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Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn, episode 40

Here's a Butcho-centric episode, and a happy one at that. One thing I love about the villains in this show is that we get just enough sense of their backstory to know where they're coming from, without wallowing in it like it's a substitute for real characterization.

This is basically the end of the little Midorigahama detour. After this, the show kicks into overdrive right until the end. Some truly amazing stuff awaits us, so stay tuned!

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the Brave Fighters who protect the Earth!

SEIJI: It turns out Ohboss was really after the Power of Legend hidden here on Earth! No one knows what that power is, exactly. Our only clue is something about 'make our feelings as one with the planet'. That legend was passed down on Yanchar's home planet, but what exactly does it mean?

SEIJI: What's more, everyone in town is moving away because of the danger here! In all the chaos, Butcho abducted Hikaru and Hotaru! Come on! Just where do you think you're going!?

TITLE: Reunion in the Jungle

CYAN: The Cave of Light...

CYAN: This is the second, then.

HIKARU: What do you think you're doing!? Why do I have to come with you!? Take me home!

BUTCHO: You are so annoying! Just calm down! One way or another, we're in this together!

HIKARU: In this together?! You demon! You kidnapper!

BUTCHO: Lemme alone!

SEIJI: Oh no. Hikaru, stop making him mad!

BIG: What do I do, boss?

SEIJI: How should I know? Hotaru said we should just let her go quietly...

BUTCHO: Don't you know what happens when you get me angry!?

HOTARU: Stop it. Kosaka, please endure it. I think it's best that you come with us.

HOTARU: There's something you need to know.

HIKARU: Something I need to know?

BUTCHO: Something t' do with me?

HOTARU: You'll see soon enough.

SEIJI: What is it that Hikaru needs to know?

DAGARN: She has a sharp intuition. There may be something waiting at our destination.

YANCHAR: Are you sure it's okay to just follow along like this?

YANCHAR: No matter how good her intuition, this is Butcho we're talkin' about here.

SEVEN: Your Highness. Hotaru has insisted that she's fine. I humbly suggest that you stop worrying.

YANCHAR: What, you too?

SEIJI: Yanchar, it's fine! If anything does happen, we can run right in and help!

MAN: What're these things?

MAN: Hey, they're up!

MAN: Hey! Did you stow away!?

MAN: Get back here!

BUTCHO: How'd we end up here?

BUTCHO: I remember we swam t' safety on that cargo ship.

BUTCHO: But then we hid away and got so tired, we ended up sleeping th' whole way.

BUTCHO: But, y'know... this place looks kinda familiar...

BUTCHO: That's th' place!

BUTCHO: That's it! Our Planet Energy Reservoir probe's still here! This is great!

BUTCHO: There it is!

BUTCHO: It's getting a reaction!

BUTCHO: Wh-What's all this!?

BUTCHO: What are you doing!?

MAN: Do not defile the light of the gods, infidels!

BUTCHO: The light of the gods!? That thing?

MAN: Take this!

BUTCHO: Hey! You think you can hurt me with something like that?

BUTCHO: Fools! You'll pay for toying with the great Butcho!

BUTCHO: Look at that! It's detecting a Reservoir!

BUTCHO: What's with you guys?

MAN: Based on our investigation of similar-looking points, the most likely target is this point, close to Ayers Rock.

MEN: Ayers Rock?

MAN: However, the investigation in Africa was just recently completed, so there are still holes in our analysis. Because of this, we can't be 100% sure.

MAN: You have confirmation that Planet α is a man-made object?

MAN: Beyond the shadow of a doubt. At present, Planet α is stopped near Pluto's orbit. We're investigating as to whether it's linked to Ohboss or not.

TAKASUGI: Commander.


TAKASUGI: It is clear that Ohboss is incredibly powerful. We currently have very little data on them. I recommend that we attempt to cooperate with Da Garn once more.

VIOLETCHE: Aren't you lucky? Lord Ohboss is giving you a direct power-up.

VIOLETCHE: Still as cold and rigid as always, I see.

REDLONE: Are you jealous?

VIOLETCHE: Now, now. You shouldn't let it go to your head. He just needs someone handling the grunt work, as long as Da Garn is still here. I've always been the brains of Ohboss's operation. Well, good luck to you.

VIOLETCHE: What is going on? I understand that force is needed right now, but why hasn't Lord Ohboss called on me at all?

HIKARU: I'm tired of this! My back hurts, do something about all the shaking!

BIG: Sorry, lady! I'm just a truck! I wasn't built for comfort!

HIKARU: You're still a Brave Fighter!

BIG: That's not fair!

HIKARU: I wanna take a shower!

BUTCHO: What a pain in the luggage!

BIG: No kidding.

