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Translation: Ultraman Gaia Episode 3

In this episode of Ultraman Gaia, we learn a little bit more about what's going on here, and a mysterious stranger appears, bringing with him another unforgettable Sahashi Toshihiko theme song.

Not too much else to say on this episode, other than that I love, love, love this show's model work. Enjoy!

[Opening Theme]
Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When crisis comes time and again
And there's no end in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Believe in your power and take a leap of faith
That's when you'll seize the light of courage
Don't underestimate us, evildoers!
We won't give you one inch of ground...
Not as long as there's strength in our bodies!

Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When you've exhausted all possibilities
And there's no hope in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Ultraman Gaia!

TITLE: His Name Is Gaia
SUBTITLE: Enter: Metallic Organism Apateh

NARRATOR: About five years ago, young people of advanced intelligence began appearing all over the world. They set up a network, and led the world through a series of scientific revelations, in preparation for what they called "the bringer of fundamental destruction." They call themselves the Alchemy Stars, and in the face of threats to humanity and the planet...

REPORTER: The Ultraman creature is being called an even greater unknown than the disasters he stands to face. As the mystery around him continues to grow, there is one thing on everyone's minds: is this giant, Ultraman, humanity's ally... or its enemy?

REIKO: It's the same kid!

RIMBUN: I found him. Right, boss?

TABATA: The Alchemy Stars...

GAMU: Somehow, I just knew how to fight.

GAMU: Photonic power... the blade of light, Photon Edge...

ATSUKO: What are you doing in here?

GAMU: Nothing, just...

ATSUKO: This is delicate equipment, you know.

ATSUKO: Do you think he's an alien?

GAMU: No. I thought so too, but... lately I'm wondering if the Earth itself sent him, in response to the crisis facing it.

ATSUKO: Almost as if the Earth was a living being?

GAMU: That's one way of putting it.

GAMU: Some people say that the Earth is a living being named Gaia...


GAMU: What do you think of 'Ultraman Gaia' for the giant's name? Gaia's a cool name, right?

GAMU: You like it, right?

ATSUKO: What a childish thing to focus on.

GAMU: It was just an idea! Stop treating me like a kid!

GAMU: This is Gaia's light, I guess.

KAJIO: Hey. Would you mind making some adjustments to my SS?

KAJIO: The pitch correction is a little strong. Could you make it more one-to-one?

MECHANIC: Yes, sir. I'll make the adjustments now.

GAMU: Ah, Kajio, Team Lightning's leader!

KAJIO: Are you still here?

GAMU: Haven't you heard? I've officially joined XIG as head of scientific analysis. I'm pleased to be working with you!

KAJIO: This is hardly a place for children.

GAMU: Excuse me. Could I borrow a toolbox?

MECHANIC: Yeah. Go ahead and take one.

GAMU: Thank you!

GAMU: I'm taking this seriously.

TABATA: Takayama Gamu, age 20... at age 17, he earned his Ph.D in quantum physics. Participated in the founding of Alchemy Stars with current chairman Daniel McPhee...

RIMBUN: It's time, Mr. Tabata! Miss Reiko, finish your make-up already! We have to go!

REIKO: Have you heard of XIG?

WOMAN: Umm, Shig, was it?

MAN: Those were those planes in the sky, right?

MAN: The Defense Force is useless, so I guess we need them.

REIKO: Yes, thank you. That's our report from Shibuya, Tokyo.

RIMBUN: Okay, we're done!

TABATA: Takayama Gamu entered XIG... could he have helped develop that floating base of theirs?

RIMBUN: C'mon, we're trying to make a show, here!

GAMU: You emit light, so... how does 'Esplendor' sound?

GAMU: Now I'll always be close to the light.

ATSUKO: GUARD Europe has detected an unknown object entering its patrol space.

GEORGIE: This is Aerial Base. Please report your condition.

GAMU: What's going on?

TSUTSUMI: Sasaki. Request a report from GUARD Europe.

ATSUKO: Yes, sir. Commencing negotiation.

CHIBA: What is it this time?

ATSUKO: We have a visual. I'm putting it on the main monitor.

GAMU: Out of the way.

ATSUKO: What are you doing?

