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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 21

The New Year's tearjerker EXTRAVAGANZA continues, with Daimajin Kanon 21! Because leaving people on the episode 20 cliffhanger would just be cruel.

(Also, because the episode 22 will be a clip show, and that just seems an appropriate way to start the New Year, don't you think?)

This episode, I have another cryptic translator's note to offer: the rest home director's name is Akari, which means "light." Keep this in mind when you reach the final song.

Well, that's the last of it! No more translations until 2011! Woo!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who wished to have faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone tells you
Lies like they're true
Someone betrays you
To hide their weakness
In the never-ending flow of tears
A reason for living will show itself
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
A song that reflects you
As far as your voice can carry...
Let it ring!
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
It will surely reach
The hearts of all, some day...
Forces harmonize
You will find the prize
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: Kanon's father, Baroku, came to Tokyo from Yamagata. Kanon was shocked to learn of his intent to remarry, but his prospective bride rejected his proposal.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Sawamori's faction met up with Kirinoha, and Ikechiyo and Tomosuke headed for Yamagata. Only Taihei and Buchinko remained in Tokyo to watch over Kanon.

TITLE: Elevating Sound

KANON: Akari must have rejected him...

MATSUKO: She really needs to stop that...

KANON: I really want you to come with me. Won't you come?

TAIHEI: What? You want me to come sing with the old people?


TAIHEI: Well that's no problem!

KANON: Thank you so much!

TAIHEI: I don't get to sing much now, so I'll get a lot of singing in!

KANON: That's great! Then I'll see you later.

TAIHEI: Later.

FUKUMATSU: You should do what you believe is right. Nothing I say will change how you feel.

TAIHEI: In other words, you don't want me asking your advice?

FUKUMATSU: Well, there's nothing wrong with leaving the Ipadada to Sawamori and the others.

TAIHEI: Yeah. I'm going to protect Kanon now.

TAMEKICHI: Wah, I'm hungry! I'm so thirsty! Gods, have mercy!

KIRINOHA: So the Ipadada will become a hecatosoul soon?

SAWAMORI: According to Komon, once he becomes a hecatosoul, he'll be able to createsoul drones out of human souls. Then he'll amass those souls into a giant body of his own.

KIRIHA: So that's how a 'great Ipadada' is made.

KIRIHA: Watching helplessly as this happens... even with Tobe at your side. It's pitiful.

HASHITAKA: How dare you look down at us! We've been doing the best we can!

NURSE: Oh yes, he's here. He's been here since this morning.

KANON: Really? That early?

NURSE: He's in the meeting hall.

TAIHEI: I want you to throw inhibitions to the wind. Don't hold back, sing it loud!

TAIHEI: One, two, three, woo! One, two, three, woo! One, two, woo!

AKARI: You have very interesting friends!

MAN: Director!

AKARI: I'm coming in, Sayuri.

AKARI: Sayuri.

AKARI: Is this 'The Bridges of Madison County'? It's a very good movie.

AKARI: You don't have a fever...

SHIZUKO: What did Miss Akari say? Baroku proposed to her!

KANON: You knew about that?

SHIZUKO: We're not senile yet, you know. So did she accept?

SHIZUKO: Oh, I see. Akari is so stubborn!

MATSUKO: What's wrong with her?

HINAKO: You want to know too, don't you, Kanon?

SHIZUKO: Please, Kanon...

KANON: Please... what?

MAN: How's Sayuri doing?

AKARI: She's calmed down. It's fine.

MAN: Thanks. Sayuri doesn't listen to anyone but you, does she?

MAN: Why does Sayuri get so angry when she hears the chorus?

AKARI: She used to be a singer.

AKARI: They say she was very good. But she got a throat infection, and they had to remove her vocal chords.

MAN: That must have been hard on her.

MAN: And watching everyone sing makes it even harder.

AKARI: But everyone looks forward to singing so much.

MAN: That's why we take Sayuri outside, or have her watch videos in her room during chorus practice. But she really doesn't listen to anyone except the director.

MAN: I see.

AKARI: Do you mind? I've been starving all day.

MAN: Oh, by all means.

KANON: Excuse me, director. Could I talk to you?

KANON: I'm sorry for asking... but... why did you do it?

AKARI: It isn't that I don't like him. To the contrary, I'm in love with him.

KANON: No way!

AKARI: Don't be so surprised.

KANON: But... he's not a very good person, you know...

AKARI: I deeply respect your father.

KANON: Respect?

AKARI: We met something like fifteen years ago...

AKARI: The pervious rest home director was engaging in misconduct, and there was a bit of a scandal over it.

AKARI: The prefectural government got involved, and it was looking like they might close us down.

AKARI: We knew that if that happened, the people living here would have nowhere to go.
AKARI: The rest of us were doing everything we could to find a way to keep it open.

AKARI: Fortunately, the prefectural coordinator they sent to deal with our case...

KANON: ... it was dad, wasn't it?

