihei.


JYUZO: What's wrong?

TAIHEI: Just losin' my self-confidence.

TAIHEI: Now that we're friends, I thought I would understand Kanon more.

JYUZO: But you're understandin' her less?

TAIHEI: Yeah. I figured bein' around me would make her happy so she'd be able to sing the Prayer Song.

TAIHEI: But ever since you told me about Bujin, I guess I've been gettin' impatient myself.

JYUZO: No need to be.

JYUZO: Listen, I had Shouta listen in on your talk earlier.

JYUZO: I think maybe you don't gotta worry yourself about that girl so much now.


JYUZO: Yeah. Because of you, she's got the strength to face her days! Now you gotta give her time to think, and decide the rest for herself.

DOUKAN: Tamekichi! Stop this vehicle!

TAMEKICHI: Hey, stop the truck!

HASHITAKA: What is it?

DOUKAN: Open the map!

DOUKAN: I sense that the Ipadada is on the move again!

DOUKAN: He's swapping hosts more quickly now. It's gonna get messy if we don't stop him soon!

DOUKAN: Shin-Yashiki!

TV: Get plenty of extras and a free gift with your order of the Blu-Ray--

TV: How could you say that!? That's so--

INTERVIEWER: But To The Top is such a bit hit!

Good Morning
OH!! Clock
Exclusive interview with singer Saki of 0°C
Newcomer band that plays the hit song, 'To The Top'

SAKI: Thank you. But the truth is, I want to focus on creating new material.

INTERVIEWER: You're always one step ahead of us, Saki!

SAKI: Oh, not at all...

INTERVIEWER: But To The Top is a very important song to you, isn't it!

SAKI: Yes... of course. I really love the melody.

INTERVIEWER: That's so nice!

SAKI: I guess that's why... oh, I'm so sorry... I guess... because it's so important to me... I want to keep it to myself.

SAKI: I'm sorry, I'm such a crybaby about these kinds of things...

INTERVIEWER: But it's nice to see your humanity behind that cool facade...

SAKI: Oh, really?

KANON: Saki...

SAKI: Are you just going to run away!?

KANON: I just can't... I'm sorry.

SAKI: It sounded like I was trying to pick a fight... that wasn't how I meant it!

SAWAMORI: Should we keep going south?

TAMEKICHI: That's it, right there!

SAWAMORI: Let's go!

TAMEKICHI: What the hell was that thing!?

SAWAMORI: There was nothing about it in the legends!


YUMONJI: Keep still.


HASHITAKA: He wants to get rid of us all at once!

YUMONJI: Not while I'm around.

HASHITAKA: Yumonji, you can't do it alone!

SAWAMORI: Give him a chance! Yumonji has a plan!

TAMEKICHI: We're done for, I can't take it!

SAWAMORI: Yumonji!


YUMONJI: Thanks, you got me fired up!



KANON: What are you doing, dad?

FATHER: Just tossin' out some oversize trash.

KANON: Oh, thanks.

KANON: Wait! Don't take that, dad!

FATHER: Why not?

KANON: What are you doin'!?

FATHER: It's just gatherin' dust now. You don't need it.

KANON: Yeah I do! I'm gonna use it some day! So cut it out!

FATHER: Kanon.

FATHER: Once my business here is done, I want you to come home with me.

FATHER: I had to see it with my own eyes, but you really have changed.

KANON: What are you talking about?

FATHER: Back at home, you never hesitated. Your one redeemin' feature. But seein' you without good cheer is like a coke float without ice cream. Just lemme take you home. Can't stand to see you just mopin' like this.

FATHER: You've been my daughter for twenty years, so I know you. Your face is the face of a girl terrified of Tokyo.

KANON: I see... that's why...

KANON: Yes... this is hard for Saki, too... but she's still doing her best...

KANON: If I really wanted to sing, I would--

SAKI: Misaki! I'm so glad you came...

KANON: I still have some reservations...

SAKI: In that case... let's drive them away!

KANON: Where are we going, Saki?

SAKI: It's a secret!


KANON: It's amazing!

SAKI: I used to live around here, so I'd come up here and look out over the city. I thought that city could make all my dreams come true.

SAKI: But when I finally got out there, I realized the adult world wasn't as clean as I expected. I don't know how to say it, but it changed me. My passions dimmed. I thought about giving up... just becoming a normal student...

SAKI: But that's when I happened to hear that song. The melody really got inside me... I don't know why, but it cheered me up.

KANON: The melody did?

SAKI: Yeah. So I wanted to bring that same happiness to everyone else.

SAKI: You feel the same way, right? You wrote those lyrics wanting to make people happy.

KANON: That's right. Probably just like you... and I think I love music as much as you... so...

SAKI: ... You'll work with me?

KANON: I'm sorry. I've made a decision... I won't sing another song until I can sing the Prayer Song properly again.

SAKI: Is that the song To The Top was based on?

KANON: I love that song, but... after everything that's happened, I've lost the heart for it. I can't break through my depression until I can sing it again...

KANON: Until I can be the person I used to be...

SAKI: You shouldn't try to be someone you're not.

SAKI: Look, people change.

SAKI: Listen, when I was in middle school, I wrote love songs. Everyone told me they were sooo good. But when I really fell in love for the first time, I got so embarrassed I couldn't sing them anymore. I think everyone goes through things like that.

SAKI: Hey... have you thought about writing your feelings down as new lyrics for that song?

KANON: Write... new lyrics?

SAKI: I'm sure you'll be able to sing it then.

KANON: I never thought about it that way.. but I think I'd like to try.

SAKI: Really?

KANON: I don't know how it will go, but I want to try.

SAKI: Can I wait for you? If you can do it... will you write songs with me, then?

KANON: If I'm good enough for you.

SAKI: You're everything I want, Misaki.

SAKI: So, I'll be waiting for you.

[Ending Song]
When I look up, I can still see stars
In the strip of sky between the buildings
Faintly, but I love them
Those little interwoven points of light
I'll send positive words for kindness in the future
And leave my sadness to the wind!
I'm walking home again today
'til I can walk to the place where he waits for me
I'm walking home with that song on my lips
Because I want to smile up at the blue skies
And so, I'm taking my time with my dreams...

NARRATOR: A girl named Kurara frames Taihei, and the enraged Ipadada destroys a town. Just then, a confrontational customer...

NARRATOR: Next time: Valued Sound

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