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Translation: Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn, Episode 45

One episode to go! In the meantime, enjoy the awesome! What more is there to say?

[Opening Theme]
Just as the wind rushes for the sky
I'm gonna take to the air, some day
I know I can, I believe in it
There's a power out there that the grown-ups have lost
And I'm gonna take it back, right now
I think that you can do it, too
Hey, I'm not very strong all by myself, either
But maybe, if we helped each other out...
We can fly! The Earth is our great ship!
Say, "Da Garn, stand tall!"
And head for the light of our endless future

SEIJI: My name's Takasugi Seiji, and I'm in 6th grade! I'm the commander of the Brave Fighters who protect the Earth!

SEIJI: It turns out what Ohboss was really after was the Power of Legend hidden here on Earth! No one knows what the Power of Legend is, exactly. Our only clue is a legend that was passed down on Yanchar's home planet about 'making our feelings as one with the planet.'

SEIJI: When my dad got kidnapped by Ohboss, a little bit of the Power of Legend did activate, but all it did was get me and Da Garn out of there! But there was some discord in the enemy camp... and with Violetche and Pinky's help, we were able to save my dad!

SEIJI: Ohboss is probably mad enough to launch a full-on attack now! But Earth belongs to us, and we won't let Ohboss have his way! We're gonna do everything we can to make the Power of Legend appear!

TITLE: The Earth's Darkest Hour

CYAN: Redlone. Ohboss is enraged. It is time to initiate our final plan. Are you aware of the plan?

REDLONE: I am, sir.

MISUZU: The words of the legend?

HOTARU: 'Make your feelings as one with the planet. Make your wishes as one with the planet. Let the golden light be gathered, that a new path shall open.'

BUTCHO: But that's talking about Yanchar's planet, isn't it? What's it got to do with Earth?

HOTARU: They're the same. Any life-bearing planet possesses that same Power of Legend.

HIKARU: Is it saying that the Power of Legend will come out if we all wish for it together?

HOTARU: Probably. But it's not just the people. All kinds of creatures exist on the Earth.

BUTCHO: Are you saying all th' plants and animals gotta wish for it, even though they can't speak?

MAID: The wishes of all beings in creation carry equal weight.

MISUZU: We need to get this news out to the whole world. I'm going back to the station.

SEIJI: That's the Earth, dad.

TAKASUGI: Seeing it like this, you realize what a truly beautiful planet it is.

TAKASUGI: Seiji. Have you ever wondered why the Earth chose you?

SEIJI: Why it chose me?

TAKASUGI: Yes. When I was prisoner there, I began thinking about the last line of the legend. About making a new path. Because you are young, you have a future.

SEIJI: A future?

TAKASUGI: You children are the ones who create the future. Perhaps the Earth entrusted you with its future because you are a child.

SEIJI: I've been thinking it might be something like that too, dad.

SEIJI: I believe in our future! And maybe that's the "power" the legend is talking about!

SEIJI: What is that?

DAGARN: Seiji, the Earth appears to be under attack.

SEIJI: What!?

YANCHAR: It's Cyan!

SEIJI: Everyone, split up and stave off the enemy attacks! I'm going to Australia! Yanchar, you hold Midorigahama!

YANCHAR: I got it!

GOJO: Fire! Fire! What are you doing!? Aren't you aiming?!

GOJO: You idiots! What are a bunch of civilians doing here!? Evacuate at once!

GOJO: It's them! Hey! Hold it! Wait!

MISUZU: Wait! Don't run away!

DIRECTOR: Miss Misuzu!

MISUZU: There's something I have to broadcast to the whole world!

DIRECTOR: To the whole world?

MISUZU: Everyone, get back in the studio!

HIKARU: That's right! This is important!

GOJO: And what's so important, exactly?

GOJO: I'd like to hear all about it.

REDLONE: What a tedious business.

REDLONE: I'm aware. Lord Ohboss believes that attacking the Earth's surface will cause some change to come over it. But it is still tedious.

REDLONE: What? Midorigahama?

REDLONE: That's right... Butcho's error in China, my error in that hot spring, and then in the Japan Trench... are you saying the Earth itself is confusing the data?

REDLONE: And the plae where Da Garn frequently appears is close by...

REDLONE: So that's the significance of Midorigahama.

REDLONE: Who is that!?

YANCHAR: Looks like we found something interesting. Keep up your guard.

SEVEN: Understood! I don't intend to lose!

REDLONE: I suppose I'll entertain myself with you while I look for the final Reservoir.

GOJO: You want to broadcast the words of the legend all over the world?

MISUZU: I am the wife of Colonel Takasugi of the Global Defense Organization! I can personally vouch for the veracity of this information! Everyone, get on standby!

