Friday, September 23, 2011

Translation: Ultraman Gaia Episode 6

I'm getting into a pretty good groove with these posts, so let's see if I can keep it up.

The monster in today's episode of Ultraman Gaia is named Gan-Q, a pun on the word Gankyuu (眼球), the Japanese word for eyeball, and (supposedly) the Q from Ultra Q, the Twilight Zone-esque show from which the first Ultraman originated.

Fortunately, for once, the literal translation of the name in English makes for an equally pithy and appropriate pun, so Eye-Q he becomes.


Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When crisis comes time and again
And there's no end in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Believe in your power and take a leap of faith
That's when you'll seize the light of courage
Don't underestimate us, evildoers!
We won't give you one inch of ground...
Not as long as there's strength in our bodies!

Keep on for as long as you can!
Stand fast for as long as you can!
When you've exhausted all possibilities
And there's no hope in sight...
That's when we need Ultraman!

Ultraman Gaia!

TITLE: The Mocking Eye
SUBTITLE: Enter: Enigma Beast Eye-Q

NARRATOR: As predicted by the group of young scientists, Alchemy Stars, the Earth is now at risk of destruction. The Earth Defense Alliance, GUARD, was founded in secret to stop to these 'Bringers of Fundamental Destruction.' But one of the Alchemy Stars, Takayama Gamu, acquired Ultraman's power and joined GUARD's special squadron, XIG. Still, one challenging enemy after another appears, and now there is a second Ultraman... who may be friend or foe.

KITADA: Team Falcon's leader is as good as they say...

YONEDA: Falcon 2 and 3 to point 105... draw them out.



KAJIO: You're not gettin' away!

OGAWARA: Kitada, I'll follow your lead!

KITADA: Please do!

HAYASHI: Tsukamori, Ogawara's trying to get around in front of me. Take care of him!


OGAWARA: Damn you!

KITADA: Sorry to do this, Mr. Yoneda!

HAYASHI: Nice try.

KITADA: Dammit!

YONEDA: Well done. If you take a hit, you should return to base.

YONEDA: Hayashi! On your tail!

KAJIO: Gotcha now!

HAYASHI: Damn! I'm out.

YONEDA: Damn...

KAJIO: There you are!

YONEDA: This again?


GAMU: Within 17 minutes of practice start, Lightning 2 and 3 were shot down. Less than five minutes later, Falcon 2 and 3 joined them.

ISHIMURO: So it's down to a duel between aces.

GEORGIE: You wanna bet who will win?

ATSUKO: Team Leader Kajio.

GEORGIE: One stick of gum on Team Leader Yoneda.

KAJIO: You're not getting out of this one, sir.

KAJIO: Mr. Yoneda, sir, I'm afraid you're a rat in a trap.

YONEDA: I've got to shake him, quick...

YONEDA: Kajio! We need to stop the practice!

KAJIO: Oh? Giving in, sir?

YONEDA: Enough of that. There's something moving up ahead.

YONEDA: We've spotted a large eye-like object at Point 752-J8.

TSUTSUMI: What is this?

GAMU: I'll begin analysis.

KAJIO: It's laughing at us...

GAMU: What? What's going on here?

TSUTSUMI: What do you see?

GAMU: I'm not sure...

GAMU: It has no heat signature. In other words, it's not alive. There's nothing to distinguish it from the surrounding rock. But... from the outside, it definitely seems to be alive.

ISHIMURO: What does it all mean?

KAJIO: We've got a hail of rocks shooting up at us!

KAJIO: How are we supposed to fight it!?

GAMU: The rocks are floating because their composite molecules are being uniformly pulled in a single direction by an outside source.

ISHIMURO: Are you saying the eye is doing this?

GAMU: But the eye isn't emitting any physical energy... which means it's acting in defiance of the laws of physics... but that's impossible...

TSUTSUMI: Let's call them back to base for now. It doesn't look like we'll be able to identify what they're fighting.

GAMU: Think... just think... what is he? What could he possibly...?

KID: Just 'cause you're good at school don't mean you're better than us.

KID: Yeah!

KID: He's always walkin' around like he knows everything.

KID: Yeah, bet he's glad he's not a dummy like us.

KID: Yeah!

GAMU: Attack the eye!

GAMU: At the most basic level, that eye-like thing must have a molecular structure. That means physical attacks should have some effect. Attack the object at Point 752-J8!


GAMU: Chief Tsutsumi!

TSUTSUMI: Kajio, Yoneda. Open fire on the object at Point 752-J8.

KAJIO: Yes, sir!

KAJIO: It absorbed the missiles!

YONEDA: Did that attack have any effect?

KAJIO: It's gone?

DOCTOR: Team Leader Yoneda injured his leg while ejecting and is being treated here in the medical center. We don't have the official results of his exam just yet, but it's probably not broken.

TSUTSUMI: Understood.

ATSUKO: You choked, didn't you.

GAMU: Huh?

ATSUKO: You told them to attack because you were afraid.


GAMU: I didn't know what to do. His existence... defies all known logic, yet he exists for all to see...

GAMU: I can't analyze him scientifically. I just... don't know what he is.

KAJIO: No matter what enemy we face, we must fight it and win! That is our mission. I don't know what it is about this enemy that 'defies logic'... but I'll tell you one thing. This is no place for people who crack under pressure.

GAMU: Umm... is it... broken, sir?

HAYASHI: Was that order based on your analysis? This is all--

YONEDA: It's only a light break. It should heal in a month's time.

