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Translation: Daimajin Kanon Episode 25

Second-to-last episode!

No major notes here, but check out the new (2nd verse) ending theme. I guess they wanted to get them both in there before the finale, but I think the new lyrics are very suitable.

Stay tuned for the final episode of Daimajin Kanon!

NARRATION: This is the story of a girl who wished to have faith in people, then used her singing voice to summon a miracle. A 21st century fable.

[Opening song]
Someone tells you
Lies like they're true
Someone betrays you
To hide their weakness
In the never-ending flow of tears
A reason for living will show itself
Got to live your life
Believin' in these evil times
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
A song that reflects you
As far as your voice can carry...
Let it ring!
Sing your heart out
When you feel the love
It will surely reach
The hearts of all, some day...
Forces harmonize
You will find the prize
Just sing your heart out

NARRATOR: On the way to Yamagata, Kanon learned of the reason why Bujin turned to stone, and that he is necessary to defeating the Ipadada. She agreed to help the others as the Songstress.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, the Ipadada continued to send out humanoid soul drones, and became a massive Hecatosoul Ipadada, forcing the Onbakes' hand.

KANON: Bujin! It's nice to meet you! I'm Misaki Kanon!

TITLE: His Distance

KANON: Bujin!

TAIHEI: He's been silent for a long time, I guess.

KANON: Taihei's told me a lot about you, Bujin. He told me you love people, and you've worked hard to help them. And that humans repaid you with cruelty... as a representative of humanity, I want to apologize. I'm so, so sorry!

TAIHEI: You ain't said a thing the whole time we've been here! This girl came a long way to see you! At least have the decency to say hello!

KANON: Um... the song I'm about to sing is the Prayer Song. I rewrote so it doesn't feel like a lie to me anymore.

KANON: I was thinking, I'd like you to be able to hear how I feel. So, I'm going to sing. Please listen. This is my Prayer Song.

[Kanon's Prayer Song]
The sound of your voice
Is different from mine
But they har--

BUJIN: Little girl.

TAIHEI: Bujin!


BUJIN: Why do you sing?

BUJIN: Is it because you are the Songstress?

KANON: No... I just... wanted to show you how I feel.

BUJIN: And what do you mean to accomplish by doing this?

KANON: Well... maybe I'm just being selfish, but I think that the real Bujin is more than some rock on a mountain!

BUJIN: What do you mean?

KANON: You're the very first Onbake, so I think you'd be happier helping people. So... I thought maybe it would be more true to yourself if you'd stand, and start helping people again.

BUJIN: It's not possible.

TAIHEI: What do you mean?

BUJIN: I don't need you people to tell me who I am. I've known these things for a long time.

TAIHEI: Then why are you still sittin' there as a rock!?

BUJIN: I don't need to explain myself to you!

IKECHIYO: Gombei must be fighting hard right about now.

OTAKI: Yes. All we can do is pray for his success.

IKECHIYO: And Kanon's and Taihei's, too.

TAMEKICHI: Yeah. But once this is all over, we'll have a big feast to celebrate!

SHOUTA: And we can have lots of songs, too!

KANON: Bujin! Please, don't suffer in silence! Tell us what's bothering you!

BUJIN: It's none of your business.

KANON: No, I think it is!

BUJIN: What's that, now?

KANON: It seems to me that the Onbake and humans have an unbreakable connection, a bond that makes us need to support one another. So... I think your problems are my problems, too.

BUJIN: Don't spew your platitudes at me.

TAIHEI: That's no way to talk to a lady! Don't make me tell you again!

BUJIN: Songstress. Your name was Kanon, yes?

KANON: Yes, sir!

BUJIN: What does singing mean to you?

KANON: When my gramma would sing the Prayer Song to me, it made me feel at peace. Like all my troubles were gone. So it makes me happy to use songs to express my feelings to others.

BUJIN: Is that so?

KANON: Yes. A song is like a beautiful letter that sends your feelings to the people around you.

