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Translation: Ultraman Gaia Episode 1

From one beloved Japanese giant to another... it's Ultraman Gaia, episode 1!

I usually have a hard time getting into Ultraman, but Gaia grabbed me from the start. Maybe it's the tree-hugging hippie theme (to which I am historically partial), or the lovable hero, or the ludicrous care lavished on the effects on the first episode. Whatever the reason, this show is awesome and I intend to translate the hell out of it.

Translating the show presents some problems I haven't really faced before with a project on this blog. First of all, the main character is a quantum physicist, so there's naturally a ridiculous amount of technobabble that actually means something. Second of all, there's a whole lot of English, and while it's well-spoken, it's sometimes a bit hard to make out exactly what's being said.

At any rate, I hope you'll all bear with me over the first few episodes as I attempt to settle into a good groove. In the meantime... enjoy!

[Opening Theme]
Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When crisis comes time and again
And there's no end in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Believe in your power and take a leap of faith
That's when you'll seize the light of courage
Don't underestimate us, evildoers!
We won't give you one inch of ground...
Not as long as there's strength in our bodies!

Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When you've exhausted all possibilities
And there's no hope in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Ultraman Gaia!

TITLE: Seize the Light!
SUBTITLE: Enter: Cosmic Warbeast COV

NAKAJI: Picking up acceleration now.

SATO: 30 seconds elapsed.

GAMU: I'm entering the particle acceleration field.

MAKOTO: Gamu, are you okay?

GAMU: Where... am I going?

GAMU: Where am I?

GAMU: Ultra... man?

MAKOTO: Gamu! Hey Gamu, wake up!

MAKOTO: Are you okay?

SATO: I knew it would be a bust. I told you it's too early for testing.

GAMU: Could you hand me a photoelectron tube?


GAMU: I don't think they hold enough power.

MAKOTO: Gamu...

GAMU: Huh?

MAKOTO: Just what is... 'Ultraman'?

GAMU: Did I say something like that?

GUYS: You did!

SIGN: Quantum Physics Laboratory

SATO: I know Gamu's research gets a lot of slack, but don't you think the professors are gonna start complaining about all the failures?

SIGN: Jonan University

NAKAJI: You think? It's still prestigious to have a member of the Alchemy Stars at the university.

NAKAJI: That means you can fail as much as you want, Gamu.

GAMU: Stop talking about failures! The system is perfect!

GAMU: The device just isn't precise enough. If only I could get it just right!

SATO: Hey, look at that girl! I hear she just enrolled. Why don't you get her in your lab group, Gamu?

GAMU: Idiot.

MAKOTO: As if a lit major would give us the time of day. Let's go!

SATO: But she's so cute!

MAKOTO: I know you want to synchronize human consciousness with the particle acceleration field, but what will you do if it succeeds?

GAMU: Well... I don't really know. Learn about the Earth's feelings and stuff, I guess.

SATO: C'mon, let's research something less dumb!

GAMU: What do you mean, less dumb? This will be very useful to people! I know there's some kinks in the system, but we just have to work those out!

NAKAJI: You're still keeping secrets from us.

SATO: Yeah, he's right!

GAMU: Well... secrets are secrets.

ATSUKO: Unexplained rift detected in the atmosphere.

GEORGIE: A massive object is emerging from the wormhole.

NAKAJI: You're not helping things by being vague, Gamu.

MAKOTO: What is that?

ATSUKO: The object that appeared from the wormhole is holding at 200 meters above ground.

TSUTSUMI: Expected point of descent?

GEORGIE: Point 335 K-1.

MAKOTO: Gamu... any idea what that is?

GAMU: I don't know, but... it can't be...

PILOT: It's holding position at 200 meters above ground level. Wait for orders.

NEWSCASTER: We expect a state of emergency to be declared in Tokyo any moment. Support fighter craft have been deployed, but we have received no announcement from Tokyo for now.

SATO: The anticipation is killin' me.

NAKAJI: I hope we don't have to evacuate!

MAKOTO: It doesn't look like anyone's been hurt...

GAMU: Is it this? Is this what this was all about?

MAKOTO: Gamu...

POLICE: Calling for an emergency evcuation. Calling for an emergency evacuation. Move quickly to shelter. Move quickly to shelter.

TABATA: Hurry up, Rimbun!

RIMBUN: I'm doing it!

TABATA: Stop saying you're doing it and do it already!

POLITICIAN: We're looking into the matter at present...

REIKO: I can't believe this is happening...


GEORGIE: The flying object has come to a complete stop.

ATSUKO: Incoming report from the defense corps. They've detected a vibration from the craft interior. I guess this is the real thing...


MAKOTO: What's coming out?

NAKAJI: Gotta be aliens.

SATO: Hey Gamu, what do you think?

SATO: ... hey, where'd he go?

GAMU: This is Takayama Gamu. You're see it, don't you? That's it, isn't it? This is what we've been fearing, isn't it?

POLICE: Everyone, please evacuate! Please evacuate immediately!

POLICE: Please evacuate immediately! This place is not safe! Please move quickly to safety!

GUYS: Gamu! Gamu! Hey! Gamu!

MAKOTO: What the hell is going on!?

SATO: Makoto!

PILOT: Mayday! Mayday!

SATO: That's not gonna stop it!

MAKOTO: Where the hell is Gamu!?

REIKO: This is crazy!

TABATA: Sir. We're here. We're starting broadcast any minute. Hurry up, Rimbun!

RIMBUN: I'm going as fast as I can!

