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Translation: Kaiketsu Zubatto, Episode 9

I'll be running out the door in a few minutes, but let me first throw up a new episode of Zu-VATT.

This is probably one of my favorite episodes of the show so far. The villain scheme is a new level of evil for Dakkar -- which is saying a lot for a show that inflicts routine tortures on women and children -- and the trap-ridden action scene is a tense change of pace from the (admittedly awesome) usual.

(Sure, Hayakawa's narrow escape makes even less sense than usual, but I'll forgive it since the buildup was so good.)

The boss of this episode is Tetsu no Tsume (鉄の爪), which I would usually translate to "Iron Claw," except that his organization -- TTT -- would appear to have taken his initials. Thus, he is Titanium Talon, and that's a pretty bitchin' name, too.

Script below the cut.

TITLE: The Magnificent Zuvatt!

[Opening Theme]
Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
Since the day when I saw that view of hell
The only wind that I feel on my face
Is a wind of revenge, a burning wind!
Hunt them down! Hunt them down, and corner them!

Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case!
My friend, my dear friend!
My friend, please watch my howling whip!

I am the Magnificent Zuvatt!

OSAMU: Hey, mister! Are you okay? Stay with me!

NAKANE: Thank you...

OSAMU: Don't worry, I'll bring you some water!

NAKANE: No... I don't need water... have you seen this girl, by chance?

OSAMU: Oh, I have!

NAKANE: You have! Where is she!? Tell me! I've been searching for her for three days! Tell me, please! Where is she!? Tell me!

OSAMU: You're hurting me, mister! What's going on!?

NAKANE: That girl is my daughter who ran away from home! I beg you, tell me where she is! Please, tell me! Hurry! Please!

OSAMU: She's right over there! In that boat!

NAKANE: It's her! Hey!

TITLE: Turn Back to the River of Tears

OSAMU: I told you, I don't know anything!

TOJO: I think I believe you.

OSAMU: What did that old man do?

TOJO: I don't know... but this is the third homicide incident he's been involved in. It began last month when a girl was pushed from the roof of a building. Then a car accident a week later. And then the boat explosion you just witnessed.

TOJO: Just before all three incidents, that man appeared with a photo of the child, searching for him or her.

NAKANE: What... what am I supposed to do?

NAKANE: Stay away! Stay away!

GANG: Calm down. Our boss has something for you, is all.

GANG: Who are you? Show your face!

HAYAKAWA: This face, you mean? You want to have a staring contest?

GANG: What was that? Take this!

HAYAKAWA: Come on, now.

HAYAKAWA: Have yourselves a little race to shore. Just don't catch cold.

HAYAKAWA: Ah, it's old Jubei the Angler. Still playing bodyguard for TTT's boss, Titanium Talon?

JUBEI: If you know my name, you will also know that I am the greatest fisherman in Japan.

HAYAKAWA: I'm afraid you've got it wrong, Jubei. It's true that you are a skilled assassin with the hook and line... but your skill is only second-best in Japan.

JUBEI: What's that?

JUBEI: You claim there is a more skilled fisherman in Japan?

JUBEI: In all of Japan you will not find one man who can duplicate this feat. I could fish out your eye if I wished it. Here.

HAYAKAWA: It seems I could fish out your heart if I wished it. Eh, Jubei?

HAYAKAWA: Now, why don't you tell me what's going on here?

NAKANE: My daughter ran away from home... I need to find her.

HAYAKAWA: Don't stay in hiding. Come out, Osamu!

OSAMU: Mr. Hayakawa... have you got eyes on the bottom of your feet?

HAYAKAWA: Why were you hiding down there?

OSAMU: Because this guy is up to something! He keeps saying he's looking for his daughter, but they all end up dying!

OSAMU: Hey, wait!

HAYAKAWA: Hey, Tojo. Go easy on him.

TOJO: Fool! Do you know what you're saying? Doctor... aren't you Doctor Nakane?


TOJO: So TTT is after the formula that Dr. Nakane developed...

NAKANE: I was searching for a cure for cancer, but I ended up creating a horrible poison.


NAKANE: Somehow, TTT found out about it. Their boss, Titanium Talon, came to me asking for the formula.

TOJO: And then...?

NAKANE: He said that until I gavei t to him, he would start killing innocent children, one by one.

HAYAKAWA: What did you say!?

NAKANE: They send me the photograph, then kill the child the next day. The deaths of so many innocent children are on my head. I keep trying to save them. But... I only have their photographs. I never know who they are or where to find them.

