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Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn, episode 39

What I love about this episode is the total "Mad Mad Mad Mad World" feel it has. Everything starts out quiet and normal enough (with a city evacuation in light of all the monster attacks -- another detail that I love), and slowly, through no particular fault of any one person, descends into utter chaos. The physics of the partial-transforming robot shenanigans are particularly amazing.

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the Brave Fighters who protect the Earth!

SEIJI: It turns out Ohboss was really after the Power of Legend hidden here on Earth! No one knows what that power is, exactly. Our only clue is some words like 'make our feelings as one with the planet'. That legend was passed down on Yanchar's home planet, but what exactly does it mean? Just thinking about it gives me a headache!

SEIJI: Anyway, Redlone came out and challenged us to a duel. But then this huge saucer thing appeared and did all this stuff! Looks like it's do-or-die from here on out!

TITLE: Big Lander Abducted

PINKY: I must get Butcho back at once. If Da Garn's goons get to him first, he's sure to betray us!

TAKASUGI: The Global Defense Organization, in keeping with the Global Defense Treaty, has declared Midorigahama and its surrounding areas a special disaster zone. I'm afraid this puts the people of Midorigahama in an unfortunate position. Starting now, this region will be placed under GDO military control. Citizens will be asked to evacuate quickly under the directives of the army and public agencies.

HARUO: My long dream of owning a natural foods restaurant... for it to end with just 27 years left on my loan...

HIKARU: Mom, where are we going to stay?

TSUKUSHI: We'll stay with your grandmother in the country.

SEIJI: If I'd done a better job protecting people, this would never have happened...

TSUKUSHI: We won't be seeing you for a while either, Seiji.

SEIJI: How could this have happened!? Darn it!

HIKARU: Oh, well... you don't have to be that upset about it...

HIKARU: I'm a little sad we won't see each other for a while, but it's not like it's forever...

SEIJI: Idiot. I'm not mad about something dumb like that.

HIKARU: Dumb, huh?

SEIJI: I'm mad that we're all so powerless, we just have to run away like this.

HIKARU: I see!

HIKARU: Thank you for the meal!

SEIJI: Did I hurt her feelings or something?


HARUO: I don't know!

GOJO: Let's get another platoon in here on traffic control! If you don't have any on hand, send an armored corps!

BUTCHO: What a fix. I finally make it t' land, and th' whole city's swarming with soldiers...

MISUZU: Seiji! Can you hear me? It's your mother!

SEIJI: Hey, mom. Did you find a moving truck?

MISUZU: The movers are already fully booked! Just take the barest essentials and go to stay with your father!

SEIJI: Huh? But what about our TV and all our videos and tapes?

MISUZU: I'll catch up with you once my work is done! Be a good boy and wait there! You hear me?

SEIJI: Feh. Be a good boy and wait, huh? What does she think I am, a kid?

SEIJI: Huh, wait a minute... a truck!

TSUKUSHI: What a big help! We couldn't find a car ourselves. We just didn't know what we'd do.

HARUO: It's impressive that you were able to secure a big truck like this.

SEIJI: Don't underestimate my influence in this world!

HIKARU: He's so full of himself. It's like he can't wait to move away! Hmph!

SEIJI: Hear me, Big Lander? No matter what happens, you gotta pretend to be a normal truck.

BIG: Oh sure, I'll try. Y'know, I'm a truck whether I pretend to be or not!

SEIJI: I get it, I get it! Anyway, I'm counting on you!

TSUKUSHI: Oh, it's Yanchar!

YANCHAR: You goin' somewhere?

HARUO: Thanks to those Ohboss aliens, we all have to leave our homes.

YANCHAR: Are you moving to another solar system?

TSUKUSHI: Oh Yanchar, you exaggerate so.

YANCHAR: It's not an exaggeration! Ohboss is coming and he's--

SEIJI: Idiot! They're not supposed to know that Ohboss is coming!

YANCHAR: Whoops.

HIKARU: Seiji! Stop slacking and start working!

SEIJI: Shut up! We're having a very important conversation right now!

YANCHAR: Seiji, is Hotaru leaving town, too?

SEIJI: I guess she is. It would be tough on us if we couldn't talk to her anymore.

HIKARU: You think leaving me is 'dumb' but leaving Sakurakouji is a big deal!?

SEIJI: Hotaru's a special case.

SEIJI: OW! What are you doing!?

HIKARU: I knew it! You're always going on secret dates with Sakurakouji! She's more important to you than I am, isn't she!

SEIJI: What are you even talking about?

HIKARU: Oh please, you're the worst liar ever!

YANCHAR: Yeah... maybe Hotaru's leaving too...

