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Translation: Ultraman Gaia Episode 2

It would be cruel to leave people hanging without even a proper giant-size fight to tide them over, so here's the second episode of Ultraman Gaia, which features not just one, but two of said fights!

By the way, if you're wondering about why COV's name is in all caps, it's because it's an acronym for "Cosmic Organism Vanguard." Similarly, XIG stands for "eXpanded Interceptive Guardians," and GUARD for "Geocentric Universal Alliance against the Radical Destruction." Awesome.

Next episode introduces a major character to the series. Unfortunately, it will probably be a little while before I can start on that script as I need to focus on a few other projects. Until then, enjoy ep 2!

[Opening Theme]
Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When crisis comes time and again
And there's no end in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Believe in your power and take a leap of faith
That's when you'll seize the light of courage
Don't underestimate us, evildoers!
We won't give you one inch of ground...
Not as long as there's strength in our bodies!

Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When you've exhausted all possibilities
And there's no hope in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Ultraman Gaia!

TITLE: A Hero Rises
SUBTITLE: Enter: Cosmic Warbeast COV, Subterranean Magma Beast Geel

TABATA: What is that giant...

GAMU: I can't just give up! I'm Ultraman!

GEORGIE: He did it!

TSUTSUMI: Have you been here the whole time?

GAMU: Yeah.

TSUTSUMI: Did you see where the giant went?

GAMU: Um... I think it just... flew away.

REIKO: Stop the van! Stop it!

GAMU: Hey, are you with XIG?

REIKO: Mr. Tabata!

GAMU: Would you take me to Aerial Base?

TABATA: Rimbun!

TSUTSUMI: Peace Carrier reporting for landing.

GEORGIE: Roger that, Peace Carrier. Wind 220 at 11-30 to 81-10.

KOYAMA: You are cleared to land. Begin descent.


GIRLS: Welcome back!

TSUTSUMI: Back in one piece, sir.

ISHIMURO: Good work.

ISHIMURO: You're the one who designed the repulsor lift?

GAMU: Yes! I'm Takayama Gamu! Oh, but seeing it in person, it's so much bigger than I thought...

ATSUKO: He's really is a child.

CHIBA: Are you certain you want to let outsiders in here?

ISHIMURO: He's one of the Alchemy Stars. We're grateful for your advice about the fighters. Thank you.

ISHIMURO: We'll drop you off on the ground later.

TSUTSUMI: Let me show you around the base.

GAMU: Please let me into XIG! This is where I should be... I mean, where I want to be!

TSUTSUMI: Hey, you.

ISHIMURO: Don't you have research work to do?

GAMU: I want to join XIG and fight with you!

TSUTSUMI: Aerial Base uses repulsor lift technology to maintain orbit above the equator as watches over Earth. I guess I don't need to tell you the details.

GAMU: But it took a lot more people than just me to make it a reality.

KAJIO: Fighter two... Kitada?


KAJIO: You concentrated your attacks on the target's front side, but...

KAJIO: We're working to improve our performance next time, sir!

TSUTSUMI: This is Takayama Gamu. He has some advice to give you on controlling the fighters.

KAJIO: Are you a... civilian?

KAJIO: Exactly what advice could an armchair pilot like you have for top guns like us?

OGAWARA: He's not bad.

GAMU: The fighters' rotational inertia works on three axes. That means you can make tighter turns than a normal jet. If you're facing a monster, you can even hang in mid-air and fire down like a chopper!

OGAWARA: Woah, he got the high score!

KAJIO: This isn't an arcade!


YONEDA: Our team would like the benefit of your wisdom as well.

KAJIO: Team Leader Yoneda...

KITADA: Team Falcon?

TSUTSUMI: I intended to ask you and Team Crow to come by a little later.

YONEDA: His advice is invaluable, Team Leader Kajio. These fighters are still unexplored territory for us.

GAMU: This simulator feels just like the real thing! The G-force is amazing!

GAMU: Are you inside me now? You're part of me, right? I want to defend the Earth from destruction... that's why I joined up with XIG. But Ultraman, where did you come from? Who are you?

TSUTSUMI: Gamu! Gamu!

TSUTSUMI: Are you okay, Gamu?

POLITICIAN: In anticipation of a disaster of this type, the world's countries have been working together in utmost secret to create the United Earth Defense Force, GUARD.

GIRL: Good work today!

POLITICIAN: These efforts were hidden in order to prevent unnecessary panic among the people...

TABATA: That's just what got everyone into a panic.

TABATA: I know I've seen that guy before.

DANIEL: We don't have any data on the red giant, either.

ISHIMURO: You're saying we don't know if it's friend or foe?

DANIEL: I don't think it's an enemy.

ISHIMURO: Is that what your photonic computer told you?

DANIEL: The photonic computer doesn't work that way. My instinct tells me the giant was doing more than just tracking down the bio-weapon.

GAMU: I agree, Daniel! Ultraman is definitely our friend!

CHIBA: Ultraman?

GAMU: I saw him up close, that's how I know.

DANIEL: You intend to join XIG?

GAMU: Yeah, I can't stand staying cooped up in a laboratory when the Earth is in danger like this.

DANIEL: I see. Good luck.

