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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 20

It's time for a year-end tearjerker with Daimajin Kanon 20!

I'm not sure what's up with Kanon's first line in this episode, since the only two words she says are "Kumo" (cloud) and "Mocchan" (Taihei's nickname for Moriya, which I've translated as 'Mori').

My best guess is that she's playing a traditional Japanese word game, where you list a string of words, and each word you say must begin with the last mora of the previous word (for instance, mori -> ringo -> gohan (end). Because there are no words that begin with the n-mora, naming a word that ends with that sound ends the game.

Enjoy the ep!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who wished to have faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone tells you
Lies like they're true
Someone betrays you
To hide their weakness
In the never-ending flow of tears
A reason for living will show itself
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
A song that reflects you
As far as your voice can carry...
Let it ring!
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
It will surely reach
The hearts of all, some day...
Forces harmonize
You will find the prize
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: Trying to recover her old lifestyle, Kanon began getting involved in the lives of others. But reality was as harsh as always, and Kanon struggled to a balance she could feel comfortable with.

NARRATOR: But nevertheless, Kanon began to find new strength and determination.

KANON: Ku-mo... Mo-ri...

TITLE: Withered Sound

TAIHEI: How are you feeling today?

KANON: I feel like... I'm starting to see the light...

KANON: But maybe I need a little more time!

TAIHEI: Really?

KANON: Thaaat's right!

TAIHEI: Listen... are you worried about Bujin calling your song a lie?

KANON: Well... I can't say I'm not, but...

TAIHEI: Yeah... he wouldn't tell you what kind of lyrics he'd like to hear... he wouldn't listen to me, either.

KANON: Yeah, but... I feel like somehow... I'm starting to understand!

KANON: I think it'll be fine if I can turn my real feelings into lyrics!

TAIHEI: And what are those feelings?

KANON: My true feelings... that life isn't always beautiful!

TAIHEI: Really?

KANON: That's pretty much the long and short of it!

TAIHEI: Well, all I want is to hear you sing your very own song with confidence.

KANON: Let's go back.


KANON: I'm so hungry...

TAIHEI: I bet!

KANON: Hey, don't toss your nail clippings over here! That's disgusting...

BAROKU: Sorry.

KANON: Look... how long are you fixin' to stay here? Why won't you tell me what you're doin' here in Tokyo?

BAROKU: I've been afraid it might shock to you.

KANON: What could you say that would shock me? I told you, I'm not a kid anymore.

BAROKU: I've fallen in love.

KANON: Huh!?

BAROKU: You're not a kid anymore, so it shouldn't shock you to hear I'm lookin' for a new girl. Right?

KANON: Um... w-wait a minute. Who is it? Where are they from?

BAROKU: I won't say anymore until I pop the question.

KANON: Pop the question... you want to marry her?

BAROKU: Well, I'm sure thinkin' about it.

KANON: Wait a minute! What are you talkin' about!

[Chorus Song]
Oh, the sun is bright today
Let's all take a walk
Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely
Lovely Mr. Sun!

I don't like to eat scallops
But I love the shrimp
Pop, pop, pop, pop
I pop them in my mouth!

Let's all smile along the way
Everyone as friends
Step by step by step by step--

MATSUKO: Wait a minute, everyone! I like scallops!

SHIZUKO: But scallops get caught in your teeth.

KINAKO: I agree with Matsuko!

SHIZUKO: Then how about sea slug?

KINAKO: That's perfect!

SHIZUKO: Once more, please, Miss Akari!

AKARI: Okay!

[Chorus Song]
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing--

AKARI: Sayuri?

SHIZUKO: Why does she always do that?

MARUYAMA: I see. But that sounds like good news... isn't it?

KANON: Yeah.

MARUYAMA: Was it a shock, then?

KANON: Sort of... I mean, I've never even thought about it.

MARUYAMA: I know how you feel.

KANON: He didn't tell me a thing about his new woman...

MARUYAMA: It must be hard to know how to feel.

KANON: It is.

MARUYAMA: Come on in.

MARUYAMA: Welcome.