MAID: Prithee take thy leave.

NEMOTO: You don't understand. This place is dangerous! Aliens could attack at any time!

MAID: No matter what thou sayeth, the house of Sakurakouji shall remain ever in this town.

NEMOTO: Shall it, huh? Hey, can't you convince her?

HOTARU: It makes no difference.

HOTARU: No matter where we go, our fate will be the same.

HOTARU: Don't worry. We still have time.

RINGMASTER: About time!

RINGMASTER: In th' two weeks since Da Garn shot me down in th' south seas, I've been swimming and swimming until I finally reached town! Ever since Violetche split me up, it takes all eight of us t' be a full person! But I've been stuck all by m'self, separate from everyone... if the other seven were close by, I'd be able to sense 'em, but it seems like they're too far away.

RINGMASTER: I know you're friends with th' Pest! But you're the only person left I can ask! I swear I'll never bother you again, but I beg you, use that mysterious power of yours t' locate my other seven parts!

YANCHAR: I came all this way 'cause I thought she was moving, but she's not going anywhere.

YANCHAR: I know that smell!

BUTCHO: Please! Please! I beg you!

YANCHAR: Butcho!

YANCHAR: You jerk! You think you can mess around with Hotaru, huh!?

HOTARU: Wait! He's not...

YANCHAR: Don't worry! I'll protect you!

BUTCHO: What's going on!?

MAID: What goeth here!? Oh! Incorrigible demon creature!

YANCHAR: Get back!

GOJO: Please move your truck! You're blocking traffic!

SEIJI: Sorry! It'll just be a little longer!

GOJO: Well, well. If it isn't Colonel Takasugi's little boy.

SEIJI: Colonel Gojo...

GOJO: I see you have a lot of luggage there. Swift evacuation takes priority over ferrying useless junk, you know.

SEIJI: What kind of thing is that to say!?

HIKARU: Seiji!

SEIJI: We're not moving because we want to! We're doing our best because you're forcing us to! Why don't you get that!?

HIKARU: Hey, Seiji!

SEIJI: Lemme 'lone! What is it?

HIKARU: Please, let it go. We don't want him to get angry with us.

SEIJI: Back off! You could learn a thing from Hotaru about being quiet, you know!

HIKARU: I don't want your advice! I hate you forever!

SEIJI: You idiot! Hey, that's my stuff!

HIKARU: Get lost!

SEIJI: Butcho!?

BUTCHO: Oh no!

YANCHAR: Get back here!

SEIJI: Yanchar!

YANCHAR: You idiot! Why didn't you grab him!?

GOJO: Butcho! I've got you now!

MAID: Stay thy hand! Thou shalt not fire upon my lady!

GOJO: Follow them! Let headquarters know!

YANCHAR: Darn it!

MAID: My Lady!

NEMOTO: Hey Seiji, what's all the fuss?

SEIJI: It's an emergency! Mr. Nemoto, we gotta follow them!

TSUKUSHI: Ah? Papa, where's the truck?

HARUO: I don't know.


GOJO: Blast you!

BUTCHO: How did things end up like this? I just wanted t' get back t' my buddies.

HOTARU: That way. It's that way.

BUTCHO: That way? My buddies, y' mean?

BUTCHO: I knew you were a good person, m'dear...

HOTARU: Who's driving this thing? Dad?

BUTCHO: What are YOU doing here!?

HIKARU: Ah, Ringmaster! When did you get so small!?

HIKARU: I get it! You're trying to kidnap her again!

SEIJI: Hikaru! Hotaru! I'm coming to save you!

NEMOTO: Seiji! Don't do anything crazy!

HIKARU: Seiji!

BUTCHO: I don't think so!

HIKARU: Get off him!

NEMOTO: Seiji! Huh?

HIKARU: Seiji!

HIKARU: You're no help at all!

SOLDIER: It's moving west from area G-3!

NEMOTO: They're gone...

SEIJI: Let's go, Da Garn!

DAGARN: Yes sir!

NEMOTO: Seiji! I'll arrest you for driving without a license!

PITCHER: Here we go! Huh?

CATCHER: What was that?

HIKARU: I hate this! Let me out of here already!

BUTCHO: If you want out, th' door's right there!

BIG: Geez, what a mess. What do I do, boss? I could run an electric shock through the cabin and take that dummy out.

SEIJI: If you do that, Hikaru and Hotaru will get shocked, too! Their safety is our first priority! Get it?

YANCHAR: Quit acting so big! If you hadn't given him that dumb order to act like a truck, this never would have happened!

SEIJI: You... you heard that?


SEIJI: Well if you were with Hotaru the whole time, how'd she get captured, huh!?