HIKARU: What was that!?

BUTCHO: N-Nothing! But look, Hikaru. I can't do much about it m'self.

HIKARU: You're really hanging in there, Sakurakouji.

HOTARU: No, I'm not fine at all. But I have to bear it for now.

BUTCHO: That's right! Even if th' going gets tough, y' gotta keep cool!

HIKARU: Could you stop a minute?

BUTCHO: What is it?


BIG: Whatever you say, lady...

BUTCHO: What a pain in the neck that girl is.

BIG: Yeah, you're actually easier to deal with.

BUTCHO: 'course I am! I'm a gentleman!

SEIJI: What's going on down there?

BIG: Hikaru's having a nature call. Like you did before, right boss?

SEIJI: Oh, she's using the bathroom?

BIG: If you're a gentleman, then I'm a prince.

BUTCHO: You gotta be kidding. You bumpkin truck.

BIG: You're the biggest bumpkin in the universe!

BUTCHO: How dare ya! I come from a long an' noble line! Anyway, why do I gotta talk t'you about my family?

BIG: Oh, please. You're saying you're really a rich kid?

BUTCHO: Shaddup! I'm not telling you any more. But she's sure taking a long time.

BIG: Now that you mention it...

HOTARU: Hikaru's gone far away...

BIG: What?

BUTCHO: You mean she went a long way to pee?

HOTARU: No. Someone took her.

BUTCHO: She got kidnapped!? That's great! She's outta our hair, then! Let's get going!

BIG: What are you talking about!? You're gonna leave one of your own behind!?

BUTCHO: But she's such a pain in the neck!

BUTCHO: Oh, Hotaru! Wait for me!

SEIJI: What did you say? Hikaru disappeared?

BUTCHO: Where are they going!?

SEIJI: Ringmaster! Is Hikaru really gone?

BUTCHO: Yes, and now Hotaru's gone, too.

SEIJI: What!?

YANCHAR: It's your fault!

BUTCHO: I can't breathe!

BIG: Wait! It's not his fault.

BUTCHO: That's right! It's his fault! It's 'cause that blockhead distracted me!

BIG: Blockhead!?

YANCHAR: It's because you're a bad commander that your troops aren't on the ball!

SEIJI: What was that!? This is no time to be arguing about commander duties! We need to focus on finding the girls!

YANCHAR: You're not mad?

SEIJI: Of course I'm not! I'm a commander! Da Garn! Search the skies!

DAGARN: Yes, sir!

SEIJI: Seven Changer, you too!

YANCHAR: Seven Changer won't follow anyone's orders but mine!

SEIJI: Then give him the order already!

YANCHAR: Seven Changer! You search the skies, too!

SEVEN: I will!

SEIJI: Let's get searching, too!


BUTCHO: So I'm the messenger of the gods! This is it! This is the world I've been looking for!

BUTCHO: There you go, cute li'l guy. Hmm?

BUTCHO: C'mon over! Eat as much as you like!

BUTCHO: Geraldine dear!

HIKARU: Hey! A bunch of Butchos!

HIKARU: What are you doing!?

MAN: You are tribute!

HIKARU: Tribute!? You've gotta be kidding!

HOTARU: This is the natural order of things. There is no resisting it.

HIKARU: The natural order?

BUTCHO: It's been such a long time!

HOTARU: I was looking for you.

BUTCHO: For me? Why?

HIKARU: Wait a minute, here! Sakurakouji, let's bargain with them!

HIKARU: If you want us to tell you, you have to let us go!

BUTCHO: What!?

REDLONE: I heard you had instructions for me. What shall I do?

CYAN: Compare their power to that of the improved Red Geist.

BUTCHO: My people! Another messenger of the gods approaches! Put th' festival on hold! Everyone go look for him!

HOTARU: Messenger of the gods?

BUTCHO: Yeah! Y'see? Everyone admires me here! This is my empire! I can make the empire I wanted right here!

BUTCHO: C'mon, don't look at me like that.

HIKARU: What's wrong, Sakurakouji? We're done here, so let's head back to the truck.

HOTARU: This is wrong.

BUTCHO: What's with you two?

HOTARU: That is who you truly are.

BUTCHO: I-- no, you're wrong! Y'got th' wrong idea about me!

SEIJI: Seen anything yet?

DAGARN: Nothing.

JUMBO: I don't see them either.

MACH: Not a trace.

SEIJI: Did you see them?

YANCHAR: If I had, I wouldn't look so depressed.

YANCHAR: Maybe they got eaten by a snake or something.

SEIJI: Don't say stuff like that!

BUTCHO: Someone save me! Help! I'm gonna fall!

SEIJI: What are you doing?

