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Translation: Ultraman Gaia Episode 5

Episode 5 of Gaia takes place mostly in Chiba Prefecture, which is east of Tokyo by about an hour or two by train. It's also not full of quantum physics babble, so it was actually pretty easy to finish. Who knew?

Next episode: a creepy eye!

Script below the cut.

[Opening Theme]
Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When crisis comes time and again
And there's no end in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Believe in your power and take a leap of faith
That's when you'll seize the light of courage
Don't underestimate us, evildoers!
We won't give you one inch of ground...
Not as long as there's strength in our bodies!

Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When you've exhausted all possibilities
And there's no hope in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Ultraman Gaia!

TITLE: Another Giant
SUBTITLE: Enter: Sea Creature Boklag



GEORGIE: You there! What do you think you're doing!?


GAMU: Oh, just you, Georgie. Don't scare me like that.

GEORGIE: You're not supposed to be here, are you.

GAMU: I was having a look out of pure scientific interest.

GEORGIE: Oh? Pure scientific interest?

GAMU: Like I said, I was just looking.

GEORGIE: You shorted it out, didn't you.

GAMU: What?

GEORGIE: Pay me to keep my mouth shut.

ATSUKO: What's that?

GEORGIE: The fruits of blackmail.

ATSUKO: From who?

GEORGIE: You know I can't tell you that.


GAMU: Sir?

TSUTSUMI: The commander wants you to meet him in his quarters.

GAMU: Yes, sir.


GAMU: Excuse me, sir. It's me, Takayama.

ISHIMURO: Just a minute, if you please.

GAMU: Sir.

GAMU: Umm... you've got children, sir?

ISHIMURO: And where is your family?

GAMU: Back home. In Chiba.

ISHIMURO: Do they know where you are?

GAMU: No... but it's okay. My parents give me a long leash.

ISHIMURO: You're my responsibility, you know. I went out on a limb to make sure you could stay here.

GAMU: Thank you, sir.

ISHIMURO: You have to tell them.

GAMU: I can do it over the phone--

ISHIMURO: The Dove Liner can get you there this afternoon. See them in person and tell them.

GAMU: Yes, sir. I'll be going, then...

GAMU: Sheesh, everyone treats me like a kid. I'm 20 years old, here! What a life...

GAMU: What's that thing? Aerial Base!

ATSUKO: This is Aerial Base Control. What do you want, Gamu?

GAMU: A large object is moving off the coast of Chiba!

ATSUKO: There's nothing there.

GAMU: That can't be!

ATSUKO: Are you that afraid of facing your parents?

GAMU: No way! But still...

[Passengers chatter]

GIRL: Hey, do you remember the guy who went to Tokyo... Ando, wasn't it?

GIRL: Oh, I remember!

GIRL: Why do you ask?

GIRL: It just sounds like it's getting dangerous over there.

GIRL: I actually had a huge crush on him!

GIRL: No way! Why?

[Girls chatter]

GIRL: Are you getting off here?

GAMU: Yeah.

KID: Just 'cause you're good at school don't mean you're better than us.

KID: Yeah!

KID: He's always walkin' around like he knows everything.

KID: Yeah, bet he's glad he's not a dummy like us.

KID: Yeah!

KID: Let's go.

KID: Yeah, enjoy your books.

ATSUKO: Just tell me!

GEORGIE: I told you, I can't!

ATSUKO: Traitor.

GEORGIE: But I already took the hush money!

ATSUKO: That doesn't matter! It was only ice cream, anyway.

GEORGIE: But it was good! Gamu really went all out.

ATSUKO: I knew it was him!

GEORGIE: Whoops.

GEORGIE: Moving object detected in the open sea off Chiba.

TSUTSUMI: Is it alive? How large?

ATSUKO: We've lost the signal.


TSUTSUMI: Commander. We can't be too careful about this.

COMMANDER: You want to send Team Marlin?

TSUTSUMI: No. We can't track it in the ocean, so we'll have to wait until it makes landfall.

ISHIMURO: XIG, move out!

TSUTSUMI: Yes, sir!

GEORGIE: Peace Carrier, prepare for launch.

GAMU: It's all so depressing.


GAMU: Mom!

SHIGEMI: What are you doing here?

GAMU: Here! It's the espresso coffee that you like best! And a cheesecake! You can't get this stuff around here, right?