AKARI: Excuse me... we're looking for this man. Has he been in here?

MARUYAMA: I haven't seen him here, myself...

MARUYAMA: Misaki, would you mind?

KANON: Yes ma'am.

MARUYAMA: You haven't seen this man here, have you? They say he's wandering around.

MAN: He was wearing a Polaroid camera.

KANON: I found him! I'm at the intersection in the third district.

AKARI: Thank you so much! I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.

AKARI: Mr. Ikuno, you mustn't run off like that.

AKARI: But I'm glad you're back.

AKARI: I can't thank you enough. I wish I could return the favor... can I make you some tea?

MAN: Director!

AKARI: I'll take care of it later. Please take Mr. Ikuno to his room.

MAN: Here we go, Mr. Ikuno.

AKARI: Back to your room, now.

KANON: This must be hard work.

AKARI: It takes a lot of energy and willpower.

AKARI: And a love of people, of course.

KANON: Is this a Yamagatan rest home?

AKARI: Yes, the prefectural government sponsors it. It's for Yamagatans living in Tokyo.

KANON: I'm from Yamagata, too!

AKARI: Oh, really! Almost all the old people here were born in Yamagata.

KANON: I see!

SHIZUKO: Miss Akari!

SHIZUKO: Director!

SHIZUKO: My wheelchair is being a bit stubborn. Could you give it a look?

SHIZUKO: Is that a new hire? I just knew you'd find someone.

AKARI: Sorry. If only that were true, but... she just helped me find Mr. Ikuno.

SHIZUKO: What's her name?

AKARI: K... Kanon, I think?

SHIZUKO: Kanon? What an unusual name!

SHIZUKO: The car that went searching for Mr. Ikuno hasn't come back yet?

AKARI: Oh? You think it hasn't? They must have gone out far...

SHIZUKO: I hope they come back soon, along with Roku.

AKARI: Oh, is this it? One minute. I'm going to need someone's help with this one.

KANON: You need some hand room? I'll hold it down.

AKARI: Oh, thank you.

SHIZUKO: How do you know so much about wheelchairs?

KANON: My grandmother used one.

KANON: I'll do it, if you like. I'm good at this kind of thing.

AKARI: Please.

SHIZUKO: Your grandma must have been a nice lady.

KANON: She was.

BAROKU: I'm back!

AKARI: He's back!

AKARI: Thank you for your help!

BAROKU: Wow. You said he got off to the third district?


BAROKU: He got pretty far on his own. At least it's over now.

AKARI: Thank you so much!

KANON: Dad! What're you doin' here?

BAROKU: Kanon! What're you doin' here?

AKARI: What?

SHIZUKO: What!? Matsuko! Hinako! You have to come meet Kanon!

HINAKO: Oh, what a fine young lady you are!

SHIZUKO: Yes she is!

MATSUKO: What an unusual name, is it really Kanon?


HINAKO: Oh, but what a lovely name!

BAROKU: Oh, thank you.

MATSUKO: Are you in college?

KANON: Yes, I'm a sophomore at Keiyo University.

HINAKO: What a prestigious university!

BAROKU: A little, maybe.

MATSUKO: Do you have a boyfriend?

WOMAN: Of course she does, look how pretty she is!

HINAKO: Oh, that's right! She's just so pretty!

AKARI: Come on, that's enough for today.

AKARI: It's time for bed!

SHIZUKO: Just one more question! What is your hobby?

KANON: I like writing songs... and singing.

SHIZUKO: Singing!?

SHIZUKO: Singing is our hobby, too!

MATSUKO: We all sing in a chorus!

HINAKO: If you ever want to join us, we meet mondays, wednesdays, and fridays!

AKARI: That might be fun! Please come and sing with us!

AKARI: Won't you ask her to come, Mr. Misaki?

BAROKU: Huh? Umm... I don't know about that... I mean, she's got her school and a part-time job. She might not have time.

AKARI: I see...

KANON: I'll come!

BAROKU: What!?

AKARI: Thank you!

KANON: Was that her? The woman you want to marry?

