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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 17

Well, that episode went by fast! Maybe because it consists primarily of exchanges between two shy, polite ladies who speak very proper Japanese?

No big notes about this episode, except that Kanon's dad prepares another crazy Yamagatan specialty here, translated here as 'rolled konjac.'

Touched on briefly in my notes for the last episode, konjac is a firm gelatin-like substance made from the devil's tongue plant. It's typically sold in rectangular blocks for slicing, but the Yamagatan preparation has it rolled into little spheres and marinated in dashi base, soy sauce, sake, and sugar.

Enjoy the episode below the cut!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who struggled with her faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone tells you
Lies like they're true
Someone betrays you
To hide their weakness
In the never-ending flow of tears
A reason for living will show itself
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
A song that reflects you
As far as your voice can carry...
Let it ring!
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
It will surely reach
The hearts of all, some day...
Forces harmonize
You will find the prize
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: The girl Kurara meaningfully and deeply played the melody of Kanon's beloved Prayer Song. But when the girl's mother appeared, she displayed a strange reaction.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, the ever more powerful Ipadada unleashed its fury on a small town in the east of Japan.

TITLE: Shackled Sound

KURARA: If you're looking for my mother, she's not here.

KURARA: Listen... why? Why are you so concerned about me?

KURARA: And how did you know I live here?

KANON: The manager of the supermarket told me.

KURARA: Oh, is that it?

KANON: Anyway, how are you feeling?

KURARA: Feeling?

KANON: Your hand.


KANON: Has this happened before?

KURARA: Um... really, why are you so concerned about me?

KANON: I heard you play that song in the music shop...

KURARA: To The Top?

KANON: I've had a bit of... trouble with that song in the past. But when I hear you play it, it really... connects with me.


KANON: It's hard to say, but... I think music communicates the feelings of the person who plays it.

KANON: When I heard your song, it felt like you were asserting 'this is the music I want to play.'

KURARA: Is that why you didn't suspect me of shoplifting back at the store?

KANON: I don't think anyone who playslike that could be a bad person.

KURARA: This way!

KANON: Is that car...

KURARA: Mama's home. That's why I ran.

KURARA: She keeps asking me about my hand... ever since yesterday. She's always been persistent, but lately she's turning it up to eleven.

KANON: It's because she's worried about you, Kurara.

KURARA: If she's worried... I think it's for herself, not for me.

KURARA: It's like I don't have any value to her unless I'm playing what she wants me to.

KURARA: So if I couldn't play anymore...

MAMA: Kurara! Kurara!

KURARA: What should I do?

KANON: Would you like to come home with me?


KANON: Let's go!

TOBEI & HASHITAKA: Rest in peace!

TAMEKICHI: Your prediction was right-on, Doukan! We're gonna take that Ipadada down!

SAWAMORI: It's manifesting?

HASHITAKA: Its grudge is growing stronger!

TAMEKICHI: Why does it have to be me!?

KAENJI: Look out!



HASHITAKA: Sawamori!


KANON: Come on in.

KANON: You want to play it?

KURARA: Yeah...

KURARA: I can't play now, though...

KANON: It's not good to lie.

KANON: You were playing just fine earlier, on the giraffe in the park.

KANON: I'm glad you can still play. You really love the piano, don't you?

KANON: But your mama won't let you play what you like, so you pretended like you hurt your hand to get back at her. Right?

KURARA: Mama just uses me as a tool to get back at my father.

KANON: What are you talking about?

KURARA: Papa was a classical pianist. He taught me to love the piano... but ever since they separated, mama's become a completely different person. Mama wants me to reach top of the classical music world... to make my father regret what he's done.

KANON: So, pop songs like To The Top...

KURARA: Mama doesn't like me to play them, so I have to do it outside the house. I just love putting my own feelings into my music.

KURARA: Um... so do you mind if I play?

KANON: Please do.


KURARA: When I play like this, it's like I forget all my sadness and pain. Like I'm flying freely in the sky...

MAMA: If you're hiding Kurara here, hand her over at once!

TAIHEI: Look, no one knows what you're blabbin' about!

OTAKI: That's right, you ungrateful woman. Your daughter isn't here, so just leave us alone!

OTAKI: H-Hey, wait a minute!

MAMA: If she's not here, then you go looking for her!

KANON: You really do bring your feelings out in your music.

KURARA: Thank you!

KANON: You can come here to play again if you want to.

KURARA: Really!?

KANON: Kurara...


KANON: Wouldn't you like to show your mother how you feel?

KURARA: Show her...?

KANON: You should try to play a song you really love for your mother.

KURARA: But... if she knows I prefer this kind of music...

TAIHEI: Kanon!

TAIHEI: Kanon! Ah...



HASHITAKA: He's here!

TAMEKICHI: Ah, over there!


