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Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn Episode 12

Okay, I lied! One more post. This completes the first case from the DVD box set, marking 1/4 progress through the series. Hooray! (For the record, I'll probably slow down posting to one a day or so once I power through to episode 20.)

In this episode we learn a little bit about Sakurakouji's home life and meet her family maid, who has clearly lived a very long life and has the archaic speech style to prove it. The only time I've heard this manner of speech spoken in real life was during a kabuki performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, hence I feel fully justified in going the whole hog with the fruity quasi-RenFaire-speak.

For those curious, the term Butcho uses to refer to Seiji is an onomatopoeia, "chorochoro," which is the sound of a small creature (like a mouse or a child) scurrying about. Since English doesn't usually use onomatopoeia as nouns the way Japanese does, I thought "the Pest" worked acceptably well for the cases where the term is invoked.

Now, go get the script! (It's beneath the cut!)

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the eight Brave Fighters who protect the Earth! Brave Fighters are like avatars of the planet's will. They've been scattered all around the world since ancient times, sleeping in the form of Brave Stones. But then they rose up to destroy invaders from space!

SEIJI: Their miracle power made short work of the enemy boss, Redlone! But just when I thought the Earth was safe, suddenly this huge monster appeared! I don't think that thing's from Earth! It's spring and there's a cute new transfer at my school, but... I've got a bad feeling about all of this!

TITLE: The Spies on the Corner

BUTCHO: Show me the little pest we caught scampering around the robots.

COMPUTER: The pest you requested, sir.

BUTCHO: What does your analysis show?

COMPUTER: Height: 155cm. Weight: 47kg. Gender: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Nationality: Unknown. Ethnicity: Unknown.

BUTCHO: Show me the list of candidates.

COMPUTER: Data insufficient, sir.

BUTCHO: Just do it!

COMPUTER: Candidate A-Pattern.

BUTCHO: So this is the man in that suit?

COMPUTER: Candidate B-Pattern.

COMPUTER: Candidate C-Pattern.

BUTCHO: You've got awful taste, computer.

COMPUTER: That is entirely irrelevant.

BUTCHO: Well, what can we do. Need more data, eh?

BUTCHO: How about this? Gotten any data from the town?

COMPUTER: Nothing yet.

BUTCHO: You've got wiretaps on every house in town, right?

COMPUTER: Of course, sir.

BUTCHO: Patch me in. I want to hear what these people are talking about on their phones!

COMPUTER: As you wish.

MAN: Kiriko... I've loved you since the moment I saw you.

WOMAN: Please stop, Ichiro! I have a husband and children!

BUTCHO: What is this? Next one!

WOMAN: Haven't you heard? Mrs. Kato is eight years older than she says!

WOMAN: I knew she wasn't as young as she claims, but eight years? Really?

WOMAN: Oh yes, eight whole years! She's really let herself go, too!

BUTCHO: Well excuse me for letting myself go!

BUTCHO: Ridiculous. It's like they're mocking me.

BUTCHO: Hey. Show her to me.

BUTCHO: She's so cute! Now, let's name you, little dear. We'll call you... Elizabeth!

COMPUTER: Beginning final examination.

COMPUTER: Camera... check. Memory banks... check. Drive gear... check.

BUTCHO: Good, good.

BUTCHO: Have we all staked out nice spots? Let's see now...

BUTCHO: This level of surveillance might be a little much... but I'm sure I'll need it if I want to locate those unsightly robots and their little Pest.

BUTCHO: Hmm? Who's watching there?

BUTCHO: Oh, Sofia dear!

SEIJI: Those crows are so loud. How am I supposed to study like this?

HIKARU: Yeah, right. How are you supposed to sleep, you mean?

SEIJI: What's that supposed to mean?

HIKARU: Nothing.

HOTARU: I hope it's not a bad omen...

PINK: Moooorning!

PINK: Hey, what's going on?

HIKARU: We're talking about the noisy crows out there.