GAMU: You can get a lot of data from an image. The light reflection can tell us about its composition, its makeup...

GAMU: What is this?

ATSUKO: It's so creepy...

GAMU: It's like a collective metallic intelligence...

CHIBA: Where did it come from?

ISHIMURO: Chief Tsutsumi. What's the range of the Fighters?

TSUTSUMI: It's too far for them in their current condition. We could transport them with the Peace Carrier.

ISHIMURO: Prepare to launch!

TSUTSUMI: Load the Fighters on the Peace Carrier.

ATSUKO: Yes sir.

CHIBA: We're counting on you, Tsutsumi.


GAMU: Take me with you. I might be able to help.

TSUTSUMI: Okay, but hurry.

GAMU: Yes sir!

GEORGIE: Fighter SS, SG. Peace Carrier, A-1 deck open.

TSUTSUMI: Peace Carrier, lifting off.

GEORGIE: Roger. You are clear for takeoff.

GEORGIE: Peace Carrier has achieved liftoff.

CHIBA: Commander, what are your intentions for that Gamu boy? If it's analysis we need, Geo Base has...

ISHIMURO: We went into this battle without even knowing what we're fighting against.

CHIBA: That's true, but...

ISHIMURO: "A fundamental destruction" is all the photonic computer has told us. We now have one of Alchemy Stars here in Aerial Base. There must be a reason for that.

REIKO: A massive creature has appeared. We are now waiting to see if Ultraman will appear again.

MAN: Ultraman, did you call him? That's a nice name...

REIKO: Who are you?

MAN: Don't move! I just wanted to talk to a reporter. I want you to spread that image of Ultraman to the whole world.

PILOT: This is Peace Carrier. Come in, Aerial Base.

ATSUKO: Aerial Base control here.

PILOT: We've reached the target. I'm sending you the scan.

GAMU: Thanks.

GAMU: This trajectory... it's heading...

PILOT: Where?

GAMU: To Japan... to Tokyo!

TSUTSUMI: But why...?

TSUTSUMI: Team Lightning, launch!

KAJIO: Roger. Team Lighting, Fighter 1, standing by!

KITADA: Fighter 2, standing by!

OGAWARA: Fighter 3, standing by!

TSUTSUMI: Release the fighters.

PILOT: Open all hatches.

KAJIO: Team Lightning, shoot!

KAJIO: Target sighted.

KAJIO: What is that?

KAJIO: The target is emitting some kind of radio wave! I'm forwarding it to you.

PILOT: Roger that.

TSUTSUMI: Gamu, can you analyze it?

GAMU: Sir!

TSUTSUMI: Look out!

KAJIO: Just like we discussed. Stagger your attacks!

GAMU: This is...

KAJIO: Let's do this!

GEORGIE: They did it! Akko, they did it!

CHIBA: Good work, good work.

ISHIMURO: What's the target's condition?

OGAWARA: Fighter 3 down!

KAJIO: Eject!

OGAWARA: Yes, sir!

KITADA: Damn you...

KITADA: Launch!

KITADA: Fighter two, down! Ejecting now!

GAMU: Of course... that's why he took a humanoid form. This image of Ultraman must have reached him out there in space. That's why he's heading for Tokyo...

KAJIO: Launch!

KAJIO: Dammit!

TSUTSUMI: Don't force it, Kajio! Pull back!

GAMU: You won't harm this planet while I'm around!

ATSUKO: Gaia...

CHIBA: Ultraman Gaia...

TSUTSUMI: Back him up.

GEORGIE: It's flashing.

ATSUKO: Maybe he's out of power...

GAMU: Another... Ultraman?

[Ending Theme]
Loving you, I'm still running on
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

There's an endless blue sky out there
Shining through a break in the clouds
We all feel the same anxiety
When we think about the future
But I want to become stronger
So I can see to it that you never cry

Loving you, I'm still running on
Because all the answers lie within
Loving me, I know surrender is not an option
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

NARRATOR: The buildings, the town... everything is turning to sand! With righteousness in his heart and his friends at his back, Gamu takes to the sky!

NARRATOR: Next time on Ultraman Gaia: Gamu of the Heavens! You can take off with him!

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