AKARI: Yes. He was willing to hear us out. He told the government about all the people who would lose their homes if this rest home closed. He argued so passionately on our behalf.

AKARI: He worked so hard over something that wasn't even his job. So I admire Mr. Misaki... and so much more.

KANON: So why did you turn down his proposal?

AKARI: I really am sorry. But make sure he understands this. I didn't turn him down because I don't like him.

KANON: I see. I understand.

KANON: I'm sorry to bother you during lunch. I'm going back to the main hall now.

MATSUKO: So she turned Roku down even though she likes him?

SHIZUKO: Oh, she's always been so noncommittal!

HINAKO: It looks like we'll just have to intervene on her behalf.

SHIZUKO: How do you feel, Kanon? You think they should be together, don't you?

KANON: But... wouldn't that be meddling?

SHIZUKO: Meddling?!

MATSUKO: What on earth is wrong with meddling?

SHIZUKO: What's the point of getting older if you can't get meddle a little bit here and there!

TAIHEI: Meddling is fun, right?

KANON: But if Akari left this place, wouldn't it be hard on you?

HINAKO: Of course it would!

HINAKO: But that has nothing to do with this.

SHIZUKO: So, it's settled!

TAMEKICHI: Huh? Huh? Huh?

TAMEKICHI: What... what is this!?

TOBE: It is time.

SAWAMORI: Let's finish this.

SAWAMORI: Is he making a new body!?

SAWAMORI: What's that?

HASHITAKA: What is that!?

KIRINOHA: This is bad...

KANON: All their feelings...

KANON: You want me to write a song?

SHIZUKO: Didn't you say you were good at it?

KANON: Oh no, it's just a hobby.

MATSUKO: It's the same thing!

SHIZUKO: I just think that if we can put all our feelings into a song, it might reach her.

TAIHEI: I think it's a good idea.

KANON: Taihei...

TAIHEI: You can do it, Kanon. In fact, I think you're the only one who can.

KANON: I think this might just work...

TAIHEI: WOAH! This is amazing!

KANON: Really?

TAIHEI: This is great, Kanon!

KANON: Thank goodness!

AKARI: Oh... hello.

BAROKU: Hello...

BAROKU: Um... Kanon asked me to come.

AKARI: No one's in the dining room, and it's already noon... where could they have gone?

TAIHEI: Ah! W-W-Wait a minute! Sit here! Wait just a minute! Just another minute! Sit! Wait right here!! Right here!!

AKARI: I'm sorry about what happened.

BAROKU: You've got nothing to apologize for. I just...

[The Light of Joy]
The kindness that you showed us
Will never leave our mind
Now is a time of celebration
For the happiness you've found
There is no need for fear
We'll be just fine right here
Let the light of joy you gave us
Shine brightly within your soul

MATSUKO: We sang this song to tell you to leave us old people behind, and find your own happiness.

SHIZUKO: Kanon wrote the lyrics for us.

HINAKO: Don't worry about us one bit!

MATSUKO: Even if you marry Baroku and go back to Yamagata, we'll keep running the chorus and everything running by ourselves!

SHIZUKO: After all, this is your last chance, isn't it?

AKARI: Thank you all. Thank you... so much. I am so grateful for the sentiment. But I...

SHIZUKO: You again? At a time like this?

HINAKO: She's so dependent on Akari, maybe she can't let her go.

SAYARI: The... kind... ness... that...

SHIZUKO: You want to... sing with us?

SHIZUKO: You do? Then let's all sing together!

[The Light of Joy]
The kindness that you showed us
Will never leave our mind
Now is a time of celebration
For the happiness you've found
There is no need for fear
We'll be just fine right here
Let the light of joy you gave us
Shine brightly within your soul

BAROKU: Will you come with me? And find our happiness?


KANON: How long has it been... since I cried tears of happiness like this?

[The Light of Joy]
The guidance that you gave us
Will never leave our mind
We wish you both congratulation
From the bottom of our hearts
There is no need for pain
We'll surely meet again
Let the light of joy we pray for
Shine brightly within your soul

[Kanon's Prayer Song]
La la la la la la...
Joining your voice with mine...
La la la la, and sing as one...
Like... Like the colors of a rainbow...

La la la la la la...
La la la la la la...
La la la la la la...
La la la la la la...

La la la la la la...
If we find a bond between us...
A bond so deep, la la la...
How much warmer will we feel?

[Ending Song]
When I look up, I can still see stars
In the strip of sky between the buildings
Faintly, but I love them
Those little interwoven points of light
I'll send positive words for kindness in the future
And leave my sadness to the wind!
I'm walking home again today
'til I can walk to the place where he waits for me
I'm walking home with that song on my lips
Because I want to smile up at the blue skies
And so, I'm taking my time with my dreams

NARRATOR: With Taihei's help, Kanon has finally found her will to sing. Ikechiyo shares her thoughts about the both of them. And Wakamatsu learns the terror of the Ipadada...

NARRATOR: Next time: 'Penetrating Warmth'

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