SHIGEMI: What are you saying? Get inside already.

SHIGEMI: Come on, hurry!

TSUTSUMI: We can't get visual confirmation of the target from above. We'll continue monitoring the situation.

ATSUKO: We read you here in Aerial Base Control.

SHIGEMI: Why didn't you call first?

GAMU: Can't I drop in my own house for a visit?

SHIGEMI: But I would have made a nice dinner.

GAMU: Just make the usual.

SHIGEMI: I don't cook much now that it's me and your father.

GAMU: Speaking of which, where's dad?

SHIGEMI: He's at the government office. It's a weekday, after all.

GAMU: Oh, I see.

SHIGEMI: Did you drop out of school? Your father got a letter about it.

GAMU: Sorry, I should have asked.

SHIGEMI: No, I want you to follow your heart.

GAMU: These watermelons are so sweet!

SHIGEMI: Aren't they? It's been a good year for them, they say! Here, salt?

GAMU: No, it's great as-is.


GAMU: So good.

SHIGEMI: What's wrong?

GAMU: Oh, nothing.

TSUTSUMI: The monster has made landfall and is heading west. I'm launching the Fighters.

ATSUKO: Roger that.

ISHIMURO: Chiba Prefecture? Gamu...

NEWS: Monster Attacks Chiba Prefecture

ATSUKO: Where are you now? The monster's made landfall in Chiba!

GAMU: Yes. I'm going there now. Why couldn't you stop it before it got here?

ATSUKO: We don't know! Our scanners couldn't pick it up.

GAMU: I wonder why not?

GAMU: I'll check things out from down here.

GAMU: Mom, I...

SHIGEMI: It's okay. I'll get to safety.

GAMU: Mom! I... I never much liked this town. But right now, I'm really glad I came back.

KAJIO: We need to stop it before it reaches the city!

KITADA: Why does the fire go out immediately?

GAMU: Mr. Kitada. Could you get a sample of the fog the creature's emitting?

KAJIO: Kitada. Get a sample and transmit to base.


ATSUKO: Gamu. The fog is a potassium chloride solution that acts as a flame retardant.

GAMU: I see...

ISHIMURO: How is it emitting it?

GAMU: The monster itself is almost entirely seawater, and its body temperature is fairly low. That's why the scanners wouldn't pick it up.

GAMU: It can also easily extinguish light attacks like missiles.

TSUTSUMI: So how are we supposed to deal with it?

GAMU: A strong enough flame could evaporate it, but something like that... would destroy the town, too.

GAMU: That means I'll have to...

TSUTSUMI: I remember him...

GEORGIE: Akko! It's Ultraman Gaia!

ATSUKO: That isn't Gaia.

ISHIMURO: There's more than one Ultraman?

GAMU: It's that other Ultraman... I can't believe... HE'S the other Ultraman?


KAJIO: The other giant?

ISHIMURO: What's going on here?

OGAWARA: Is he going to catch Gaia in the blast?

KITADA: He can't!

AKIKO: Gaia!

GAMU: Is it you? Was it you this whole time?

KAJIO: Are we going to end up fighting one of them?

KAJIO: Lightning, return to base!

KITADA: Fighter two, check!

OGAWARA: Fighter three, check!

GAMU: Damn... I was sure I could have kept going!

FUJIMIYA: Gamu... so you're the second one?

GAMU: Fujimiya... you're Fujimiya Hiroya, aren't you? Why are you Ultraman--

HIROYA: Those goody-goody Alchemy Stars don't stand a chance against the Bringer of Fundamental Destruction. That's why I quit. Humanity is a cancer on the face of the Earth! They exist only to breed and defile the Earth.

GAMU: No...

HIROYA: Ultraman exists to protect the Earth. But he has no obligation to protect the parasite that is humanity! Leave XIG! You were put here to work with me!

GAMU: You're wrong! I know what you're saying is wrong!

[Ending Theme]
Loving you, I'm still running on
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

There's an endless blue sky out there
Shining through a break in the clouds
We all feel the same anxiety
When we think about the future
But I want to become stronger
So I can see to it that you never cry

Loving you, I'm still running on
Because all the answers lie within
Loving me, I know surrender is not an option
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

NARRATOR: A creepy eye laughs at XIG. It laughs at Gamu -- at Gaia! Next time on Ultraman Gaia: The Mocking Eye. It will laugh at you, too.

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