NAKANE: They said they'd kill me if I went to the police. I can't take it anymore... this time, I have to save this girl!

MAN: Yes, I'll tell her.

MAN: You there!


MAN: You know a man named Hayakawa Ken?

MIDORI: Oh, Mr. Hayakawa? What about him?

MAN: He just called. Said he'd meet you at the bridge over the Tama River. Go on, now.

MIDORI: Yes sir!

MIDORI: Mr. Hayakawa!

MIDORI: Mr. Hayakawa!

MIDORI: So that phone call...

GANG: ... was just to lure you here.

NAKANE: Wait a minute! Wait, please! Wait! Don't hurt her! If you want to kill someone, kill me! Please!

GANG: Shut up!

NAKANE: Enough! Please, stop this! I give in! Just stop killing these innocent children!

NAKANE: Please stop!

MIDORI: Let me go! Help me!

NAKANE: Stop! Please stop!


HAYAKAWA: Mr. Nakane!

HAYAKAWA: Mr. Nakane!

MIDORI: Let me go! Help me!

HAYAKAWA: Mr. Nakane!

NAKANE: Don't worry about me... just save Midori! Save her, please!

NAKANE: Please, save Midori!


TALON: Have a look, Boss L. There's no doubt Hayakawa will come looking for this girl. I've informed him of the time and location of her execution.

BOSS: Titanium Talon! Members of evil organization Dakkar must not lose to the likes of Hayakawa!

TALON: I hear and obey, Boss L.

TALON: There you are, Hayakawa.

HAYAKAWA: Titanium Talon. I'm here, as promised. Now free Midori.

TALON: And the poison?

TALON: That's a fake. The real stuff is white.

HAYAKAWA: Oh, this is real... real blasting powder, that is!

TALON: You've got guts, Hayakawa. But now, I'll kill you!

TALON: Run! Fly! But the moment you stop to rest, the ground you stand on will become your grave! This is Titanium Talon's Machine Gun Gauntlet!

TALON: Look here, Hayakawa!

TALON: Stay right there, Hayakawa!

MIDORI: Mr. Hayakawa!

TALON: What do you think, Hayakawa? When that rope burns through, Midori will plummet to her doom! Waiting below is my Torment of Spikes!

HAYAKAWA: Stop this, Titanium Talon!

TALON: Yes, cry! Scream in agony!

TALON: We've done it! Hayakawa is dead. Now let's finish the girl.

MIDORI: Save me!

TALON: What's that?

HAYAKAWA: Flight switch, on!

HAYAKAWA: Get to safety.

MIDORI: I will.

TALON: Who are you!?

HAYAKAWA: Zu-VATT, I'm on the scene! Zu-VATT, I solve the case! They call me the wandering hero... the Magnificent Zuvatt!

TALON: The Magnificent Zuvatt!?

HAYAKAWA: You committed multiple murders to obtain a poison for nefarious purposes... and killed three innocent children. Titanium Talon... you will pay!

JUBEI: Wait a moment. I cannot allow you to pass.

HAYAKAWA: Out of my way!

JUBEI: You'll pass only over my dead body. Look at that!


HAYAKAWA: Only three minutes left!

HAYAKAWA: Come back here!

TALON: Please spare me! I give in!

HAYAKAWA: You! Did you kill a man named Asuka Goro!?

TALON: I didn't! I've never heard of him!

HAYAKAWA: Then who did!?

TALON: I don't know!

HAYAKAWA: Tell me!

TALON: I don't know!

HAYAKAWA: Zuvatt Attack!

HAYAKAWA: Then... it wasn't this man, either.

HAYAKAWA: This is the man behind the murders.

MIDORI: Mr. Tojo... where's Mr. Hayakawa?

HAYAKAWA: Asuka... I saved your little sister. I will find the man who killed you, too.

[Ending Theme]
There is a road that a man must walk
That road is his to walk alone
When he devotes his life to a burning wish
He seeks what lies beyond the mountains

Through love and truth and suffering
The way of battle is like the fires of hell
And though he does not know what lies beyond...
That road is his to walk alone

NARRATOR: A celebrated star baseball player is attacked during a TV broadcast! Series creator Ishinomori Shotaro guest stars!

NARRATOR: Next time on The Magnificent Zuvatt: Knock Baseball's Enemies Out of the Park!

NARRATOR: Zuvatt's stunts are dangerous, so please don't try them at home!

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