Saturday, September 10, 2011

Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn Episode 14

Here we go with part 2 of today's Da Garn rush.

For those wondering what the Ringmaster's carrying in the scene in Hikaru's family restaurant, it's Konjac, a gelatin-like substance I talked about in the script for this episode of Daimajin Kanon. It's extremely firm and rubbery on the outside, so... well, you'll see.

This is another "filler-like" episode, but as with the last one, the relationship dynamics it establishes are important. More importantly, it's completely hilarious. If that's not enough for you, well, we're back to plot next episode, so don't worry!

Script beneath the cut.

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the eight Brave Fighters who protect the Earth! Brave Fighters are like avatars of the planet's will. They've been scattered all around the world since ancient times, sleeping in the form of Brave Stones. But then they rose up to destroy invaders from space!

SEIJI: Anyway! We thought the Earth was safe after we defeated the enemy boss Redlone, but it turns out it's not! Weird monsters keep appearing and forests are dying day by day! Looks like the Earth still needs our help!

TITLE: A Heart-Pounding Date With Pink!

COMPUTER: Now analyzing subject data.

COMPUTER: Cross-referencing with data from human locals.

COMPUTER: These are the town residents with attributes most similar to the subject.

BUTCHO: Now, my dear Francois. Which of them looks suspicious to you?

BUTCHO: Oh, so he's the most suspicious?

BUTCHO: Oh, him!

BUTCHO: I see, I see! He is very suspicious!

HIKARU: Oh, please. Just because the teacher didn't see you doesn't mean you can sleep all day. Come on, wake up! Come on, Seiji!

PINK: Wait. I'll wake Seiji up for you.

PINK: Seiji... wake up. Your darling Pink... needs you.

SEIJI: Still in class?


PINK: Did I scare you? But you just look so cute from up close.

SEIJI: Oh, really? Well, I guess so... actually, girls say that to me all the time.

HIKARU: Yamamoto, you just moved here so you don't know... but Seiji is the biggest wannabe player in our class.

SEIJI: Don't tell her that, you shemale.

HIKARU: Sh-Shemale!? Fine words from the biggest PERVERT in our class!

SEIJI: Then you're the biggest BLOCKHEAD in the whole town!

HIKARU: And you're the biggest wannabe in the whole COUNTRY!

SEIJI: Shut up! You're the manniest man-woman in the whole WORLD!

PINK: Oh, what do I do?

HIKARU: Call me a shemale, will he? I don't have to take that from a playboy pervert like h--

HIKARU: Is that what I think it is?

SEIJI: Hey Yamamoto, what did you want to talk to me about?

HIKARU: I knew it!

PINK: I was wondering... would you like to go out with me this Sunday?

SEIJI: Huh? How come?

PINK: I thought... we could go on a date together.

SEIJI: D-D-Date!?

PINK: Oh please do it. Your darling Pink... needs you.

SEIJI: Uh sure... sure...

HIKARU: Oh no! What is Seiji turning so red for? I can't believe this!

RINGMASTER: Hey, Misser Kosaka! Got th' latest report from th' commerce association.

TSUKUSHI: Oh thank you, Mr. Ringmaster!

RINGMASTER: Th' next meeting'll be next week. I brought this for ya!

HARUO: Oh, thank you very much.

TSUKUSHI: Mr. Ringmaster, won't you stay for a cup of our famous dandelion coffee?

HARUO: On the house, of course!

RINGMASTER: Oh really? Here we go!

RINGMASTER: Oh, darn th' luck!

SEIJI: Heyyy, y'all feelin' the love in here?

SEIJI: 'sup, Hikaru! I'm here for dinner.

SEIJI: What, you still pissed or somethin'?

HARUO: What is it, Seiji? You seem rather cheerful today.

SEIJI: Oh yeah? Can you tell? The truth is, this Sunday, I--

SEIJI: The rest is a secret. Goodness, it's hard being popular. I can't even take a nap without ladies throwing themselves at me.

SEIJI: Oh, but I mustn't say more. Not another word about my date.

