Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn Episode 23

Woo-hoo! Halfway through the series. This is the kind of wacky episode concept where you'd expect it to be filler, but seeing as this is Da Garn, of course it's not! Hey, remember that thing that happened back in episode 9 that just seemed to be a setup to another one of Redlone's wacky harebrained schemes? Turns out it's extremely relevant!

The next run of episodes gets pretty crazy and then the fast-paced plot developments revelations pretty much don't stop until the end of the series. I hope you're looking forward to it! I know I am.

Script below the cut.

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the Brave Fighters who protect the Earth! Brave Fighters are like avatars of the planet's will. They awoke from their long slumber to destroy invaders from space!

SEIJI: We beat this robot-crazy guy named Redlone who said he was here to 'take our planet's life,' and this animal freak named Butcho! No one can beat my Brave Fighters! ... or so I thought, but now more enemies are showing up! Now it's this pink-haired woman in skin-tight latex! She stole my Director and tried to use it to give orders to Da Garn! Come on... like I'm really gonna let you get away with that!

TITLE: Dance of the Spy Dolls

VIOLETCHE: No reaction here, either.

SEVEN: Redlone Eyes?

PINKY: Then he was telling the truth about the Redlone Eyes?

SEVEN: At this rate, there is no question that Violetche will find a Reservoir.

PINKY: Why are you telling me this?

SEVEN: You seemed curious about his actions.

PINKY: Then you'll continue to report to me?

SEVEN: I'm going to follow him a little longer. If there are any new developments, I'll let you know.

PINKY: I wonder what this means for me?

SEIJI: So hot today...

HIKARU: Oh, no. Your sister's out of work?

PINK: Yeah...

SEIJI: What's up with Pinky?

HIKARU: Ever since the circus went away, she's been out of work.

SEIJI: Darn, that's rough.

PINK: I hope there's a good job for her somewhere.

PINK: She said she'd like a job where she can meet a lot of people.

HIKARU: What about a make-up salesman?

SEIJI: Hey, Hikaru! Why don't you guys hire her?


HARUO: It's a fine idea! Tell her to come work for us right away.

TSUKUSHI: We'd be just thrilled to have her here.

PINK: Really?

HIKARU: Are you sure? We haven't been that busy lately.

TSUKUSHI: But she really needs the work.

HARUO: That's right. We're all in this together.

SEIJI: Alright! This is great!

PINK: Oh, I'm so touched!

SEIJI: I'm also touched! Now Pinky will be here all the time!

HIKARU: This has nothing to do with you, Seiji.


PINKY: Everyone! Today at All-Natural Restaurant Tsukushi, we're giving away a nice stuffed animal with every meal!

PINKY: Please come on in.

SEIJI: Hey Pinky, what are you doing?

PINKY: Oh, Seiji! It's a new advertising strategy!

SEIJI: Huh? You're doing a stuffed animal giveaway?

PINKY: It was my idea. I have a lot of old stuffed animals the Ringmaster gave me. So I decided to give them away to the customers.

SEIJI: From THAT Ringmaster? Are you sure that's okay?

PINKY: Why wouldn't it be? They're only stuffed animals...

SEIJI: I hope so, but...

PINKY: You want one, Seiji?

SEIJI: No way! I ain't a girl!

SEIJI: Wow, it seems to be working!

PINKY: Yes! The owners are so happy. Well, I have work! See you later!

HARUO: Thank you for coming!

SEIJI: Stuffed animals, huh?

WOMAN: Do you like your present, Mami dear?

VIOLETCHE: Finally! It's showing a reaction.

MAN: How long has this been here?

MAN: I don't know. No one ever comes back here.

VIOLETCHE: Oh my. An unexpected obstacle.

SEVEN: Hey! What are you doing there?

VIOLETCHE: My, is that Seven Changer I hear?

SEVEN: The Redlone Eye is reacting, isn't it?

VIOLETCHE: Yes, but there seems to be something in my way.

SEVEN: Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

VIOLETCHE: Wait a minute, you!

MAN: We're in trouble! Some kind of flying monster has appeared! Call the Global Defense Army, hurry!