GAMU: Thanks!

ATSUKO: I wish we could've gotten that guy instead. He's much cuter.


ATSUKO: What is it, Georgie?

GAMU: I'm Takayama Gamu!

ATSUKO: We heard!

GAMU: Then please call me that!

GEORGIE: I'm Georgie. This is Atsuko. We're XIG Operators. It's nice to meet you.

GAMU: Nice to meet you.

ATSUKO: What is it now!?

GEORGIE: What is it?

ATSUKO: Something strange! Abnormal thermal movement in the area where the extraterrestrial bio-weapon appeared yesterday. Chief 'sumi!

CHIBA: I thought the monster from yesterday evaporated.

ATSUKO: It's something else! Something rising out of the Earth itself!

TSUTSUMI: We need to be on our guard.

ISHIMURO: Issue warning level 3.

ATSUKO: Issuing warning level 3.

CHIBA: What are they saying... that the threats to the Earth aren't just coming from space?

TSUTSUMI: We're heading out to monitor the situation.

GEORGIE: Yes, sir. Peace Carrier, permission to take off granted.

KOSAKA: Peace Carrier ready for take off.

REIKO: With signs of yesterday's tragedy still fresh around them, commuters head to work as usual.


TABATA: What's going on? What do you think you're doing?

RIMBUN: Something's going on with the shot, take a look.

TABATA: What could it be?

RIMBUN: It was fine a few minutes ago... I don't get it.

REIKO: What's going on!?

TABATA: Rimbun!

RIMBUN: I'm getting it!

REIKO: A monster!!

ATSUKO: A massive lifeform has appeared. Point 335 K1. The same place as yesterday!

CHIBA: What's going on? Why is it in the same place!?

ISHIMURO: The last creature was an extraterrestrial bio-weapon. Its may have had another purpose besides just destroying the city.

CHIBA: Just what purpose are you talking about?

ISHIMURO: To awaken other beings that would wreak even greater havoc!

CHIBA: It can't be...

GEORGIE: Team Lightning, launch!

ICHIMURO: Let them go.

KAJIO: Team Lightning, shoot!

KOYAMA: Team Lightning. Move forward and hold the monster in place.

KAJIO: Yes, sir!

TSUTSUMI: Is that what the invader from space was after?

GAMU: I don't think so. The creature's elemental composition is perfectly suited to Earth's gravity and atmosphere.

GAMU: It's more likely a species of supermassive creature we've never encountered before.

TSUTSUMI: So why is it coming back now?

KAJIO: The target's movements are slow. Go in with deep strike. Target... here!

KITADA: Fighter two, roger!

OGAWARA: Fighter three, roger! Time to recover our lost honor...

KAJIO: We've injured the target's back!

TSUTSUMI: Send Team Hercules down. Lightning, move to a support position.

KAJIO: Yes, sir!

TSUTSUMI: Make preparations for launch.

KOYAMA: Opening the engine hatch.

TSUTSUMI: Team Leader Yoshida, sorry to send you out without any practice.

YOSHIDA: Leave it to us. Team Hercules... go!


YOSHIDA: Shh. Aim for where Kajio hit.

YOSHIDA: Start action!

YOSHIDA: Fighter 1, moving forward to attack range!

SHIMA: Fighter 2, proceeding likewise!

YOSHIDA: Commence attack!

KUWABARA: Yes, sir!

TSUTSUMI: Kajio, go!

KAJIO: Take this!

GAMU: This is bad! The monster's stomach just opened up!

TSUTSUMI: Gamu! Where are you!?

GAMU: Pull the fighters back, now!

KAJIO: What would a greenhorn know about it!?

GAMU: They made it...

RIMBUN: It's like hell on Earth...

TABATA: What's going on!?

CHIBA: Where's Gamu!?

TSUTSUMI: I'm sorry. He must have snuck into one of Team Hercules's drop pods. He's down on the surface.

ATSUKO: What does he think he's doing?

TSUTSUMI: Gamu! Gamu!

GAMU: I hid behind the Bison.

GEORGIE: Thank goodness!

YOSHIDA: Hey, kid! Get the hell out of there! It's moving!

GAMU: For now, I'm still... Ultraman!

TSUTSUMI: That's...


TSUTSUMI: The situation is under control. We are now going to rescue Gamu.

ATSUKO: Yes, sir.

TSUTSUMI: Ultraman, was it?

TSUTSUMI: Gamu, are you alright?

GAMU: Um... sorry about that...

TSUTSUMI: Don't run away, now. Stay where you are.

TSUTSUMI: I'm responsible for your safety. What am I supposed to do if you run off by yourself?

TSUTSUMI: We'll be talking about this.

[Ending Theme]
Loving you, I'm still running on
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

There's an endless blue sky out there
Shining through a break in the clouds
We all feel the same anxiety
When we think about the future
But I want to become stronger
So I can see to it that you never cry

Loving you, I'm still running on
Because all the answers lie within
Loving me, I know surrender is not an option
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

NARRATOR: A shadow from across the galaxy steals Gaia's power. Behold, the Esplender!

NARRATOR: Next time on Ultraman Gaia: His Name is Gaia! Another Ultraman will soon appear!

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