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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 22

Episode 22 is a clip show, but it's a reasonably good one. It's the sort of clip show meant to crystallize the show's themes heading into the crazy final stretch, which is basically what the show's last four episodes are.

One fairly important note for this episode, for those unfamiliar with Japanese culture: the little bag Wakamatsu wears on his belt is an o-mamori, a type of charm. You can buy them reasonably cheaply at Japanese shrines and temples, and they're supposed to offer good luck or divine protection to the bearer. Some even offer specific protections: academic success, success in love, even safe driving.

(O-mamori usually have the name of the shrine or temple where you bought them inscribed on them. If you ever have the good fortune to travel to Japan, they make very good souvenirs for friends and family.)

I can't make out whether Wakamatsu's o-mamori is a specific type of charm, or if it's just a general charm of protection; either way, the meaning of his final gesture is fairly clear.

One final note: The flashback dialogue in this episode is mostly C&Ped from the old episode scripts, with a few alterations for context. Due to the sheer amount of flashbacks in this episode, I put all the flashback dialogue in italics. Hopefully this will help to facilitate readability.

Enjoy the ep beneath the cut!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who wished to have faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone tells you
Lies like they're true
Someone betrays you
To hide their weakness
In the never-ending flow of tears
A reason for living will show itself
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
A song that reflects you
As far as your voice can carry...
Let it ring!
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
It will surely reach
The hearts of all, some day...
Forces harmonize
You will find the prize
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: The elderly inhabitants of the rest home supported Kanon's father's attempt at remarriage. At their urging, Kanon wrote lyrics to encourage him. Her song brought him closer to Akari. This filled Kanon's heart with a gladness, that poured out of her in song.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, the Ipadada reached its next stage of evolution, and brandished a power that the Onbake could not hope to oppose.

TITLE: Penetrating Warmth

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

No one wants to be all alone
But each has only one voice
So let's join all our voices together
And bring a smile to everyone

If we all join hands together,
How much warmer will we feel?

IKECHIYO: Taihei... Kanon... may both of you fulfill your roles.

IKECHIYO: Thank you. You've been so helpful.

WAKAMATSU: Not at all. Is your healing power completely refilled?

IKECHIYO: Yes, thanks to you. There's a wonderful energy in this place.

WAKAMATSU: So that's how you gain energy from water and fish? It's not like I imagined... so serene. You were beautiful.

IKECHIYO: You must be very busy with your work here.

WAKAMATSU: More or less.

IKECHIYO: But I hope you'll check in with Fukumatsu while he's looking after the shop. Sooner or later, all of the Onbake will be going there...

WAKAMATSU: To Yamagata, you mean?

WAKAMATSU: This Ipadada must be very strong.


NEWSCASTER: ... the prisoner's death sentence was carried out yesterday...

WAKAMATSU: I heard he was possessing Misaki's ex-boyfriend...

IKECHIYO: Yes. What a terrible person he was...

SAWAMORI: An Ipadada?!

IKECHIYO: The soul drones he summoned made sport of Sawamori and the others...


HASHITAKA: Tomosuke!

TOMOSUKE: Dogs! Dogs!

TOMOSUKE: Sorry about this!

WAKAMATSU: The Ipadada itself... what kind of man was he?

WOMAN: That's not right, is it?

WOMAN: Kento! Kento! Kento!

IKECHIYO: In his past life he was Saiki Kento, a man put to death for killing his parents. According to Sawamori.

WAKAMATSU: I wonder why he reincarnated as an Ipadada?

IKECHIYO: You know how experiencing kindness makes people kinder?

KENTO: And so... before she could kill me, I had to kill her instead...

IKECHIYO: Humans who become Ipadada receive no love, and nurture hearts mistrustful of others. In the end, they are reduced to seething cauldrons of hate.

WAKAMATSU: When you put it like that, I feel a bit bad for them.

IKECHIYO: But once they become Ipadada, all you can do is exorcise them. But it is a cruel fate.

WAKAMATSU: Do you think... you can defeat this Ipadada?

IKECHIYO: We'll do as much as we can.

IKECHIYO: It appeared regardless of the time of day, and its rate of growth far surpassed anything we'd seen before.

IKECHIYO: We managed to capture it once, but it escaped before we could seal it.