SEVEN: Violetche, I've cleared the area! Investigate the Redlone Eye, quickly!

VIOLETCHE: Your help was most unwelcome, you know.

SEIJI: One kid's meal, and one "Tsuku" lunch special! Here you go!

SEIJI: How did you rope me into this?

HIKARU: Pinky's been out all day so we need your to substitute! Here!


DAGARN: Seiji?

HIKARU: What was that?

SEIJI: I didn't hear anyting.

HIKARU: Liar! I heard a voice!

HIKARU: What is it?

SEIJI: My stomach's killin' me! Sorry, I gotta go!

HIKARU: Wait a minute, Seiji!

SEIJI: What is it? I'm in the middle of somethin', here!

DAGARN: I've received word that a bird-shaped robot is attacking people in Africa.

SEIJI: What!?

SEIJI: Shoot... it's that robot guy we fought before, right?

DAGARN: Based on what the Sabers have picked up from Global Defense Army transmissions, it is very likely to be him.

SEIJI: I see. If the Sabers are nearby, I'll have them investigate.

SEIJI: Sabers, move out!

HAWK: Yes, sir! We've been waiting for that order!

SEIJI: Sabers! Combine!

PEGASUS: Combine! Pegasus Saber!

HIKARU: Seiji! What are you doing out here!?

HIKARU: Are you okay?

NEMOTO: Hey! What's wrong, Seiji?

HIKARU: He said his stomach hurts.

NEMOTO: That's awful! I'll call an ambulance!

SEIJI: It's not that bad! C'mon, I'm fine!

SEIJI: I know! I'll go find Pinky for ya!

HIKARU: Seiji!

SEIJI: Don't worry!

HIKARU: Is he really okay?

WOMAN: Miki, it's time for your snack!

MIKI: Okay!

PINKY: Just where does that little Pest live!? One of these residences must be hiding the robots!

VIOLETCHE: I can't concentrate with all this noise!

VIOLETCHE: What do you think you're doing!?

SEVEN: Just keeping you on your toes.

SEVEN: It's them!

PEGASUS: Wait! Come back here!

SEVEN: I wasn't running.

SEVEN: I'm glad you're here, I was getting bored.

VIOLETCHE: Wait a minute! I'm still here, you know!

VIOLETCHE: Please, stop this!!

PINKY: What does he want?

SEIJI: I guess she's not here...

PINKY: Oh no! I forgot to lock the door!

SEIJI: Hey! Are you here, Pinky?

SEIJI: It's not safe to leave it like this... maybe I'll let myself in?

SEIJI: Comin' in!

PINKY: The nerve of him!

SEIJI: Hey Pinky, you in here?

SEIJI: I guess she's really out...

SEIJI: What's with this? What a weird house...

PINKY: Oh no... I can't let that idiot learn my secrets. I need to cover somehow.

SEIJI: Maybe it's not finished yet? It must be hard on the girls. Well, guess I better stick around. What if a burglar comes, after all?

PINKY: Don't make yourself at home, you little brat!


NEMOTO: What's that!?

WOMAN: Help me!

NEMOTO: What's going on!?

WOMAN: The stuffed animal...

NEMOTO: Stuffed animal!?


PINKY: Oh no! We've been exposed! In that case...

NEMOTO: Get off!

NEMOTO: What are these things!?

HARUO: Stay away!

HIKARU: What's going on here!?

PINKY: Now, all of you, gather together!

MAN: It's getting bigger!

SEIJI: Sheesh. Wonder where they got off to?

PINKY: He is such a thorn in my side!

NEMOTO: A doll monster is rampaging through the residential district! Requesting backup!

PINKY: Help me!

SEIJI: Pinky!

PINKY: Help me!

SEIJI: You said those were Butcho's dolls, didn't you!?

PINKY: Can't... breathe...

SEIJI: Someone help me!

NEMOTO: Seiji!

NEMOTO: Seiji!

NEMOTO: It took him...

NEMOTO: Are you okay!?

PINKY: That boy...

NEMOTO: Seiji, you mean? He was eaten by that monster...

PINKY: Oh no...

