Saturday, January 21, 2012

Translation: Red Data Friends (Fukuyama Yoshiki)

It's been a busy week, and it'll be a tiring weekend, and I doubt I'll have more scripts to show for a little while. Still, I have a few song translations that have been sitting around on my hard drive, and I'd like to post them up.

Here we have a song by Fukuyama Yoshiki, perhaps best known nowadays as a leading member of JAM Project, but who previously rose to fame in anime fandom as the singing voice of Basara from Macross 7.

It seems that he and Basara have a few things in common, as this song (from his album Jungle Lady), is just about the tree-huggin' hippiest thing I've ever heard sung in Japanese. The title is a reference to the ICUN Red Data List, which catalogs endangered and threatened species. As such, this is his ode to those animals.

A few notes:

Ifie is the name of Fukuyama's parrot, named after Australian musician Frank Ifield.

Martha refers to the world's last known passenger pigeon, who passed away in captivity in 1914.

Kin refers to the world's last wild-born Japanese-crested Ibis (although on a happy note, it appears they're being re-introduced into the wild after a successful breeding program!)

Mr. George refers to Lonesome George, the last of the Pinta Island tortoises of the Galapagos.

I think that's it; there's a lot of animals listed below, but they're easy enough to wiki. Anyway, if you've never heard this awesome song before, check out this hypnotic YouTube video of a guy AudioSurfing to it, and of course, see the lyrics below the cut.

mushiatsu hi ore to AIFII aoi yane no ue
kaze ha nai shi nemurenai shi ikou bouken no tabi

A hot and sweaty day, me and Ifie together on a blue roof
There's no wind, I can't sleep... it's time to take a trip

dokomade datte tsudzuku sekaijuu no sora wo daichi wo tsukamae ni

To take in the skies and land of this endless world

moeagaru yuuhi ni nemuru CHIITAA no oyako
FURAMINGO no mure oozora someagete
furusato wo wasureta KOZAKURAINKO AIFII
kimi no shiranai AFURIKA no tomodachi OH dakishimetai

Under a blazing sunset, the peacefully sleeping cheetah and cub
A flock of flamingos paints the wide sky
My sweet parrot Ifie, with no memories of your home
You have friends in Africa that you never knew... oh! I want to hold them all!

aozora ni kiete itta MAASAA to KIN no uta
hitori datte noroma datte nakanai ze Mr. JOOJI

No more do the songs of Martha and Kin ring out from the blue sky
He's all alone (and a little slow) but you won't see Mr. George crying

kodomo no koro ni kiita chikyuu no mawaru oto mou ichido yomigaere

As a child I heard the sound of the Earth turning; let me hear it again now!

hade na isgou wo tsuketa ETOPIRIKA ni TAMARIN
kaze wo kire FUKUROU yo hashiridase OOKAMI yo
koisuru KAKAPO daichi wo yobiokose OH dakishimetai

Tufted puffin and tamarind, in your coats of fabulous colors
Dopey old manatee, porpoise and beluga
Take off, ural owl! Run free, Japanese wolf!
Wake up the land, lovesick kakapo! Oh, I want to hold you all!

tobenai tori no you ni kenmei ni habataite hakushi wo okurunda

The earnest flapping of flightless birds will kick up a round of applause!

amari ni mo mabushiku inochi ha kakemeguru
wasurerarenai daiji na RED DATA FRIENDS
itsumademo hageshiku ikite ite hoshii kara
ore ha yuku no sa owari naki michi datte OH dakishimetai

Life abounds all around us, so bright that it's blinding
Precious "Red Data Friends," I can never forget you
And because I want you to always live your lives to the fullest
I'm setting out on this road without end. Oh, I want to hold you all!

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  1. Instead of going back and forward between translations you should just do it all in English and then all again in the translation.