BUJIN: Yes... a song is a beautiful thing. I also sang the Prayer Song to express my feelings to the people.

BUJIN: Trusting one another... loving one another... I sang with heart full of respect and gratitude towards the people who gave me life.

TAIHEI: I knew you really loved people! Love for humans is part of an Onbake's nature!

TAIHEI: Bujin! Won't you let us hear your Prayer Song?

BUJIN: Have you been listening, Taihei? I can't sing that song anymore!

TAIHEI: What do you mean? You just hate singing now?

BUJIN: I don't have the heart to sing that song for humans anymore. Please respect that.

KANON: Are you saying you don't want to trust humans anymore?

KANON: When my grandmother taught me the Prayer Song, it expressed the joy that comes from people having faith in each other. That's why... it became painful for me to sing it, after I lost that faith.

SHOUTA: Jan-ken-po! Jan-ken-po!

TAIHEI: I think maybe we upset him...

KANON: Taihei... maybe we should...

TAIHEI: ... Yeah.

KANON: It feels wrong to leave him alone like this, but...

TAIHEI: Let's go home.

TAIHEI: She's saying not to go.

BUJIN: Stop that, Tamakko!

TAIHEI: What's goin' on?

TAIHEI: You're saying he sometimes feels like singing even now, but...

TAIHEI: Sometimes he even asks you to sing for him?

TAIHEI: And how does he react when you do that?

TAIHEI: She says that when she sings for him, it makes him sad...

KANON: Bujin... can we really be of no use to you?

BUJIN: You're wasting your time. I do not trust humans. Because of that... there is no use in trying to take back my song.

GOMBEI: There it is! Let's go!

YUMONJI: The Ipadada doesn't seem to like fighting Gombei...

KAENJI: He must have learned from our memories when he was inside us.


YUMONJI: Then he knows about the method by which Ipadada are sealed...

SAWAMORI: We have to support Gombei somehow...

SAWAMORI: Hashitaka!

HASHITAKA: Yes, sir!

SAWAMORI: Go to Hakkoku. He should have a spell for slowing a giant Ipadada's movements.

HASHITAKA: Yes, sir!

TOMOSUKE: I'll go, too!

TAIHEI: Bujin! Why won't you even try to trust Kanon? If you trusted her, you might be able to sing again!

BUJIN: Kanon.


BUJIN: I can tell that you love people. But you are human, and humans are traitors.

KANON: It's true that there are times when the people you trust will betray you. But I refuse to give up my faith in them. But if you trust them, you can sing with them, and that's important to me.

BUJIN: I understand how you feel, but I have lost my song. Because of that... I can be of no use against the Ipadada.


BUJIN: In the past, I subdued the Ipadada by communicating the beauty of life through song. Without my song, I cannot fulfill my duty.

BUJIN: Now I want to be alone. Leave this place.

KANON: I will not leave.

KANON: I believe in you, Bujin! Let me stay here with you!

GYOSAKU: Kanon's become a fine young lady.

BAROKU: Sometimes it seems like she's growin' up too fast.

GYOSAKU: My sister did a good job raisin' you, and you carried that on to Kanon.

BAROKU: I don't know about that.

GYOSAKU: Kanon works hard to help people, just like you.

BAROKU: You mean a busybody like you, right?

GYOSAKU: And where would we be without busybodies, huh!?

BAROKU: Can't argue with that.

BUJIN: Kanon. You truly are a busybody.

KANON: I just want to sing with you, Bujin! Taihei and the Onbake believe in you, too! You have comrades waiting for you! There are people who trust you! Why do you insist on remaining alone!?

KANON: Remember, please! Remember that Onbake like you could only be born into the world because there are people out there who know how to love. You helped people as a way to return that love.

KANON: Plenty of people will hurt and betray one another, but there are also plenty who trust... who love... who work to help one another! Don't give up on them... won't you take your place among humans again?

KANON: I don't think you're being true to yourself if you don't!

