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Translation: Kaiketsu Zubatto, Episode 2

Enough with the painstakingly-rendered human emotional drama! It's time for Zuvatt!

No translators notes this episode, but it is amusing to note the addition of a "Children, do not try this at home" disclaimer to the ending! One can only think there were some little Japanese kids trying to imitate some of the crazy, lightning-fast stunts executed by suit actor Nakamura Yuu.

Also worthy of mention is the appearance of Amamoto "Dr. Shinigami" Hideyo as the bodyguard of the week. Gravitas, yo.

Check out the translation below the cut!

TITLE: The Magnificent Zuvatt!

[Opening Theme]
Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
Since the day when I saw that view of hell
The only wind that I feel on my face
Is a wind of revenge, a burning wind!
Hunt them down! Hunt them down, and corner them!

Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
My friend, my dear friend!
My friend, please watch my howling whip!

I am the Magnificent Zuvatt!


MICCHI: Don't touch him! Go away! Get out of here!

MICCHI: Are you going to kill him?

HAYAKAWA: Sir! Sir, are you alright?

MICCHI: You're not one of BlackStar's hired guns?

HAYAKAWA: BlackStar?

MICCHI: The boss of the Blackheart Gang. You haven't heard?

HIKOZA: The Blackheart Gang is an organization of evil! Anyone who disobeys them ends up strung up from the gate!

MICCHI: Are you okay now?

HIKOZA: I'm just fine, now.

HAYAKAWA: Then the townspeople didn't come to save you?

HIKOZA: They were too afraid. BlackStar has been hiring mercinaries from all over Japan. They always look the other way.

HAYAKAWA: I see. I guess I do look like a bad guy.

HIKOZA: If you value your life, young 'un, you'll be making tracks out of this town right quick.

TITLE: The Wanderer in the Flames

MEN: Hurry up and pour us a drink!

YOSHIKO: Stop trying to intimidate me!

MEN: What was that? Hey!

YOSHIKO: No matter what you do, I will never sell this restaurant!

MAN: Wretch!

MAN: This is the only store that's still giving us trouble.

MAN: Take that!

MAN: You want to get strung up like the old man!?

MAN: Who's that?

MAN: Who's this clown?

MAN: How dare you!

HAYAKAWA: There was a man of the mountains who was better at that sort of thing. He was my best friend, but he was cut down by maggots.

MAN: Just who are you?

HAYAKAWA: Hayakawa Ken. The man who exterminates maggots like you.

MAN: What's that!? You call us maggots!? Take this!

MAN: Just finish it!

HAYAKAWA: I returned your cigarette.

MICCHI: That was swell, Mister! I like you!

HIKOZA: The power of youth! So what'll we do with these guys? String 'em up by their noses?

HAYAKAWA: Looks like you don't have a gun... I'll lend you mine.

HIKOZA: What are you talking about?

HIKOZA: Careful there, young 'un! That man's a master of the blade!

MICCHI: It's BlackStar's personal bodyguard, Kaze Ryunosuke!

KAZE: I see. Not bad at all...

HAYAKAWA: Impressive. Watching that, I'd say you're the second-best swordsman in Japan.

KAZE: Second-best... then who is the best?

HAYAKAWA: I see. It's a metaphor for how the Blackheart Gang will be cut down?

KAZE: If you think you can do better... I invite you to prove yourself.

HAYAKAWA: A metaphor for the Blackheart Gang's upcoming reverse crucifixion.

HAYAKAWA: Wait a moment. I've attached a token of our new acquaintance to the pommel of your sword.

KAZE: I look forward to taking your head one day.

HIKOZA: Here ya go, young 'un! My gourmet specialty. Please enjoy!

MICCHI: Grandpa only cooks for people he really likes!

HAYAKAWA: Oh? I'm honored.

YOSHIKO: Please, do help yourself. It's the least we can do after how you've helped us.

HAYAKAWA: Okay. Here I go!

MICCHI: Please!

HAYAKAWA: By the way, there's something I'd like to ask...


MICCHI: Who do you like better, my sister or me?

HAYAKAWA: Huh? Well... you, of course, dear.

MICCHI: Then ask me the question!

HAYAKAWA: As you wish. Then I'll ask you, Micchi. What does BlackStar want with this store?

MICCHI: I don't know!

HIKOZA: I'll explain it, young 'un. BlackStar wants to set up a huge gambling house here. If that happens, this place will become a gangster town!

YOSHIKO: The three of us are the last line of resistance.

HAYAKAWA: Fire! There's a fire!

MICCHI: Hurry! Hurry! Yoshiko, help!

HIKOZA: I'll go after him, young 'un! You take care of things here!


HIKOZA: Come out! I'll know you're out there! Are you afraid of my legendary spear-wielding!? What's wrong!?


HIKOZA: I'm not worried... as long as you... stay with them... p-plea--


HAYAKAWA: It's just like when Asuka was killed...

MICCHI: Grandpa!

YOSHIKO: Grandpa!

EYECATCH: The Magnificent Zuvatt

OSAMU: I wonder if Mr. Hayakawa is really here?

MIDORI: Hmm? I think there was a fire here.

OSAMU: Let's ask inside.

MIDORI: Then Hayakawa is already...

