Monday, August 13, 2012

Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn, Episode 34

In this episode, I once again love how proactive Violetche is. He's allowed to pick up on things that make sense for him to pick up on, where other shows would be happy to let the villian's brain fall out just to preserve the status quo. At the same time, the heroes don't look bad for being outsmarted. Instead, it's just smart, sensible people pushing each other back and forth as best they can, while the stakes rise higher and higher.

And that is a wonderful thing.

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the Brave Fighters who protect the Earth! Our enemy is Ohboss, a group of alien invaders who are after Planet Energy, the source of life on Earth.

SEIJI: I thought Seven Changer was part of their gang, but that little brat Yanchar was inside him this whole time! He says he wants us to work together, and he even broke into my house to ask me! He's gonna pay for cozying up to my mom like that! He gave me some info on the enemy that turned out to be true, but I still don't trust that guy! I'm never gonna let him on my side!

TITLE: What It Takes to Be Commander

MISUZU: Oh, Yanchar hasn't been by since then.

HARUO: Not at all.

TSUKUSHI: We're all terribly afraid he might not come back again.

MISUZU: No, he promised he'd be back. I know he will.

SEIJI: Sheesh, why're they all so worried about him? He still might be a bad guy.

HIKARU: What do you think, Seiji?


HIKARU: You're in favor of it, aren't you?

SEIJI: Oh sure, I think it's great.

MISUZU: I'm so happy to hear that. You've always been such a generous boy.

HARUO: Then let's plan out Yanchar's welcome party together!

SEIJI: Yanchar's welcome party!?

TSUKUSHI: Yanchar seems to have a very troubling home life, so we want to hold a party to cheer him up. What a wonderful idea!

SEIJI: Yeah, right. Great idea.

VIOLETCHE: These are the Gandhara ruins. I'd like us to head there tomorrow.

PINKY: Our esteemed leader, Violetche, believes there to be a Reservoir there!

VIOLETCHE: Aren't you cooperative today? But please don't presume on my favor.

VIOLETCHE: You may go, now. Stand by for launch.

SEVEN: Violetche.

VIOLETCHE: What is it, Seven Changer?

SEVEN: Violetche. Since you called me here, does that mean you want me to assist you?

VIOLETCHE: You just do as you've been doing. Take care.

YANCHAR: The Gandhara ruins...

VIOLETCHE: I've already investigated these ruins. There's no Reservoir there... no trace of the Power of Legend there. But it's the perfect location to root out the spy in our midst.

HIKARU: He's here! This is Hikaru! Yanchar approaching! Start it up!

TSUKUSHI: Roger, roger! Is everyone prepared?

MISUZU: Hurry, Seiji dear!

SEIJI: I get it!

YANCHAR: No, not now! You gotta talk to Seiji and get back fast.


MAID: An auspicious meeting. Is this not your friend, my lady?

MAID: Wouldst thou join us for a meal?

YANCHAR: Oh! Well...

HOTARU: Please do.

YANCHAR: Just for a minute, though!

ALL: Welcome, Yanchar!

SEIJI: It wasn't that surprising, was it?

HARUO: Tonight, the restaurant is all yours!

TSUKUSHI: Yanchar, we've having a welcome party for you!

YANCHAR: A welcome party for me?

NEMOTO: They're having a grand old time... why is today the day I have to work? Life... it's so unfair...

YANCHAR: Hey, hang on a second! I didn't come here to play! She made me come with her!

SEIJI: The shrimp's got a mouth on him.

YANCHAR: What was that!?

SEIJI: You wanna fight!?

MISUZU: Stop it, you two!

YANCHAR: What is it?

MISUZU: You weren't raised in a barn, were you?

SEIJI: What's he blushin' about?

HIKARU: Seiji, are you jealous of Yanchar?

SEIJI: Shut up, no one asked you!

YANCHAR: What is this food!?

HARUO: It's our famous cheese-stuffed green peppers.

TSUKUSHI: You know, Seiji never liked green peppers either.

MISUZU: That's right. Then this is a good opportunity for both of you. Starting today, you both need to eat your green pepper.

SEIJI: You gotta be kidding!

YANCHAR: Why do I gotta eat this stuff!?

MISUZU: You mustn't be picky!

HARUO: Just as Miss Misuzu said. Here, have another portion.

BOTH: No way!