GAMU: It's because I made a bad call. I'm so sorry!

YONEDA: No... I injured myself in the landing. It's my own fault.

YONEDA: But tell me... just what is that creature? What did it mean to accomplish by absorbing my missiles?

MAKOTO: Gamu! Hey! Hey!

MAKOTO: Are you okay? You were moaning in your sleep.

GAMU: No, I'm okay.

MAKOTO: Here you go. The blueprints for the Remote Flying System.

GAMU: Oh, how was it.

MAKOTO: I made a couple of modifications, but it's mostly nitpicks. You did a great job.

GAMU: Thanks.

GAMU: What's that?

MAKOTO: Oh, this? Check it out.


GAMU: Eye-Q?

MAKOTO: Yeah. It's the name this newspaper is using for the giant eye. They're saying it on TV, too.

MAKOTO: We're seeing a lot of these things lately. It's freaking me out.

GAMU: You scared the hell out of me.

MAKOTO: Hey! That's not nice...

GEORGIE: I feel a little sorry for him.


GEORGIE: Gamu. It must have been a blow to his pride.

ATSUKO: You're right. He's not used to things like that. To meet an enemy he couldn't identify, even with his high intelligence...

GEORGIE: Hey, you wanna bet? Whether Gamu will quit or not.


GEORGIE: Then I bet he won't give up.

ATSUKO: Well, then... I'm not betting.

MAKOTO: It defies both biological and physical logic? Maybe it's a ghost?

GAMU: Maybe...

MAKOTO: But ghosts and spirits still follow their own internal logic.

GAMU: That's true. Like how ghosts appear to settle some score with the living.

MAKOTO: But speaking hypothetically...

GIRL: See you later.

MAKOTO: Oh, sure.

MAKOTO: Hypothetically, if we say that ghosts and spirits do exist, even if we don't understand their biological or physical makeup, we can still understand how they came to be and what they're after.

GAMU: What they're after?

YONEDA: What did it mean to accomplish by absorbing my missiles?

GAMU: What it's after ... that's it! Makoto!


GAMU: Can I borrow your car?

MAKOTO: Well, actually, I have a date in Yokohama today...

GAMU: Please!

MAKOTO: Please? Hey, Gamu!

ATSUKO: We're receiving an urgent data transmission from the Geo Base's Geological Research Team.

ISHIMURO: The Geological Research Team?

ATSUKO: They're detecting powerful electromagnetic waves beneath Makuta City, 80km southwest of the Yawatari Mountain Range.

ISHIMURO: Makuta City?

GEORGIE: Commander, we have a transmission from Gamu.

GAMU: Commander, I'm the one who asked the Geo Research Team to investigate. Please tell the people of Makuta and the surrounding area to evacuate immediately.

ISHIMURO: I'm going to need an explanation.

GAMU: My doubts about the eye's existence had me so out of sorts, I forgot the most important thing. What happened to the missile it absorbed? I still don't know what that eye really is, but if it absorbed that missile into its body, we can trace it.

GEORGIE: The electromagnetic signal we detected beneath Makuta point 208-S2 is rapidly approaching the surface!

GAMU: Can you tell what the monster's made out of now?

ATSUKO: Granite and limestone... we're reading some metals at its joints, too. There are also signs of combustion occurring in its chest area.

GAMU: I knew it! He absorbed that missile on purpose. He's using the missile's munitions and rocket propellants as power sources to give himself a body that can move on its own.

GAMU: Concentrate your attacks on the metallic parts of the monster's body!

TSUTSUMI: The metallic parts?

GAMU: He's probably using the metal to fuse together the rock parts of his body.

TSUTSUMI: So if we strip off the metal, the monster should fall apart?

GAMU: That's right!

TSUTSUMI: Roger that. Team Lightning, sortie!

KAJIO: All units, open fire!

PILOT: I've lost control!

GAMU: I'm not afraid anymore. There's no reason for me to be afraid of you.

PILOT: I've regained control!

TSUTSUMI: If we hadn't detected the monster's approach in advance, the casualties from Makuta could have been in the thousands.

ISHIMURO: I see...

TSUTSUMI: It looks like Gamu pulled through.

ISHIMURO: Of course he did. He's a member of XIG, after all.

GAMU: May I join you?

GAMU: I'm sorry I worried you. I won't be afraid like that ever again.

YONEDA: Hey. I heard you beat it.

GAMU: Yes... are you okay?

YONEDA: Yes. You training starts next week.

KAJIO: I think you got the wrong idea. I don't have time to worry about you.

GAMU: I guess that's true.

KAJIO: Wipe off that goofy smile.

GAMU: Woah! I thought they were gonna ram each other.

KAJIO: What are you talking about?

GAMU: Nothing...

KAJIO: Team Crow is practicing, they're not going to ram each other.

GAMU: Does Team C--

KAJIO: What are you doing? Spit it out!

GAMU: Does Team Crow always practice that way?

KAJIO: Don't act so surprised. You start training yourself next week.

[Ending Theme]
Loving you, I'm still running on
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

There's an endless blue sky out there
Shining through a break in the clouds
We all feel the same anxiety
When we think about the future
But I want to become stronger
So I can see to it that you never cry

Loving you, I'm still running on
Because all the answers lie within
Loving me, I know surrender is not an option
On a quest for the light
I'll head out by myself

NARRATOR: What is this new threat!? A typhoon? A tornado? Or is it...?

NARRATOR: Can Gaia face it? Next time on Ultraman Gaia: The Washing of Earth. Take a trip to the wonder zone!