TAIHEI: Ikechiyo!

IKECHIYO: I have it!

IKECHIYO: It began moving quickly from host to host, and destroyed many small villages...

KAENJI: Look out!


IKECHIYO: Now it seems it's halfway to a hecatosoul.

IKECHIYO: But we mustn't allow it to reach that level.

WAKAMATSU: Would that be the strongest Ipadada you've ever faced?

IKECHIYO: That's why Gonbei is going to face him, acting as Bujin's substitute.

WAKAMATSU: But if that doesn't work...

IKECHIYO: In that case... Bujin will be our only hope.

IKECHIYO: Even though he's deep in slumber...

WAKAMATSU: Fukumatsu told me that you need the Songstress's song to wake Bujin up.

IKECHIYO: Yes. But you were shocked, weren't you? That she would be the girl you met.

WAKAMATSU: I was. I can't believe Misaki turned out to be this generation's Songstress.

IKECHIYO: But it's not a simple matter of getting Kanon to sing her song...

IKECHIYO: Bujin turned to stone because he was betrayed by humans.

IKECHIYO: Long ago, he worked hard to make people happy. But a group of humans, thinking only of themselves... rebuked him, and hurt him...

IKECHIYO: And in the end, he turned to stone.

IKECHIYO: Kanon is a human, so I don't know if Bujin will respond to her song now...

WAKAMATSU: Then how can we get Bujin to listen to Misaki?

IKECHIYO: Perhaps... if he's able to believe that she's a good person.

WAKAMATSU: A good... person?

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds, together,
Fly back to the mountain

No one wants to be all alone
But each has only one voice
So let's join all our voices together
And bring a smile to everyone

If we all join hands together,
How much warmer will we feel?

IKECHIYO: Her happiness comes from bringing joy to others.

IKECHIYO: Kanon grew up believing in the Prayer Song, that it was only natural for people to join hands and trust one another.

KANON: What's wrong with wantin' to go to Tokyo to sing!?

IKECHIYO: But... the world is not always so kind.

[To The Top]
The sound of the rain
Makes the town cry
But I just need an umbrella
And I can't cry anymore

Standing alone on the stage
Got this one chance before me
And I'm going straight to the top
Leave all my worries behind!

IKECHIYO: Kanon's innocence made her more vulnerable to heartbreak, and she entered a deep depression...

KANAME: My grandmother's really sick...

GIRL: It's a big fat lie.

CYCLIST: Watch where you're going!

KANON: I'm going to stop getting involved with other people.

IKECHIYO: For a time, she tried to abandon the Prayer Song's principles, and give up her faith in people...


TAIHEI: What the heck is wrong with you!?

IKECHIYO: But that's when Taihei appeared in her life.

TAIHEI: That pregnant woman needed your help... you just ignored her.

TAIHEI: Are you proud of that? Can you live with that!?

TAIHEI: If you want to take it out on someone, you can hit me.

BOY: Don't act like you're better than me!

TAIHEI: Ow! Oww!

KANON: Are you... alright?

WAKAMATSU: Having a sincerely trusting person like Taihei there must have really helped her a lot.

IKECHIYO: Maybe so. And in that way, Kanon's smile slowly returned to her...

[Layoffs Song]
Just roll with the punches
And you'll find a way through!
One way or another!
One way or another!

ALL: Cheers!

IKECHIYO: But when Taihei was betrayed by someone, Kanon began to question her faith in people once again...

TAIHEI: You said that song was like your soul!

MORIYA: I'm not so naive to think something will come along if I just keep singing that song. I've had my fill of dreams! Thank you. But it's time to wake up and face reality.


MORIYA: That song won't feed my wife and children.

KANON: Taihei...

IKECHIYO: Anyway, it's around that time that Taihei's true form came out, as well...

KANON: Taihei?

IKECHIYO: But somehow, that experience just made Kanon even stronger...

KANON: He's so cute!

IKECHIYO: Oh. That's around the time you met her too, isn't it?

WAKAMATSU: That's right, we talked about how a world that could have Onbake in it couldn't be entirely bad.

IKECHIYO: As time went on, many more things happened to Kanon...

[Prayer Song]
When the sound of the bell
Rings through the village
All the birds...