SEIJI: I'm never eating green pepper!

YANCHAR: If I gotta eat that, I'm goin' home!

SEIJI: Got it, Yanchar? Let's tell 'em!


SEIJI: We are NEVER eating your crappy green pepper.

YANCHAR: That's right!

HOTARU: I'm so glad... you're finally getting along.

MAID: I fear my lady hath taken this round.

HARUO: Now, let's all take a picture! Okay? Say 'peace!'

HIKARU: Here you are, Yanchar.

YANCHAR: Huh? This is for me?

TSUKUSHI: So that you'll never forget our time together.

MISUZU: Keep it with you always.

HARUO: It came out well, didn't it?

HIKARU: It's nice, isn't it, Yanchar?

YANCHAR: You think? I don't really need it but... sure, why not?

SEIJI: Hey Yanchar.

YANCHAR: Whadda you want?

SEIJI: You wanted to talk to me, right?

YANCHAR: That's right! Hey, you got a map around here?

SEIJI: A map?

YANCHAR: It's here.

SEIJI: The enemy's gonna be there tomorrow?

YANCHAR: Yeah. They're after the Gandhara ruins. Anyway, now that I've proved my worth, you oughta come work for me.

SEIJI: Are you on that again? Why do I gotta work for you?!

YANCHAR: Because... you're just fighting aimlessly!

SEIJI: Anyway, we gotta do something.

SEIJI: You there, Da Garn?

DAGARN: What is it, Seiji?

SEIJI: We got more info from Yanchar. The enemy's headed for the Gandhara ruins in central Asia. Go check it out.

DAGARN: Unfortunately, it would be difficult for me to act right now.

NEMOTO: So tired...

SEIJI: Got it. In that case... Sabers, Landers, patrol the Gandhara ruins. I'll follow you in the morning.

BIG: Yes, sir!

SEIJI: Whatcha lookin' at?

YANCHAR: I was looking at your picture! Is that your mother... and your father, I guess?

SEIJI: Yeah. My mom and dad work a lot. They put the picture there to keep me company when I'm all alone.

SEIJI: They fuss over me way too much.

YANCHAR: How would you know?

YANCHAR: How would you know what it feels like... to be all alone?

SEIJI: Yanchar... are you...

SEIJI: Yanchar...

MISUZU: What are you doing up this late?

YANCHAR: Mother...

MISUZU: What am I going to do with you?

SEIJI: Yanchar...

VIOLETCHE: There they are. Which means there is a spy in our midst... but who would be foolish enough to do such a thing?


SEIJI: Hey, Yanchar. Lookin' for this?

SEIJI: C'mon, take it.

YANCHAR: Th... thanks.

SEIJI: He's never thanked me before.

SEIJI: Hey Da Garn, you ready?

DAGARN: I can go now.

SEIJI: Okay, let's move out.

DAGARN: Yes, sir.

NEMOTO: Wanna go to the party...

SEIJI: So that's the Gandhara ruins?

DAGARN: Combine! Da Garn X!

JUMBO: Commander, we've patrolled the ruins as you requested, but detected nothing!

BIG: Hey, boss. You think that Seven Changer guy pulled a fast one on us?

SEIJI: I don't think he did, but...

SEIJI: It's all Buddhas...

SEIJI: I oughta take one back for the lawn. Wonder what Hikaru'd say?

DAGARN: Seiji, what shall we do?

SEIJI: Okay! Everyone, search the ruins, top to bottom! If the enemy's after this place, there might be something important here!

HAWK: Commander, get inside! The enemy is coming!

SEIJI: What?

PINKY: Prepare yourself, Da Garn!

BUTCHO: This ends today!

REDLONE: I'll send you to oblivion!

SEIJI: Guys! Combine and fight back!

PEGASUS: Combine! Pegasus Saber!

BISON: Combine! Land Bison!

DAGARN: Combine! Great Da Garn GX!

DAGARN: Great Ballista!

BUTCHO: Move, you hunk of junk!

BISON: Take this!

BUTCHO: Come on, Grace m'dear! Why won't you move!? I guess recycling monsters is a big mistake...

PEGASUS: Saber Arrow!

SEIJI: Yanchar...

BISON: What's that thing?

VIOLETCHE: What were you thinking? Awfully sloppy out there.

BUTCHO: Fuggive me!

VIOLETCHE: I'll give you one last chance.