YOSHIKO: Yes, the night our grandfather was shot, he suddenly disappeared...

MIDORI: I wonder if we missed him...

MICCHI: But how do you know Mr. Hayakawa?

YOSHIKO: BlackStar!

BLACKSTAR: Hello, dear. What shall I say to you in your hour of tragedy, having lost your beloved grandfather?

MICCHI: Especially since you're the one who killed him!

BLACKSTAR: Don't be ridiculous. Have you got proof of that accusation, little miss?

YOSHIKO: Please go home!

BLACKSTAR: Is that all you have to say to me, after I came down here to offer my condolences?

BLACKSTAR: Oh, and there is one more thing. I have a new bodyguard. Allow me to introduce him.

YOSHIKO: Mr. Hayakawa!

MICCHI: Mister!


BLACKSTAR: I'm sure you're aware of his skill. So I'll give you one more chance.

HAYAKAWA: It's a contract. Don't give my boss any trouble about it.

MICCHI: You jerk! How could you!

BLACKSTAR: I'll give you until tomorrow. You'd better have it signed by then.

MICCHI: You traitor! You jerk! Big fat traitor!!

[Hayakawa's Song]
Burning red in the setting sun
Lies the horizon on which we made our vow
But whether I love it now, or hate it...
La la la, la la la...
Like you, I will never return...

ASSISTANT: BlackStar of the Blackheart Gang is here!

BOSS L: How hard is it for you to bring one young girl into line!?

BLACKSTAR: I ask you, just a little more time! I'm certain she's learned her lesson.

BOSS L: Members of the evil organization, Dakkar, cannot be hesitant! Moreover, that new bodyguard you've hired...

BLACKSTAR: I'm well aware, Boss L! Hayakawa Ken is merely pretending to betray his friends in order to infiltrate the Blackheart Gang!

KAZE: Hayakawa Ken... You have acted the part well... but my eyes are not deceived.

HAYAKAWA: What's that?

KAZE: Your secret lies in that pocket.

KAZE: The bullet that killed the old man... I knew it. You're looking for the man that killed him.

MIDORI: Hang in there, Osamu!

HAYAKAWA: I'm here, Midori!

MIDORI: BlackStar took Micchi and Yoshiko!

YOSHIKO: Stop! Please, I signed your contract! Don't harm my sister!

BLACKSTAR: But my dear, I want more than just your signature!

YOSHIKO: I beg you! Spare my sister!

BLACKSTAR: Cry! Lament! Looks like Hayakawa is here too...

HAYAKAWA: Yoshiko!

HAYAKAWA: I'll save Micchi!

BLACKSTAR: This makes it all more interesting.

YOSHIKO: Micchi!

YOSHIKO: Micchi, don't give up!

BLACKSTAR: Now's your chance. Fire!

HAYAKAWA: Don't be afraid...

BLACKSTAR: Hayakawa. The real fun starts here!

HAYAKAWA: If you want to kill someone, kill me!

BLACKSTAR: I can't do that. It's too much fun watching you suffer!


MICCHI: Yoshiko!

YOSHIKO: Micchi!


BLACKSTAR: How does it feel, Hayakawa? Did you really think you could stand against the Blackheart Gang?

BLACKSTAR: What happened!?

BLACKSTAR: What's that...

YOSHIKO: Micchi!

BLACKSTAR: Who do you think you are!?

HAYAKAWA: Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case! They call me the wandering hero... the Magnificent Zuvatt!

HAYAKAWA: You killed a blameless old man, set fire to a restaurant, and even threatened these girls! BlackStar... you will pay!

[Insert Song]
Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!

KAZE: Yes... you're not bad... at all...

BLACKSTAR: Wait a moment, Zuvatt! I'm a gentleman! I can admit defeat!

HAYAKAWA: Now I'll take you down!

HAYAKAWA: BlackStar! Did you kill a man named Asuka Goro!?

BLACKSTAR: No! It wasn't me!

HAYAKAWA: It was you!

BLACKSTAR: You have to believe me! I've never known anyone named Asuka Goro!

HAYAKAWA: It was you, wasn't it!?

BLACKSTAR: It wasn't!

HAYAKAWA: Asuka...

HAYAKAWA: Then, the man who killed Asuka... who could it be!?

CARD: This is the man responsible for the fire.

YOSHIKO: Mr. Hayakawa!

MICCHI: Mr. Hayakawa!

MICCHI: Yoshiko... That Zuvatt guy who saved us... I think it was Mr. Hayakawa.

MICCHI: I'm sure it was! I'm... I'm sorry I said those mean things! I apologize, so please come back to us!

[Ending Theme]
There is a road that a man must walk
That road is his to walk alone
When he devotes his life to a burning wish
He seeks what lies beyond the mountains

Through love and truth and suffering
The way of battle is like the fires of hell
And though he does not know what lies beyond...
That road is his to walk alone

NARRATOR: Children in the audience, please do not try the stunts you see here at home! They are extremely dangerous!

NARRATOR: Next time, Ken continues his wandering. He meets a girl, and a father and son in need of help.

NARRATOR: Next time, on The Magnificent Zuvatt: The Golden Angel of Sorrow. Please enjoy!

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