[To The Top]
The sound of the rain
Makes the town cry

IKECHIYO: Kanon had modeled her life after the Prayer Song, but someone stole it and made it his own...

KOTARO: What are you up to, lately? Got a boyfriend?


SAKI: I heard that 0°C stole your song and rewrote it.

SAKI: Is it true?

KANON: That song was originally... my family's song.

KOTARO: Now here's what you've been waiting for, the voice of the angel! Let's get started!

IKECHIYO: That's what caused Kanon to lose her confidence in herself. But the song's singer, Saki, was completely unaware of the circumstances.

SAKI: I'm sorry!

KANON: It's not like I wrote that song myself...

SAKI: You forgive me?


SAKI: Misaki, will you work with me?

KANON: I just can't.

SAKI: Are you just going to run away!?

SAKI: You came to Tokyo because you love music, right?

IKECHIYO: Just like Kanon, Saki dreamed of bringing joy to people with her music. She had learned to deal with the cruelty of the world a little bit earlier than Kanon. Her advice gave Kanon the push she needed.

KANON: Until I can be the person I used to be...

SAKI: You shouldn't try to be someone you're not.

SAKI: Look, people change.

SAKI: Have you thought about writing your feelings down as new lyrics for that song?

KANON: Write... new lyrics?

SAKI: I'm sure you'll be able to sing it then.

KANON: I never thought about it that way...

SAKI: So, I'll be waiting for you.

IKECHIYO: And so Kanon became hopeful again, and tried to live honestly. But the violent waves of life hit her again and again. She came to a stalemate.

KANON: Wouldn't you like to show your mother how you feel?

KANON: Ma'am, please, you need to look at your daughter! Can't you see she's afraid of you?

MAMA: That's none of your business!

KANON: Yes it is!

MAMA: No it isn't!

KANON: If you really love Kurara, you should see what you're doing to her!

KANON: What should I have done?

WAKAMATSU: Just because you want to help doesn't mean you can.

WAKAMATSU: Kindness can help people, but there are limits to what it can do.

IKECHIYO: Yes. No matter how hard you try, there are some things you can't change.

IKECHIYO: I believe Kanon's father taught her that.

BAROKU: 'You can't move a mountain by thinking at it.'

BAROKU: Besides, everyone's self-centered.

KANON: That's not true.

BAROKU: That's just you bein' naive.

KANON: What's that s'posed to mean?

BAROKU: Kanon.

KANON: What!?

BAROKU: Just be prepared in case she doesn't go along with you.

KANON: I am!

BAROKU: The parent-child bond is a strong one.

KANON: What?

KANON: You have to stop lying to yourself.

IKECHIYO: By dealing with all kinds of people, Kanon learned many things.

KANON: Thank you...

KOTARO: I'd like to hear you sing it... 'To The Top.'


IKECHIYO: She learned you can't navigate the world through kindness alone. I think that by finding that new strength, Kanon has become a truly good person.

WAKAMATSU: So that's what you mean when you say 'a good person'?

IKECHIYO: I think Kanon is ready to write her own, new version of the Prayer Song that can reach Bujin's heart. I believe in her.

WAKAMATSU: Even after being betrayed, Kanon worked hard to keep her faith in people. I'm sure Bujin will open his heart to her.

IKECHIYO: Well then... I suppose I should be getting along.

WAKAMATSU: Do your best.

IKECHIYO: Thank you. I will.

WAKAMATSU: Good luck.

IKECHIYO: Thank you.

WAKAMATSU: You too, Misaki.

WAKAMATSU: The new warmth you've found in your heart will reach him. I'm sure of it.

WAKAMATSU: Good luck...

[Ending Song]
When I look up, I can still see stars
In the strip of sky between the buildings
Faintly, but I love them
Those little interwoven points of light
I'll send positive words for kindness in the future
And leave my sadness to the wind!
I'm walking home again today
'til I can walk to the place where he waits for me
I'm walking home with that song on my lips
Because I want to smile up at the blue skies
And so, I'm taking my time with my dreams

NARRATOR: Kanon is uncertain about her role as the Songstress. The Onbake struggle under the Ipadada's fearful onslaught. Just then, Buchinko's carelessness results in...!

NARRATOR: Next time: 'Circular Origin'

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