TAMEKICHI: Where's the Ipadada!?

SAWAMORI: It seems to have left his body...

TAMEKICHI: It's like he's having a nightmare or something...

SAWAMORI: Traces of the Ipadada's heart may still remain within him...

KANON: Welcome home! You're back early!

BAROKU: Yeah... listen, d'you know those two kids downstairs?

KANON: Yeah, so?

BAROKU: Hmm? Is one of them... y'know?

KANON: Don't be stupid!

BAROKU: Gotcha. Then who's the cute little girl?

KANON: Oh, she's the pianist I was telling you about yesterday.

BAROKU: So what're you doin' with her?

KANON: I want her to show her mama the music she really wants to play!

BAROKU: And that'll teach her a lesson, huh?

KANON: I don't know about that... we'll just have to see what happens.

BAROKU: You might just change her mind.

KANON: Y'think so!?

BAROKU: Or maybe not.

BAROKU: Kanon.

KANON: What!?

BAROKU: Just be prepared in case she doesn't go along with you.

KANON: I am!

BAROKU: The parent-child bond is a strong one.

KANON: What?

MAMA: So you were hiding her, after all!

MAMA: Please get out of my way.

KANON: Ma'am, you need to listen to what she has to say.

MAMA: If she needs to talk to her mother, she can do it at home.

TAIHEI: If you're her mother, than act like it! You should show her some affection!

MAMA: Just what is it you want me to do?

KANON: Ma'am, please, you need to look at your daughter! Can't you see she's afraid of you?

MAMA: That's none of your business!

KANON: Yes it is!

MAMA: No it isn't!

KANON: If you really love her, you should see what you're doing to her!

MAMA: What exactly do you want from me? Do you want to be responsible for this girl's whole future? Because I am!

KANON: Kurara should decide her own future!

MAMA: No, I should! I'm enough for her.

OTAKI: I can't believe this...

KANON: I love music just like Kurara... being a musician is my dream. That's why I want you to hear the music Kurara really loves!

MAMA: Just what are you trying to say?

KURARA: I... the music I really want to play... isn't Classical...

MAMA: How many times do I have to tell you, I don't care about what you want!

OTAKI: Hey! Do you even understand what you're saying!?

TAIHEI: Anyway, here... Kurara's gonna play... her favorite song for you...

KURARA: Kanon!

MAMA: Come on!

KANON: Wait a minute!

KANON: I can't give up now. Not until Kurara's mother hears your song...

KANON: Wait for me, Kurara!


KAENJI: It seemed to follow the boy and me wherever we ran... that cold, self-righteous voice...

MOTHER: Kento... Kento... Kento... Kento...

KENTO: I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

MOTHER: Kento... Kento... Kento... Kento...

KAENJI: Stop it!

MOTHER: Kento... Kento... Kento... Kento...

KAENJI: Let's go!

MOTHER: Kento... Kento... Kento... Kento...

MOTHER: Come back here!

MOTHER: Kento... Kento... Kento... Kento...

MOTHER: Who is that!? He's taking me away from you!

KAENJI: What's wrong...

MOTHER: Don't let him take me! You have to stop him!

KAENJI: You...

HASHITAKA: What a terrifying dream...

KAENJI: The boy was afraid of that voice... it frightened even me. I don't think he can trust anyone... he sees everyone as an enemy.

HASHITAKA: ... even his own mother...

KANON: I sent her a text message that we'd meet her here.

KANON: But I haven't received a reply yet...

PHONE: You have no new messages

KANON: Kurara...

MAMA: We're going. Hurry!

MAMA: For heaven's sake... do you intend to take responsibility for everything you've put my daughter through?

KANON: I haven't done anything wrong.

MAMA: But thanks to you, we've made a decision. We can't stay in this country if we want her to succeed.

KANON: Did Kurara agree to that?

MAMA: Of course she did. She's my daughter. She always comes around to what I say.

KANON: Kurara!

TAIHEI: Kanon! Hurry!

KANON: Wait!

KANON: Kurara...

BAROKU: Oh, you're back, huh?

BAROKU: They had your favorite rolled konjac, so I bought you a pack.

BAROKU: Eat 'em while they're hot. C'mon.

KANON: What should I have done?

[Ending Song]
When I look up, I can still see stars
In the strip of sky between the buildings
Faintly, but I love them
Those little interwoven points of light
I'll send positive words for kindness in the future
And leave my sadness to the wind!
I'm walking home again today
'til I can walk to the place where he waits for me
I'm walking home with that song on my lips
Because I want to smile up at the blue skies
And so, I'm taking my time with my dreams

NARRATOR: Kanon is pained to see Kotaro and Kaname together. The Onbake face the raging Ipadada. Then, without warning, Bujin awakens..

NARRATOR: Next time: 'Distant Answer'

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