RINGMASTER: Oh, Takasugi! Got a date, have you?

SEIJI: Goodness, did you figure it out?

HIKARU: You idiot.

TSUKUSHI: That reminds me. We used to date all the time before we got married. Right, papa?

HARUO: Yes. I remember it well.

TSUKUSHI: It seems like only yesterday.

RINGMASTER: You old lady-killer! Nice work!

HIKARU: It's just a date. Why's he acting like such a grinning idiot?

SEIJI: Okay, perfect! This is the first date of my entire life! Let's start it off with a bang!

HIKARU: Mom! Dad!

HARUO: Oh! It's just you, Hikaru!

TSUKUSHI: You frightened us!

HIKARU: What are you two doing, sneaking around out here?

HARUO: Your mother and I talked it out. We've decided to watch over Seiji's date in secret!

TSUKUSHI: It isn't stalking, though.

HARUO: After all, Seiji's mother asked us to watch over him.

TSUKUSHI: That's right! So it's not stalking.

HARUO: By the way, Hikaru, where are you off to?

HIKARU: Umm... well, I'm worried about Seiji as a classmate!

HARUO: Oh, I see, I see! In that case, why don't you come with us, Hikaru?

TSUKUSHI: What a good idea! Then let the Kosaka family watch-over-Seiji's-date plan... commence!

HARUO: Yeah!

TSUKUSHI: I bet the girl he's waiting for will be a cutie!

HARUO: I bet so, too!

HIKARU: Shh, she's coming! Look!

PINK: Thanks for waiting, Seiji! I wanted to dress up for our big date... what do you think? Does it suit me?

SEIJI: I-I-I-It really suits you very much, madame!

PINK: I'm so veeeery happy to hear that.

SEIJI: Oh my God she's so cute.

TSUKUSHI: This is very strange, papa.

HARUO: You're right. I didn't think Seiji would go for someone so forward.

HIKARU: Really? I happen to think they're perfect for each other.

HARUO: Do you think so? I found it very unexpected.


HIKARU: We'll see.

HIKARU: Oh no! They're gone!

PINK: Seijiiii...

PINK: Why did you move away? You don't like me?

SEIJI: I-I-It's not that! It's just... I've never been on a date before... so I'm pretty nervous...

HIKARU: Oh, the minute I take my eyes off him!

HARUO: Goodness, what a bold move!

TSUKUSHI: Children these days are so liberated!

SEIJI: I just saw a frog monster!

PINK: There's nothing there.

SEIJI: S-S-Sorry! I didn't mean to go there!

PINK: Don't worry. Oh my, you're blushing! You're so innocent, Seiji.

BUTCHO: That was a close one, Francois my dear. Don't let them see you again.

BUTCHO: Now, then... I wonder what kind of modified Armored Beast I can make using these Earth materials?


BUTCHO: Let's just see...


SEIJI: Geez, dates aren't very much fun...

SEIJI: I'm not good at this part, either...

HIKARU: What are they doing? Don't you think you're getting a little close there, Seiji?

TSUKUSHI: Watching Seiji and his girlfriend made us feel so nostalgic. We decided to rent a boat and have a date of our own.

HIKARU: Fine, do whatever.

HARUO: Hey, Hikaru. I've been meaning to ask you this, but are you in a bad mood for some reason?

TSUKUSHI: Now that you mention it, she does seem that way.

HIKARU: Not at all! Don't be silly! Anyway, shouldn't you be getting back to your date?

TSUKUSHI: Oh, that's right! Shall we be off, papa?

HARUO: Yes, mama.

PINK: Seiji... you'll stay with me all day no matter what happens, won't you? Promise me.

BUTCHO: The time has come! Armored Beast Jennifer, go forth!

GIRL: What's that thing!?

PINK: Seiji, I'm so scared!

SEIJI: Stop it, Pink! This is not the time to get clingy!

BUTCHO: Now, transform! If you're the one who controls those robots, you'll have to transform soon! Now, transform!

PINK: Where are you going!? Seiji!

HIKARU: What is Seiji doing?

BUTCHO: Is he about to transform?