GOJO: Wait a moment! Even if that data is from Da Garn's commander, I can't let you announce it! I need to take it back to GDO headquarters for analysis!

HIKARU: Are you still on that, you big fathead!?

HOTARU: We don't have any more time! We have to get those words out to all life on Earth!

BUTCHO: If we don't do it quick, th' Earth's gonna be destroyed!

HIKARU: It really will be destroyed! You've seen it! The Earth is under attack as we speak!

MAN: Colonel Gojo! The enemy robot has engaged the robot called Seven Changer, and is currently moving southwest!

HIKARU: It's Yanchar!

GOJO: Understood. I'll be there at once. I'll have to contact headquarters either way. In the meantime, if you know what's good for you, don't do anything foolish!

MISUZU: Forget him. Begin the preparations.

MEN: Yes, ma'am!

HOTARU: Midorigahama...

TSUKUSHI: My! Mr. Nemoto, your patrol car was Da Garn this whole time?

NEMOTO: Yeah! He even bowed to me! You shoulda seen it!

HARUO: So that means you're like Da Garn's owner, doesn't it?

NEMOTO: Now that you mention it, it does! I'm Da Garn's owner!

HARUO: What's that!?

REDLONE: Coming at me?

YANCHAR: What's wrong, Seven Changer!?

SEVEN: He's more powerful than I am.

REDLONE: Let's try it.

REDLONE: So there is a reaction.

REDLONE: I won't kill you too quickly... I intend to enjoy this.


TAKASUGI: They took the Australian headquarters out that easily...

SEIJI: Da Garn! Drive them off!

DAGARN: Yes, sir!

DAGARN: Great Blaster!

GENERAL: Colonel Takasugi! You're safe!

TAKASUGI: Supreme Commander. I'm reporting for duty.

GENERAL: Good work today, Colonel Takasugi. And commander, we thank you for safely rescuing the Colonel.

SEIJI: You are welcome! I just did what was necessary!

BISON: You little freaks!

BISON: That's... Cyan, ain't it? Where's he think he's goin'?


TAKASAGI: I see. They were praying at the base when Da Garn unleashed the Power of Legend on Planet Ohboss?

GENERAL: Not only at the base. At the same time, we received reports that plants and animals all over the Earth were acting as if they were praying to heaven.

SEIJI: 'Make your feelings as one with the planet'... of course. You think that's what released the Power of Legend?

GENERAL: Yes. Having analyzed those words and that phenomenon, we have reached that conclusion.

SEIJI: That means that the hearts of everyone on Earth need to be united. If we do that, maybe the Power of Legend will protect Earth! Then all we need to do is pray! I'll go and--

TAKASUGI: Wait a moment. It is not that simple.

TAKASUGI: Everyone's hearts must be united. If they aren't united, it won't work.

SEIJI: But last time...

GENERAL: Last time, it was only the prayers of those who knew you and Colonel Takasugi. It was not all of the people of Earth.

SEIJI: Then the other beings...

TAKASUGI: Plants and animals are more sensitive than humans. They sense threats to the Earth instinctively, as they do earthquakes. But humans are different. Even with the Earth itself in danger, many of them will think only of themselves.

GENERAL: Unfortunately, that is true for many of us adults. I think I understand why the Earth entrusted its power to children like you.

SEIJI: I was talking to dad about that earlier, actually.


SEIJI: I'm Colonel Takasugi's son, Seiji.

GENERAL: Colonel Takasugi...

TAKASUGI: My unworthy son. It was quite a surprise when I realized it, too.

SEIJI: What is it?

BIG: This is Big Lander! Bad news, boss! The enemy's re-opened the Reservoir in Africa!

SEIJI: What!?

BIG: I'm sorry, boss! I just couldn't stop that jerk Cyan!

JET: Big Lander! I'm here to help!

BIG: Jet Saber! Thanks!

SEIJI: Anyway, just do something to stop that fissure!

JET: Understood, Captain! Big Lander!

TAKASUGI: So Ohboss is revealing his trump card at last.

SEIJI: I've gotta go, dad.

JUMBO: Captain! There's a fissure opening around the Cave of Light in Tibet!

SEIJI: What? The Cave of Light?

JUMBO: It's growing larger!

DRILL: This is awful...

JUMBO: It looks like it was a Reservoir, too!

SEIJI: You've gotta seal it!

DRILL: Yes, boss!

JUMBO: Roger!

SEIJI: This is awful... those jerks are tapping all the Reservoirs one by one!

TAKASUGI: Seiji. That means the next point...

SEIJI: Shuttle Saber! Turbo Lander! Get to South America on the double! Protect the Reservoir!

SHUTTLE: Yes, sir!

TURBO: You got it!