HOTARU: It's alright.


HOTARU: Things are fine the way they are.

HIKARU: Sakurakouji...

SEIJI: Big Lander. I didn't think she could hear us.

BIG: She shouldn't be able to...

BUTCHO: Who are you talking to, m'dear?

HOTARU: We are just fine. Just keep driving.

HIKARU: Wait a minute, I do NOT want to be stuck in this truck with this little worm!

BUTCHO: That's going a little far. I ain't hurtcha.

BIG: That's what she said. What do I do, boss?

SEIJI: You heard Hotaru. Let's do what she says for a while.

HIKARU: Da Garn's gonna wipe the floor with you when he finds you!

BUTCHO: You think Da Garn's gonna come!?

HIKARU: Of course he is! Da Garn always saves me when I'm in trouble!

HIKARU: He's always done it before. I know he'll come to save me now.

HIKARU: That's right... Da Garn's commander is a much cooler than Seiji.

BUTCHO: In other words, I can take you with me, and make you bait for Da Garn!


BUTCHO: That's a nice bonus. I sure hope he comes, then!

HIKARU: What!?

HOTARU: Oh no!

HIKARU: What's that!?

BUTCHO: My Lady! You came to save me!

BUTCHO: My Lady! I'm right here!

PINKY: I knew Butcho would end up back in this town.

GOJO: It's an Ohboss robot! Commence attack!

PINKY: Stay out of my way!

GOJO: How dare you!

BUTCHO: My Lady! I love you!

BIG: I don't think so!

PINKY: Butcho! Why are you running away!?

BUTCHO: What's wrong with this thing!? It's not doing what I tell it!

BIG: I'm not doing what that idiot says anymore!

PINKY: Butcho! Stop squirming around!

DAGARN: Combine! Da Garn X!

HIKARU: It's Da Garn! I told you he'd come for me!

PINKY: Da Garn!

SEVEN: This ends here!

DAGARN: Keep your hands off that truck!

PINKY: What did you say!? Butcho... you've turned on us?

BUTCHO: I haven't! The truck's driving itself!

PINKY: Don't lie to me! Death to traitors!

HIKARU: This is your fault! Do something already!

BUTCHO: I wish I could! But I don't think she's gonna listen t' me now!

SEIJI: Big Lander! The town's gonna get wrecked if we stay here! Head for the ocean!

BIG: Yes, sir!

SEIJI: Gaon! Support him!

GAON: I go!

DAGARN: Earth Vulcan!

PINKY: You won't get away from me, Butcho!

BIG: Oh no!

HIKARU: What's with this truck?

BUTCHO: That's it! I knew something was strange, here. This is one of Da Garn's robots!

HIKARU: Da Garn's?

BUTCHO: Confess, or I snap this girl's neck!

BIG: Don't!

BIG: You got it right, I'm Big Lander! Now lay off the girl!

HIKARU: This is Big Lander?

BUTCHO: I've found one... at long, long last! After all I've been through...

BUTCHO: Oh no! There's no time for that! Hey, Big Lander! From now on you do as I say!

BIG: I don't think so! Bad enough having you in there, no way am I following your orders!

BUTCHO: Then you don't mind me hurting the girl?

HIKARU: Let go of me!

BUTCHO: Shut up! You should be like the other girl and learn to be quiet!

HIKARU: What did you say!? I've heard just about enough of that today!

BIG: What am I supposed to do, girl!? I've been ordered to do what you say!

HOTARU: Please, do as he says.

HIKARU: Sakurakouji?

BIG: Are you sure?

HOTARU: Keep going straight.

BIG: Wait, going straight means...

PINKY: Stop! Butcho!

SEIJI: Now's our chance! Combine!

PINKY: I don't think so!

DAGARN: Combine! Great Da Garn GX!

PINKY: Oh no!

DAGARN: GX Buster Vulcan!

PINKY: Out of my way!

BUTCHO: You can't be serious! I thought you were one of Da Garn's robots! Y' can't even fly or anything!?

BIG: You idiot! You know trucks can't fly!

HIKARU: You idiot! Just where are you taking us!?

BUTCHO: I dunno either 'til we get there!

HIKARU: What are you talking about!? You're the one who abducted Sakurakouji! And you got me wrapped up in it, too... you have to take responsibility! RESPONSIBILITY!

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: Stupid Butcho! Just where is he taking those girls!? Hotaru said it would be okay, but if anything happens to them, he's gonna pay! Hey! We found the other Butchos! What's that? You found a Reservoir? No way!

SEIJI: Next time, on Brave Fighter of Legend Da Garn! Reunion in the Jungle! I'm the commander, here!

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