BAROKU: You think she seems like a good person?

KANON: You didn't want me to meet her?

BAROKU: Not 'til everything was sorted out.

KANON: That's so selfish. That woman might be my new mother, y'know... I don't want to wait until you 'get things sorted out' to learn about her...

KANON: What're you doin'?

BAROKU: Now that you know about it, I've made my mind up.

TOBE: You know as well as I do that little time remains. We must defeat the Ipadada.

WOMAN: Watching them yesterday, it looks like Roku didn't tell his daughter anything about Miss Akari.

SHIZUKO: That man... he's so passionate about helping people, yet when it comes to his own family, he's almost careless.

WOMAN: Maybe he was just shocked by the way she showed up so suddenly.

WOMAN: Yes. Maybe Roku just has a hard time expressing himself.

AKARI: Good morning!

WOMEN: Good morning!

WOMAN: At any rate... I hope they find happiness together.

WOMAN: Especially since Roku is starting from nothing, after losing everything back home.

PROVERB: True love breeds determination, not deceit

KANON: Mom...

TAIHEI: She's gone already?

IKECHIYO: Of course she is. Otaki is our leader. Unlike you, she has people counting on her.

TOMOSUKE: It's looking like we'll have to start the ritual against the Ipadada eariler than expected!

TAIHEI: Oh? But...

IKECHIYO: We don't have time to waste.

IKECHIYO: What do you intend to do?


TAIHEI: Kanon!

KANON: Hello!

IKECHIYO: Tomosuke. Are you ready to go?

IKECHIYO: We're going now.

IKECHIYO: I'll see you later.

TOMOSUKE: Ike, hang on! Wait up!

HASHITAKA: The Ipadada's here?

SAWAMORI: Where is it?

SAWAMORI: Are you alright?

KIRINOHA: He's tired, too. I think I've got him on the run.

TAMEKICHI: Great work, Kirinoha!

HASHITAKA: We can't let him get away!


SAWAMORI: Hashitaka!

HASHITAKA: Thank you.

SAWAMORI: Hashitaka...

KIRINOHA: The Ipadada has scattered these things to cover his retreat.

SAWAMORI: Let's find him.

KANON: So that's him?

TAIHEI: Yeah. That's Bujin.

KANON: So Bujin... and the Prayer Song... and I... you're saying there's some sort of connection between us?

KANON: Jyuzo and Bujin both called me 'Songstress,' too...


KANON: It seems like you wanted me to awaken him or something, didn't you? Bujin did talk to me a little bit after I sang that song.

TAIHEI: Kanon...

TAIHEI: It's a little hard for me to explain everything right now. Could you give me a little more time?

KANON: Absolutely.

TAIHEI: So... is this you, Kanon?

KANON: Yes. This is my mother, and this is my grandmother.

TAIHEI: Who's this guy?

KANON: That's my big brother. And this...

KANON: ... actually, my father is getting married again...


BAROKU: I've sorted out all my feelings... and I think you feel the same way. I have something so selfish to ask. People can't make a life by themselves. And I really... really want... to be with you...

AKARI: Thank you... I'm really happy. But... I'm sorry. I can't accept.

AKARI: I don't intend to get married right now. Or ever.

KANON: Mom... I feel like my life has taken a very strange turn. What am I going to do?

TAIHEI: Hey, Kanon. I'm back.


KANON: That night, dad came back stinking drunk. It was the first time I'd ever seen him like that

KANON: Dad! You can't sleep there!

[Ending Song]
When I look up, I can still see stars
In the strip of sky between the buildings
Faintly, but I love them
Those little interwoven points of light
I'll send positive words for kindness in the future
And leave my sadness to the wind!
I'm walking home again today
'til I can walk to the place where he waits for me
I'm walking home with that song on my lips
Because I want to smile up at the blue skies
And so, I'm taking my time with my dreams

NARRATOR: Kanon and the rest home residents pray for Baroku's happiness. The Ipadada grows to terrifying heights! And we learn the reason for Akari's tears.

NARRATOR: Next time: 'Elevating Sound'

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