SEIJI: Get out there, Da Garn! Protect the town!

DAGARN: Yes, sir!

PINK: Seiji!

PINK: Why did you leave me back there?

SEIJI: Um, well...

SEIJI: This is SO not the time for this...

BUTCHO: Darn. I thought he was about to transform.

DAGARN: Change!

DAGARN: Da Garn Magnum!

BUTCHO: Curious...

BUTCHO: The robot's here, but his little playmate is nowhere in sight... what's going on? But that guy is definitely suspicious...

SEIJI: I just remembered something I've gotta do.

PINK: Oh, you can't! You promised, Seiji! You promised you'd stay with me all day!

SEIJI: I know. I'm really sorry!

PINK: But... I'm scared.

SEIJI: Yamamoto...

PINK: Seiji!

SEIJI: What am I supposed to do?

BUTCHO: Trans-form! Trans-form!

SEIJI: I don't have time for this!

PINK: Seiji, why can't you just walk me home?

SEIJI: The thing I've got to do is REALLY important!

PINK: Then kiss me.

SEIJI: Wh-wh-what!?

PINK: If you kiss me, I just know I'll find the courage to go home on my own. So... pleeeease kiss me.

SEIJI: Wait! We're just kids, here!

HIKARU: A kiss!? I just can't stand it! If Seiji kisses a girl while he's still in grade school he's the world's most perverted perv--


PINK: Gross! I can't believe this! I'm going home!

SEIJI: That was lucky! Now Yamamoto won't see me!

SEIJI: Da Garn! How are things on your end?

DAGARN: I'm struggling! I need help as soon as possible!

SEIJI: Got it! Sabers, go support him!

SABERS: Yes, sir!

JUMBO: The captain ordered us to assist you!

JET: We'll take it from here!

DAGARN: The enemy is made of something that deflects my attacks! Be careful!

SABERS: Yes, sir!

BUTCHO: That Pest isn't here, yet more robots have shown up... this kid hasn't transformed, either... we're done here, Francois dear! Stop watching that boy and seek out the Pest!

JUMBO: Jumbo Tornado!

SHUTTLE: Shuttle Blast!

JET: Jet Disposer!

SEIJI: Did you get it!?

SEIJI: Sabers!

DAGARN: Sabers!

SEIJI: Da Garn! Combine and save them!

DAGARN: Combine! Da Garn X!

BUTCHO: What? It's him... where's he been hiding all this time?

DAGARN: Da Garn Blade!

DAGARN: The Da Garn Blade won't work either!?

SEIJI: Da Garn! How are we supposed to hurt something that rubbery!?

SHUTTLE: Captain! We might try freezing him.

SEIJI: I get it! Turn the rubber into ice! Sabers, combine!

SABERS: Roger!

SKY: Combine! Sky Saber!

SKY: Saber Blizzard!

SEIJI: Now, Da Garn!

DAGARN: Breast Earth Buster!

BUTCHO: Jennifer dear!

SEIJI: Great job!

BUTCHO: My darling Jennifer... I'll make them pay for this.

BUTCHO: After I find this little punk's identity...

SEIJI: Hikaru! Don't spy on someone else's date!

HIKARU: You're right. You sure were doing things you wouldn't want people to see. Weren't you, Seiji?

SEIJI: Hey Yamamoto! Sorry about yesterday. I'll take you on a proper date this Sunday.

SEIJI: C'mon, Yamamoto! This time I swear I'll kiss- I mean, stay with you all day, just like you wanted!

PINK: Shah, as if.

PINK: Hey! There's something I need to talk to you about. I'll be waiting in the library...

HIKARU: That's the best medicine for a perv like Seiji.

SEIJI: Seiji's not feeling well...

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: Monsters are showing up in China! I was gonna send Da Garn out, but he thinks he's being watched! I don't want anyone to find out our secret... but who's behind all this? Huh!? Who's that guy!? Is he the one behind all the monster attacks?

SEIJI: Next time, on Brave Fighter of Legend Da Garn! 'The Secret of the Circus'! I'm the commander, here!

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