PINK: What? Where?

PINK: Wow, they're so black and cute!

PINK: Hey! Don't you think they're cute?

BOY: I guess so.

BOY: As cute as you, Pink!

PINK: Don't you think they're cute, Takasugi?

SEIJI: Uh, yeah, super-cute. Sweet, black, creepy, adorable li'l crows.

PINK: We just like all the same things, Takasugi!

SEIJI: Oh yeah, I guess we do!

HIKARU: You idiot.

HOTARU: I feel a little ill.

PINK: That's weird. You get sick just from looking at crows?

SEIJI: Yeah, that Sakurakouji's a pretty weird kid.

HOTARU: Kosaka. Please tell the teacher that I was feeling sick and went home.

HIKARU: What were you thinking!? You hurt her feelings! Why can't you ever watch that big mouth of yours!?

SEIJI: Hey, I didn't mean to...

BUTCHO: What a disgustingly adorable little girl...

HOTARU: What are you trying to do... here in this town?

HOTARU: What evil are you planning here?

HOTARU: Just... what are you?

BUTCHO: It takes someone special to identify my spy beast at a glance... that's it! Maybe she's the Pest!

BUTCHO: A perfect plan... no one would suspect her in such a guise.

COMPUTER: Unable to confirm her identity as the Pest.

BUTCHO: Shut up! I'm relying on instinct, here!

HIKARU: Wait up! Are you running from me?

SEIJI: Sorry! I got somethin' to take care of, so go on ahead of me!

HIKARU: Come on! You never tell me where you're going!

SEIJI: Let's see... it should be somewhere around here.

SEIJI: Sakura-ko-uji...

SEIJI: Woah, this is Hotaru's house!? It's a huge traditional mansion!

SEIJI: But it looks pretty run-down... maybe that's why she's so gloomy all the time?

SEIJI: Let's see... the doorbell is... non-existent, so... I guess these old mansions wouldn't have doorbells...

SEIJI: Well then... excuse me!

SEIJI: This yard is way bigger than the one at my house...

SEIJI: Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!

SEIJI: It's such a big mansion, how can there be no one here?


MAID: And who might thou be, young master?

SEIJI: Thou? --Oh, uh, I'm Takasugi Seiji from Midorigahama Elementary. Is Hotaru here?

MAID: Ah, art thou Lady Hotaru's schoolmate? I pray thee come enter and proceed within.

SEIJI: Uh, yes ma'am.

MAID: Allow me to present thee fresh tea.

SEIJI: Uh, right. Thanks.

MAID: My lady hath deigned speak with thee. Wait here but a moment.

MAID: I pray thee come this way. My lady awaiteth thee.

HOTARU: What do you want to talk to me about?

SEIJI: Well... I feel like maybe I offended you earlier... so I guess I came to apologize.

HOTARU: You have a kind heart.

SEIJI: Gosh, I dunno what to say to that.

HOTARU: I wasn't offended.

SEIJI: I'm glad to hear that... I mean, Hikaru was totally pissed at me!


HOTARU: You really need to be careful, Takasugi. I think something's going to happen to this town...

HOTARU: I saw it.

SEIJI: Saw what?

HOTARU: A creature like a cross between a cat and a rabbit.

SEIJI: A cat-rabbit? Are you sure it wasn't just a bobtail cat or something?

HOTARU: No, it wasn't anything like that.

SEIJI: Hey, are you sure you're not just gettin' overstressed? Maybe you were just seeing things.

SEIJI: I know! Why don't you come to the circus with me? It'll help you unwind!

HIKARU: So you only invited me because Sakurakouji turned you down?

SEIJI: Yeah, more or less. I guess she was busy or somethin'. She accepted my apology, though.

RINGMASTER: Now here's what you've all been waiting for, folks! It's time for the flying trapeze show! Allow me to present th' first lady of th' skies, Magical Pinky!

SEIJI: Yeah! Magical Pinky!