BUTCHO: Ain't it obvious!? My foot slipped!

YANCHAR: I like where this is going!

BUTCHO: Stop laughing and save me!

BUTCHO: Please bring me up safe!

BUTCHO: What's that? Stay away from me!

SEIJI: One of you, save him!

MACH: You sure about that?

TURBO: Not sure I'm up for it.

BUTCHO: Someone save me! No no no no no!

BIG: You okay?

BUTCHO: Oh, you! Thank you!

DRILL: What's this? You getting a soft spot for him?

BIG: No way, I hate this guy.

BUTCHO: Why so mean?

BUTCHO: What's that!?

HIKARU: Now you do this, and this, and this... and it's a bridge! And if you do this, then... look! It's a broom!

HIKARU: They're here to save us!

BUTCHO: Hey, there I am!

BUTCHO: Where were you!?

BUTCHO: They're devils! Destroy them!

BUTCHO: No, no! Don't hurt them, brothers! They saved me and brought me here!

BUTCHO: What did you say? What happened to you!?

BUTCHO: My dear brothers! Wait... why can't I make you understand me?

BUTCHO: That's what I'd like to know! We're supposed to be one in body and mind!

BUTCHO: That's it! You're no longer a part of my great self!

BUTCHO: Wait, that can't be! I'm still me! I'm still one of th' gang!

SEIJI: This sure is getting complicated.

BUTCHO: More importantly, Lord Ohboss has betrayed us and is trying t' kill us!

BUTCHO: Don't be stupid! We've discovered a Reservoir! If we return that information to Lord Ohboss, he'll forgive us for anything!

SEVEN: Highness.


DAGARN: The enemy is approaching.

SEIJI: What?


SEIJI: Protect the village!

YANCHAR: Seven Changer! Take him out!

SEVEN: Understood!

SEIJI: Sabers! Combine! Landers! Protect the villagers!

PEGASUS: Combine! Pegasus Saber!

BUTCHO: Redlone, it's me! I found a Reservoir!

BUTCHO: This is not th' time!

BUTCHO: What are you doing!? Let us go!

HIKARU: This way, quick!

SEIJI: Hikaru!

SEIJI: Are you okay, Hikaru?

HIKARU: Yes... but how do you know my name?

HIKARU: S-S-Seiji!

SEIJI: Oh crap!

HIKARU: It can't be...

SEIJI: I'll explain later! We gotta get out of here!

PEGASUS: He's so fast!

SEVEN: He's definitely stronger than before.

CYAN: Red Geist is superior, then. Hmm? A new energy reading...

SEIJI: We should be safe here.

HIKARU: Seiji, explain this! Why are you...

RINGMASTER: What was that? You're Seiji?

BUTCHO: What!?

YANCHAR: Hey! Look at that!

SEIJI: That's...

YANCHAR: It's a Reservoir probe!

HIKARU: Does that mean you're...

HIKARU: Yanchar!?

HIKARU: This is unbelievable!

BUTCHO: I'm so unlucky... just on the verge of realizing my empire, it all turns out like this...

HOTARU: You're not unlucky. Now you can honestly express your love for animals.

BUTCHO: Honestly?

RINGMASTER: That's right, brothers. We've been living like stray dogs.

BIG: I thought you were a rich kid.

RINGMASTER: Shut up! I WAS a rich kid! But...

BUTCHO: We were driven out. Because of this deformed body of ours!

BIG: Was that it?

RINGMASTER: C'mon, my brothers! Let's give up this obsession! There are humans who will be kind even to th' likes of us!

HIKARU: That's right! I think so, too!

SEIJI: That's right. Now that you know who I am, I can't let you off unless you join us, anyway.

RINGMASTER: Ah! We're one again!

RINGMASTER: We're back t' normal!

YANCHAR: Well how about that. You're on our side now?

RINGMASTER: As you like! We'll do just as you like!

DAGARN: It's him...

SEVEN: He's back again!

YANCHAR: He's...

CYAN: The third. There is no mistake. Redlone. Let us withdraw.

REDLONE: But I'm not finished yet!

CYAN: You've analyzed their capabilities. That was your directive.

DAGARN: They disappeared.

SEIJI: They found another Reservoir...

YANCHAR: Looks like it.

BUTCHO: Hotaru dear, I feel so strangely happy...

HIKARU: This is such an information overload!

SEIJI: The GDO Army...

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: The GDO Army discovered a Reservoir in Australia! Now they want us to help them out again! But Butcho being there starts a huge mess! How can I trust them when they're pointing guns at us? Come on, enough of this! Don't you know Ohboss is coming?

SEIJI: Next time, on Brave Fighter of Legend Da Garn! Planet Ohboss Approaches! I'm the commander, here!

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