SEIJI: Where the heck am I?

SEIJI: Da Garn! Help me! I don't know where I am, but I can't get out!

DAGARN: What!?

DAGARN: Change! Da Garn!

NEMOTO: It's Da Garn!

PINKY: He just couldn't stay away.


PINKY: I mean, of course he's come to save us! Good luck!

DAGARN: Seiji! Do you see this?

SEIJI: Yeah! It's a monster that Butcho left behind!

DAGARN: Where are you!?

SEIJI: It's so dark, I can't tell... but you gotta destroy that thing!

DAGARN: Yes, sir!

SEIJI: It's seriously hot in here...

DAGARN: Da Garn Bomber!

DAGARN: Seiji, what's wrong!?

SEIJI: I keep getting thrown back and forth. Wait a minute... am I inside that thing?

SEIJI: Da Garn! Stop it!

DAGARN: What's wrong, Seiji!?

SEIJI: I think I'm inside that thing!

DAGARN: Inside it!? What should I do?

SEIJI: I have no idea!

SEIJI: Da Garn! Shoot. Landers, come here!

BIG: What's wrong, boss? Hey, you bums! Let's roll!

LANDERS: Gotcha!

VIOLETCHE: What are you doing!? Go fight somewhere else!

SEVEN: I'm attempting to protect you.

SEIJI: Pegasus Saber!

PEGASUS: Commander?

SEIJI: Come here! We need you!

PEGASUS: Yes sir!

SEVEN: You won't get away!

PEGASUS: We'll finish this later!

SEVEN: And I was just about to finish him...

NEMOTO: He's a goner at this rate!

BISON: Combine! Land Bison!

BISON: Take this!

BISON: Oh no!

BISON: Are you okay?

DAGARN: Yes... but Seiji is sealed inside that thing!

BISON: What!?

BISON: What do we do!?

DAGARN: We need to temper our attacks until we find out exactly where Seiji is!

DAGARN: Just where are you, Seiji!?

SEIJI: It's so hot... I'm gonna suffocate in here!

SEIJI: It's got fur! No wonder it's hot in here.

BISON: If we attack it, it'll break into pieces, right? Let's just bust it up and find him then!

DAGARN: It's too risky!

SEIJI: Listen to me! I don't care about the risk! You gotta get me out of here!

BISON: You heard the boss.

DAGARN: I understand... then let's go!

BISON: Okay!

DAGARN: Don't let up! It's returning to its normal form!

BISON: Boss! Where are you!?

DAGARN: Seiji!

DAGARN: There he is!

BISON: I got this!

BISON: Crap!

BISON: What are they doing!?

SEIJI: I'm gonna barf...

PEGASUS: Commander! I'm here to support you!

SEIJI: Great... now help out Da Garn and Land Bison!

PEGASUS: Yes, sir! This might get a little cold, but try to hang on!

SEIJI: Great! Now combine, Da Garn!

DAGARN: Combine! Da Garn X!

DAGARN: Da Garn Blade!

BISON: I can still beat you down!

PEGASUS: Saber Arrow!

DAGARN: Breast Earth Buster!

NEMOTO: He did it!

PINKY: I almost had him...

NEMOTO: Are you okay, Seiji?

HIKARU: I hope you don't have heatstroke...

SEIJI: I might. That thing was hotter than summer in Africa.

SEIJI: Wait, Africa!?

HIKARU: What about Africa?

TSUKUSHI: Maybe we should call an ambulance.

SEIJI: Oh no! I completely forgot!

VIOLETCHE: It's here. The Reservoir is just below us.

SEVEN: It would be Redlone's accomplishment if he hadn't blundered his plan.

VIOLETCHE: Yes... but now we'll pick up where he left off.

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: Bom-bom-bom-bom! I'm in AF-RI-CA! But I didn't come here for fun! I'm about to find out what they're after when then this femmy guy shows up and starts spoutin' all this crazy stuff at me! Ohboss? Planet Energy Reservoirs? Africa's gonna split in two!?

SEIJI: Next time on Brave Fighter of Legend Da Garn! A Continent Divided! I'm the commander... and I was totally clueless!

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