HIKARU: Can't you ever control yourself in front of a beautiful woman?

SEIJI: What're you talking about? Look, it's starting!

SEIJI: She's amazing! And she does it all without a harness or a net!

SEIJI: Woo! Great job!

MAID: My lady. There is a phone call for you.

HOTARU: Who is it from?

MAID: A young lady calling herself Yamamoto Pink, I believe.

HOTARU: Tell her I'm not here.

MAID: My Lady...

HOTARU: You already told her I was here?

MAID: I did.

HOTARU: I see.

PINK: I'm sorry to call you all the way out here.

HOTARU: What do you need to talk to me about?

PINK: I feel so bad about offending you at school. I wanted to make it up to you.

HOTARU: That's alright. I wasn't offended.

PINK: Oh, but I just feel awful about it! I really want to apologize to you.

HOTARU: I'm really not offended at all. So please... don't worry about it.

PINK: But still...

HOTARU: It's really okay!

PINK: What are those things!?

PINK: Get away! Shoo, shoo!

BUTCHO: My dear Elizabeths, sharpen your claws and get ready to kill! If she's backed into a corner, there's no question that she'll put on her battle uniform! Now, take them!

PINK: Someone help me!

HOTARU: Stop it... please... stop it...

PINK: Someone help us!

PINK: Someone help us!

NEMOTO: Hey! What are you doing!? Get out of here, you lousy cats!

NEMOTO: Wait, those aren't cats! Just what are you things?

NEMOTO: That's it! I don't know who you are, but I'll teach you for turning against humanity!

NEMOTO: Transfoooorm!

BUTCHO: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that man is going to transform into the Pest!?

NEMOTO: Get out of here quick, you two!

DAGARN: Seiji! There's trouble!

SEIJI: What!? What trouble could there be?

DAGARN: Something's afoot in Midorigahama.

SEIJI: Hey, that's Yamamoto and Sakurakouji! Da Garn! Transform and go save them! I'll meet you there!

NEMOTO: These things just don't quit...

DAGARN: Change! Da Garn!

BUTCHO: What's with that guy?

BUTCHO: When did that robot get here!?

BUTCHO: That accursed robot... combine, my dear Elizabeths! Combine, and show them your true power!

DAGARN: You need to get as far from here as possible.

DAGARN: Da Garn Bomber!

DAGARN: Da Garn Napalm!

SEIJI: That's enough!

BUTCHO: There he is! Elizabeth dear, tear his clothing! Rip that costume off him and show me who he really is!

SEIJI: Let's go, Da Garn!

SEIJI: What was that!?

SEIJI: Hey! Wait up!

NEMOTO: Crud... those stupid monsters...

NEMOTO: I'll get you!

SEIJI: Earth Liner! Earth Fighter!

NEMOTO: It's the superhero boy!

SEIJI: Alright! Triple Combination!

DAGARN: Combine! Da Garn X!

DAGARN: Earth Vulcan!

DAGARN: Da Garn Blade!

SEIJI: I'm starving! Dinner, please, and make it a large!

HIKARU: Would you mind keeping your voice down? We've got customers.

SEIJI: Hey! It's the Ringmaster and Magical Pinky!

RINGMASTER: Oh, I'm a big fan 'f all-natural food! We'll be by here all the time!

PINKY: It's nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends.

SEIJI: I'd be thrilled. Please, call me Seiji. And since you insist, I'd be happy to join you...

HIKARU: Stop acting like an idiot! Your seat is right here!

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: It's the most important event in a grade schooler's life, the class picnic! Everyone's real excited, but Sakurakouji ran off into the forest! Hey! It's not safe in there, y'know! Uh... what was the way back, again? Huh!? what are all these animals doing here!? Is Hotaru... talking to them?

SEIJI: Next time, on Brave Fighter of Legend Da Garn! 'Hotaru in the Forest'! I'm the protector of Earth, here!

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