SEIJI: Hawk Saber, Mach Lander, get to Ayers Rock in Australia! I'll join you soon!

HAWK: Yes, sir!

MACH: I'm on it!

GENERAL: Seiji. Didn't you say there were five Reservoirs?

SEIJI: Yeah... but I don't know where the fifth one is.

TAKASUGI: Does the enemy know?

SEIJI: I don't know that either. I didn't know about the one in the Cave of Light. Which means, maybe...


SEIJI: Dad! Don't you worry! I told you, I believe in the future!

TAKASUGI: I believe in it, too.

GENERAL: Until this moment, I took it for granted that the Earth was eternal, invincible. But now I feel that even the smallest rock is precious. We've been neglecting the Earth for so long. Perhaps this is karma's retribution.

TAKASUGI: Perhaps our own selfishness is not so different from that of a monster like Ohboss.

GENERAL: But I never thought that would be your own son...

MAN: Supreme Commander! The words of the legend are currently being broadcast worldwide from a station in Japan!

MISUZU: 'Make your wishes as one with the planet. Let the golden light be gathered, that a new path shall open.' These are the words of the legend. Everyone, the Earth is currently facing an unprecedented crisis. If you share your love and your prayers for the Earth, then the Power of Legend will appear!

TAKASUGI: Misuzu...

MISUZU: Please, everyone! Try to feel it! This Earth is our home! We are an inseparable community, sailing together on the same ship!

GOJO: Stop this at once! I haven't approved this broadcast with headquarters yet!

MISUZU: Stop it!

GENERAL: What is that idiot doing? Contact Japan and have him rebuked! Keep that broadcast going!

MAN: Sir!

GOJO: Stop it!

MISUZU: You're stopping the wrong person! If you want to stop someone, stop Ohboss's tyranny!

GENERAL: I'd expect nothing less from the woman who married you.

TAKASUGI: Very kind of you.

MAN: Commander, urgent news! An enemy unit is heading for Ayers Rock!

MACH: I was hopin' they'd show up!

DAGARN: Don't underestimate them.

HAWK: Bring it on!

SEIJI: He's strong...

CYAN: Your ability to consistently enrage Lord Ohboss is impressive. But he has not told me to destroy you. You must simply stop interrupting my work.

DAGARN: Oh no!

TURBO: Take this!


TURBO: I got it!

SEIJI: Da Garn! We can't let this go on! Use the GX Buster!

DAGARN: Yes sir!

DAGARN: GX Buster!

SEIJI: GX Buster! Shoot!

CYAN: Such a trifling attack will not faze me.

HAWK: Da Garn!

MACH: How dare you!

SEIJI: Oh no! He got it!

CYAN: Lord Ohboss believes that the Power of Legend will reveal itself when Earth is just on the verge of destruction.

HAWK: Commander! Da Garn is Earth's last hope! Leave this to us! You go after Ohboss!

MACH: Boss, just leave this to us.

DAGARN: Hawk Saber! Mach Lander!

CYAN: You will go nowhere.

CYAN: Now, offer up the Power of Legend to Lord Ohboss.

OHBOSS: Cyan. The Power of Legend has not yet appeared.

CYAN: As you ordered, I tapped four of the Reservoirs as you commanded, but there is still no reading from the Earth.

OHBOSS: You must leave him alive.

CYAN: Understood.

REDLONE: Lord Ohboss! I am pleased to inform you that I, Redlone, have located the final Reservoir!

OHBOSS: Have you? Well done! Cyan, bring Da Garn and unleash the final Reservoir. If the Power of Legend does not appear then, we must content ourselves with the Planet Energy alone.

CYAN: Understood.

DAGARN: Forgive me, Seiji. My power isn't enough to oppose him.

SEIJI: I still believe, Da Garn! We're still alive, aren't we? The Power of Legend he's after WILL appear!

DAGARN: But if he steals it...

SEIJI: He WON'T steal it! I believe... no matter what, I believe in the future!

SEIJI: The new path WILL open!

[Ending Theme]
Walking barefoot through the jungle
I flipped a switch
And all the giraffes and pretty girls
Linked arms in a dance routine
All the rules and manners my mother taught me...
Wah ha ha, blown away!
This is a paradise of the heart, not the head
Tomorrow will surely be 'hallelujah!'
So you've got to keep on winning
The sky and the sea are 'papaya!'
And I'll always love you

SEIJI: They've finally tapped the final Reservoir! Da Garn and Seven Changer are all beat up, and they don't have the power to stop it! But me and all the people of Earth are with them... we're not gonna lose to them! Let's go, Ohboss! We're gonna make our own future!

SEIJI: Brave Fighter of Legend, Da Garn! Final Episode: 'To the Future of the Wind'. I'm the commander, here!

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