TAIHEI: Did you hear what Kanon said to you? Won't you listen to her song? I know you don't want to sing! I know that it's painful for you! But... you can't possibly think it's going to change if you just sit there! Everyone's counting on you! You can't just ignore that! You're an Onbake, Bujin!

TAIHEI: I've been working to help people because I admired you! I want you to show me what saving people is all about! Please, Bujin!!

KANON: Bujin!


OTAKI: Hashi, what's wrong?

HASHITAKA: The Ipadada is putting up a fight. We thought maybe one of Hakkoku's spell scrolls could help support Gombei.

HAKKOKU: I understand. The scroll of binding, is it?

HASHITAKA: Thank you so much!

IKECHIYO: What are you doing here, Tomosuke?

TOMOSUKE: Hashi's too fast for me!

HASHITAKA: Don't call me Hashi.

TAMEKICHI: Get out of here already!

TOMOSUKE: I'm doing the best I can! Wait up!

IKECHIYO: That fool.


BUJIN: What was that?

KANON: Bujin!

TAIHEI: Kanon!

JYUZO: It's Bujin!

TAIHEI: Are you alright, Kanon?

KANON: Taihei... Bujin...

TAIHEI: Who needs that stubborn ass!

TAIHEI: I was wrong to believe in him!

IKECHIYO: Jyuzo, I'm going to check it out.

SHOUTA: I'm going, too.

JYUZO: Oh, take care!

IKE&SHOUTA: Roger that!

IKECHIYO: Let's go!

SAWAMORI: Did you get it?


GOMBEI: Gotcha! Grr... how dare you!

GOMBEI: Gotcha now! Take this!

GOMBEI: That's the end of you!

GOMBEI: I'll show you my strength...

GOMBEI: Now let's go! Let's go...

GOMBEI: I am the greatest!

YUMONJI: It's all over.

TOMOSUKE: Ah... then...

SAWAMORI: Gombei sealed the Ipadada.

TOMOSUKE: Oh, good...

HASHITAKA: We should let Jyuzo know.

TOMOSUKE: Oh! Oh! I'll do it!

GOMBEI: The greatest of my generation! That was good!


TAIHEI: Oh, you guys!

IKECHIYO: Kanon! What happened here?

TAIHEI: We went mountain climbing after riding all night, she thought she could handle it.

IKECHIYO: I see. That's terrible.

SHOUTA: You couldn't convince Bujin at all?


BAROKU: Even young people can't handle mountain climbing after an all-night ride.

TAIHEI: I was with her. I'm sorry.

BAROKU: It's not like you twisted her arm.

TAIHEI: Except I did. I asked her for a favor I shouldn't have.

BAROKU: I see.

JYUZO: I see.

IKECHIYO: I'm more worried about Gombei, but it looks like Bujin's being stubborn, too.

JYUZO: I see...

TOMOSUKE: We did it! It's done!


IKECHIYO: It's done?

TOMOSUKE: Yes! Gombei pulled a total upset in the clutch!

JYUZO: I see! Then you're saying Gombei sealed the Ipadada?


SHOUTA: Hooray!

TOMOSUKE: Hooray! Hooray!

JYUZO: Banzai!


TOMOSUKE: We did it!

TAMEKICHI: Thank goodness!


OTAKI: You all did a fine job.

[Ending Theme]
Who is right and who is wrong?
No one can ever know the answer for sure
Even though I try my best
I'm sure I've hurt people without realizing it
The scratches on my body are the proof that I've tried
And my scars are the sign of what I've overcome
I'm taking the long way home today
Because I've found the thing that I'm searching for
I'm walking home with that song on my lips
For someone out there who's lost and afraid
Tomorrow, I'm sure they'll hear me.

NARRATOR: Kanon's song carries her prayers, and Bujin at last hears the cry of her soul. Just then, the sorrow of the howling Ipadada...

NARRATOR: Final episode: 'Grateful Song'

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