BUTCHO: Oh, thank you!

BUTCHO: Okay! Let's go!

SEIJI: What's he doing?

SEIJI: A barrier?

VIOLETCHE: Now they've no choice but to fight Da Garn. Whoever won't attack him is the spy.

VIOLETCHE: Now, everyone! Let the battle commence!

REDLONE: Let's go!

BUTCHO: Gotcha!

PINKY: Here we go!

PINKY: Seven Changer! Don't just sit there, help us!

SEVEN: You're saying you can't win three on three? You're all pathetic!

YANCHAR: Hey, Seven Changer!

SEVEN: We mustn't draw suspicion. We have no choice but to attack, for now.

YANCHAR: I get it. Just be careful not to hurt the ruins!

SEVEN: Understood.

YANCHAR: What are they doing!? It's like they don't care about the ruins at all!

YANCHAR: That idiot!

SEIJI: Hey, Yanchar!

YANCHAR: Come on, Seiji! What are you doing!? You can't destroy the ruins!

SEIJI: I don't have time for your whining!

REDLONE: Da Garn is mine! Move aside!

YANCHAR: They're done for...

SEVEN: Your Highness, we mustn't draw suspicion.

SEVEN: We can't let them know who we are if we are to achieve our greater purpose.

SEIJI: Da Garn! You gotta destroy that thing! It's keeping up the barrier!

YANCHAR: You idiot! You can't do that! The barrier machine is full of energy! If you destroy it, the ruins will be destroyed too!

SEIJI: BUt what am I supposed to do?

SEIJI: Do it, Da Garn!

DAGARN: Are you sure, Seiji?

SEIJI: There's no other way out!

DAGARN: Yes, sir!

SEIJI: GX Buster!

YANCHAR: Seven Changer! Protect the ruins!

SEVEN: But...

YANCHAR: Just do it! That's an order!

DAGARN: What!?

PINKY: What are you doing, Seven Changer?

BUTCHO: Don't just stand there! Attack!

REDLONE: What are you doing!?

SEIJI: Yanchar! Get outta my way!

YANCHAR: Listen, Seiji! These ruins were built by your mother's mother's mothers and fathers, long long ago! They're the proof of the people who lived here before us! Are you just gonna destroy that!?

SEIJI: Pegasus Saber, get Seven Changer out of the way!

YANCHAR: Seiji, don't!

SEIJI: Da Garn! Fire!

SEIJI: Are you guys okay?

BISON: I'm fine, boss.

PEGASUS: So am I, commander.

SEIJI: Yanchar, you okay?

YANCHAR: You don't have what it takes... to be a commander, or protect the Earth! You IDIOT!

SEIJI: Yanchar...

PINKY: Out of the way, Seven Changer!

REDLONE: I'll take Da Garn out myself!

BUTCHO: If you're not gonna do it, go home!

SEVEN: I think I will.

SEIJI: Wait, Yanchar!

REDLONE: The fight's just getting started, Da Garn!

VIOLETCHE: Betrayal is a grave sin... whatever shall I do with you?

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: Ugh! Where does Yanchar get off telling me I ain't got what it takes to be commander? Is protecting some ruins more important than beating the bad guys? And now Hotaru and Hikaru are gettin in on it! They don't know what I go through! Just what am I supposed to do?!

SEIJI: Next time, on Brave Fighter of Legend, Da Garn! Listen to the Earthsong! The commander's got a lot to think about...


  1. Really thank you for your work on Da Garn, I love all Yuusha series and hope once day all of them and the games are translated.

    However, if I may ask for something to waste some of your spare time (if I can donate some small amounts of money without relying to PayPal tell me), I'd like to see Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! translated as well. A group called Hotblood started translating it, but abandoned because they couldn't get anyone to properly translate the series.

    1. If there's an easy way to give some episodes a look I'd be happy to check it out and see if it strikes my fancy.

      I can't guarantee anything, unfortunately.

    2. The raws for the three series and the movie were provided by Saiei and can be downloaded from here:

      If you prefer me to upload some episode to a direct download site will gladly do so.

      The three series are different from each other. The third of them with different main characters.

      The anime is based on the Mini 4WD models by Tamiya, and there are games for GB, SNES, Saturn and PSX.

      A recent show (Korean I think), with a similar subject (but based on space) is Scan2Go, I don't know if you happen to know about it.