TABATA: Reiko! Standby one minute! You're on!

REIKO: But I'm not even made up yet!

ATSUKO: The creature is showing no signs of slowing down. The damage is spreading!

GEORGIE: Roger that! We've opened a channel to Alchemy Stars.

ISHIMURO: Is this the 'great evil' you told us about?

DANIEL: A prelude to it, perhaps.

CHIBA: A prelude!? You're saying there's more yet to come!?

ISHIMURO: Staff Advisor Chiba, I think it's time to deploy. Do you approve?

CHIBA: I never thought this day would come.

DANIEL: We've done all that we can. The rest is up to you and yours, Commander.

ISHIMURO: Chief Tsutsumi.

TSUTSUMI: Team Lightning is standing by.

ISHIMURO: The target is the extraterrestrial bio-weapon. We must defend the city!

TSUTSUMI: XIG will deploy. Notify the fighter team.

ATSUKO: Yes, sir. I'll make the announcement.

GEORGIE: Fighter team launch. This is not a drill. Fighter team launch. This is not a drill.

GEORGIE: Chamber gate open.

ATSUKO: Fighter team launch. This is not a drill.

GEORGIE: Fighter team launch. This is not a drill.

KAJIO: All check green. All system actuators on. Standing by.

KITADA: Fighter two, standing by!

OGAWARA: Fighter three, standing by!

OGAWARA: It's about time, right Kajio?

KAJIO: Yeah, time to show our stuff.

ATSUKO: Please refrain from needless chatter.

KAJIO: Gauge check. We're ready any time.

ATSUKO: All units, prepare for launch!

KAJIO: Thrusters full!

VOICE: Safety off!

KAJIO: Team Lightning, shoot!

VOICE: Peace Carrier launch.

VOICE: A-1 vent open.

TSUTSUMI: Peace Carrier, lift off.

KOYAMA: Lifting off!

GEORGIE: Peace Carrier has deployed.

ISHIMURO: I never wanted to have to use it.

REPORTER: The defense army's attacks still register no effect on the creature. The scene is almost unreal. The monster is moving outward from the center of the city. Evacuation orders are in place along its current trajectory. Please do not panic. The police are... huh!?

TABATA: The studio says we've done enough.

REIKO: Thank goodness.

RIMBUN: You did a great job.

TABATA: But how can our country survive this?

RIMBUN: Mr. Tabata! Look at that! There!

TABATA: What's that!? Whose jets are those!?

RIMBUN: Never seen anything like 'em!

TABATA: You idiot! Get footage of that! Get it!

KAJIO: Target locked! Begin maneuvers.

KITADA: Fighter two, roger that.

OGAWARA: Fighter three, roger that!

GAMU: I can't believe it! The fighters are really flying!

ATSUKO: Target's progress has stopped.

CHIBA: The defense corps' top team has delivered brilliantly.

ISHIMURA: This is our first mission with the fighters. Let's not get overconfident.

TABATA: What!? Why won't you report on it!? Those aircraft are unprecedented! Damn him...

RIMBUN: Does he want us to pull out?

TABATA: Who cares what he wants!

TABATA: I want to know who's behind those things.

KITADA: Fighter two, down! I'm hit!


KITADA: Yes, sir!

GAMU: No, don't do that!

ATSUKO: Eh? Who are you? Why do you have access to our private line?

ISHIMURO: Who is it?

ATSUKO: It's some strange boy. He says we're handling the fighters all wrong.

CHIBA: What?

ISHIMURO: Patch him through.

GAMU: I said, they don't control like normal jets!

ISHIMURO: You know something about the fighters' propulsion systems?

GAMU: Um... well...

GAMU: The propulsion system itself is a jet engine, but it has repulsor lifters that keep it in the air! Its rotational inertia works on three axes!

ISHIMURO: Who are you?

GAMU: Mr. Ishimuro... I'm the one who designed the repulsor lift system in those fighters, and in your Aerial Base too!

TSUTSUMI: Commander! Fighter 3 is down, too!

CHIBA: What!?

ISHIMURO: Even with all our hard work... we still weren't prepared.

KAJIO: You're not gonna embarrass me my first time out!

TSUTSUMI: Kajio, that's enough. Come back to the Peace Carrier.

KAJIO: But...!

GAMU: We didn't make it!? After everything we've worked for... we still weren't ready!?

GAMU: What are we supposed to do!?

GAMU: Where are you taking me!?

GAMU: Ultraman! The Earth is in danger! I need to be like you! I need your power! Please, give it to me!

GAMU: Are you... feeling me out?

GAMU: This light... it's so warm... it's enveloping me... no, the light is... it's making its way inside of me!

REIKO: Wow...

TABATA: What is that light!?

KAJIO: A giant... made of light?

TSUTSUMI: Commander. Something unexpected has occurred.

GEORGIE: What is it!?

ATSUKO: Looks cool!

CHIBA: Ishimuro... what is it?

[Ending Theme]
Loving you, I'm still running on
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

There's an endless blue sky out there
Shining through a break in the clouds
We all feel the same anxiety
When we think about the future
But I want to become stronger
So I can see to it that you never cry

Loving you, I'm still running on
Because all the answers lie within
Loving me, I know surrender is not an option
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

GAMU: I want to join XIG and fight with you!

NARRATOR: Geel appears from deep underground, and the mystery of the heavenly fortress, Aerial Base, is revealed!

NARRATOR: Next time on Ultraman Gaia: A Hero Rises!

NARRATOR: Let's rise, together!

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